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Hi , does anyone have any issue's with weight gain ? Im taking pregablin and morphine ... 

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    Hi there. I was on gabapentin (similar to pregabalin) amongst other things and I definitely gained weight, but it appeared to be all water retention or similar. More importantly, it didn't suit me and made me slur, stumble, lose memory etc. Long term those were the main issues for me, so they moved me to amitryptiline for nerve pain. Manage much better on this personally.

    Hope this helps.


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      many thanks , i did have a spell on amitryptiline but they kept me awake and made me itch ... 
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      Hi Tuckerraz:  I too have gained a lot of weight in the last year.  One thing I take is gabapentin.  My Primary gave it to me for night sweats.  I take morphene also but i've been on it for 8 years with no weight issue.  I started gabapentin last year.  I'm going thru menopause and also was dignanoised with Thyroid problems.  I'm taking thyroid meds.  I've been 126-132lbs all my life (since kids) Now, I'm 151.  On top of a bad lumbar surgery in 08. I don't need to get fat too.  I know I'm not fat by some standards, I'm 5'5" but I just had to throw out 16 pairs of perfectly good jeans. Could you tell me what milegram your gabpentin was.  I'm not sure it's the culprit.  

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    Hi simuppet,

    I have to say that this is a definite side effect of both of the meds mentioned, I try to watch what I eat and some exercise when possible.

    I made the decision to ask to change to another medication and am now on Gabapentin which appears to be better for me, at worse it can't help to try or at least ask your GP.

    regards Dave

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    I take gabapentin and that hasn't caused me any weight gain. Do you take pregablain for nerve pain and if so perhaps ask to swap to gabapentin?

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      hi , i had leg leg amputated and that along with the spinal issues means i had to have the nerve painkillers .. i wll speak to my Doctor ( when i eventually get an appointment) and I will ask to try the other .. thanks for message 
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    Yes, I am almost 1 year l3-s1 fusion and discectomy and I gained 10 lbs right after surgery even though my calorie intake was minimal. I was told by my pain management Dr that the morphine can screw up your hormones and cause weight gain. I stopped the morphine and then had steroid injections in my shoulder for another issue and in my si joints and gained another 10 lbs. I am 20 lbs heavier than I was last year at this time and before my surgery.  The gabapentin doesn't help with keeping weight off either in my experience. I am off all meds with the exception of Percocet as needed for pain and tizanidine for spasms as needed. I do pilates 3xs a week with a trainer. I cannot shake the weight but have become a bit more tone.  It is really depressing on top of everything else to gain weight especially when more weight = a heavier load to support. Cymbalta is another drug that causes me weight gain and I refuse to go on it. I'm just hoping that the steroids will leave my system and the exercising I am doing will be worth while as I am trying to build up the muscles along my spine that have stopped working for a couple of years while my back has tried to compensate for the discs that have been injured and in pain. 

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    Hi yes I am on 150m pregablin twice a day mst morphine 80m twice a day oromorph ect ect I have put the weight down to being I mobile. 3 years 2 operation and waiting my 3rd. 42 years old not much of a future. Stay strong they say. Lol if only they new
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      its so hard isnnt it .. the pain the issues we have and then to put on weight as well - what more can be thrown at us ? 
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      Yeap, I am 38 and gone from very fit and health running marathons, when I was 30, to being unable to walk more than 30 Mtrs before I stop due to severe pain, and I gained weight from meds, and less exercise, also then I have sadly had a lot of other problems because of it, which I won't bore you with. I think we can all understand how severe pain effects us all in different ways. Many sad sad stories on this site.

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      2mnths after starting gabapentin I was rushed into hospital unable to breath. I was told I had either

      COPD or severe Asthma, I'd never had trouble breathing B4.i already have PTSD

      I gained weight rapidly.

      Swollen ankles and hands

      Bad memory loss

      Made my depression worse


      Thoughts of suicide

      Viruses, these where in my nose, the doctors over a period of 12mnths thought id had a total if 10 chest infections, in 4 mnths I had 7 courses of antibiotics, until u mentioned u was whistling thru my nose, it was then they checked because they never picked up the virus was in my nose, I now need plastic surgery due to a deviated septum, because if gabapentin plus scare tissue in my lungs.

      I was never I'll until u started them, now I have trouble walking the stairs.

      I connected the dots myself and I've started to cut the the tablets dwn.

      The doctor said we r concerned with yur back, I said I'd sooner be able to breath, plus if u hadn't if giving me all those antibiotics I wud of had my back injections by now.

      So fingers crossed things start to improve.

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    Yep your not alone I reckon I but on between 5-8 kg being on high dosage of pregablin for 8 months or so, I came of the drug and dramatically over 2-3 weeks nearly all came off, my pain consultant says it makes the body retain fluid.

    I was offered to go on gaberpentin but i declined as read it is similar to pre gab.

    Hope this helps.


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    I don't take it...weight gain is common.  Same with gabapentin.  Why the Lyrica?  Find the root cause of your nerve pain and get it fixed.

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    I have to agree with some others. Pregablin,Gabopentin,neurotin & Lyrica all have the possible side effects of weight gain. Unfortunately weight gain from meds is so much harder to lose than if you just stopped being active and ate way too much especially way too much of the wrong things .Then I woke up one day chronically ill with disabling conditions with extra weight on top! Not my best day!😕 I can only suggest that you talk to your doctor about your weight concerns & they can help you in a healthyway. Good Luck!😉.

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