Why so small when soft, big when hard?

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When my penis is soft much of the time it draws up alot t just a nub. But when it gets fully erect it is like fat and 7". That is not huge but why is it just a nub when soft? I see in the gym, or in pics some guys have these hangers and here mine will be a nub. Why is that? Does my ADHD mind draw to muvh blood to work my brain? LOL! I am serious. Why is it that way?

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    You can ask a doctor but most likely it's just the way it is. Air temperture can make a difference, it will be smaller when cold, but it sounds like yours is the same all the time. Some men are "showers" and have a long penis when flaccid and other's are "growers" and have a very small penis when flaccid. Given that you have an average to above average errect size it doesn't sound like anything to worry about.

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    Hi Freebooter,

    It's much the same for me.

    When my penis is flaccid it's even shorter than my scrotum, making sit-down visits to the toilet a problem in itself, if you understand? But when erect it's 5½" - and with the occasional morning-wood it grows to at least 7".

    But I was very sadly circumcised as an adult, following paraphimosis in 2001. So perhaps that makes a difference? I simply don't know.

    Regardless, may I join you with a shared problem in the hope of helpful replies from others?


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    As mentioned, it just sounds like you're a grower not a shower.  Men with larger soft penises typically don't get much larger when erect, whereas men with smaller soft penises often do.  If yours is 7" erect, then you're well above average, so you don't have anything to worry about.  Don't try to compare yourself with male porn actors, since they're clearly not typical, and even the men who are happy for everyone to see their equipment in the gym will typically be larger than normal (and some of them may be gay men hoping for action).

    It's nothing to do with your mind drawing too much blood to the brain.

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    I can share the same similarities with you. I have a rather small flaccid about two inches tiny testicles but when my penis is hard it gets quite large. About 7 to 8 inches and just about 9 with morning wood. So my freshman year a lot of girls would call me mikey or mickey until the ones I slept with saw my penis and I got the name big mike lol
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    I'm in the same boat, the majority of the time when soft mine looks average, but sometimes it's so small It's laughable haha, but when fully erect I'm almost 9 inches and never met a woman who didn't love it haha... I've always considered myself blessed, and am grateful to be packing the equipment I've got lol, but it is crazy how much it grows when it gets hard. If I showed my girl a pic of what it looks like right now, rooms quite chilly lol, I doubt she'd  believe it's even mine, would literally be 8.5 inches shorter then she's used to. I guess I'm a grower lol.. It's nothing to worry about, if it was the other way around, long and flappy when soft, and a short, stubby nub when  hard that'd be a different story haha. 

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    I'm the same as well if anyone has found more info and would like to share it would help. My gf also wants to know. Why it's like this but her not any other girl has had a problem with it being small then growing large

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      Also im not citrcumsized so i don't know if that has anything to do with it

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    I am in the same boat. Goes from 3” to 10”. That is used to. I now have ED and want to know viagra works on showers better than growers since it doesn’t grow anymore.
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    okay guys, so the actual answer is it has everything to do with skin elasticity. so the stretchier the skin is the larger it grows. why is it so small when it is flaccid? is a natural body function to protect against infection and contaminants. The fact of the matter is most men have this same situation because it is actually normal. Showers have a problem that does not allow their skin to retract to protect its self. Also they dont tend to get much bigger once erect! so consider your self lucky. it sucks to have the tiny nub in the showers when other dudes are in there cuz lets be honest we all look its natural but in actuality the grower is much better off.

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