upper thigh muscle cramps

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Last night at 11:00 I got really severe muscle cramps in both my upper thighs. They came and went for over an hour. I was totally in the worst pain ever. My husband tried to help me take a warm bath besides drinking 2 bottles of water The pain would come approx. every 5 seconds It went up into my vagina area and then would stop only to start again. My husband took me to the emergency room. They started an IV giving me valium and electrolytes with potassium. My muscle cramps were getting worse. After 5 hours of them I just wanted to die. The doctor finally came back in and they gave me morphine. The muscle spasms stopped right after. They sent me home with a prescription for muscle relaxants. I hadn't done anything strenuous and I drink plenty of water. It was the worst experience I've ever had. What could have caused this and what can I do to prevent it from happening again?

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    Hi Roberta, I suffered from this for years in my lower legs, makes me wake up screaming. some things you can do to help

     never drink anything that comes in a clear plastic bottle, milk bottles are OK as they are made of different stuff.

    Never sit in a parked car, swing your legs out of the door, or get out altogether

    Wear socks in bed, not bed socks just the ordinary kind

    Never drink whole coffee.

    My latest cure I have been following for about 6 weeks and never had cramp once.  Take two mugs and into each put 1 teaspoon good quality cider vinegar, half teaspoon honey, I put about an inch of ginger beer to get the taste to my liking.  fill the cup with hot water,  Have this first thing in the morning.  I take a thermus cup of this to bed in case I need it but usually throw it away in the morning as un-needed.  The vinegar should begin to lessen night cramps after a minute to a bearable pain and then it goes altogether.

    good luck with this, I know how you felt.  June


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      Do you mean Organic Apple Cider Vinegar wMother? I'm a Tea drinker & can drink 4 cups a day which I've cut back for Acid Reflux & the Sugar! How well do you travel? I'm a lil afraid of car trips I'm invited on that are 6-10 hrs long due to the sitting in one position for extended period of time! I want to travel more bt not till I understand this leg spasm issue.
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      Hi i came across your discussion and i hope you dont mind me asking, do u think your muscle cramps were anything to do with the acid reflux? I was diagnosed last week but the last 2 days been suffering from terrible thigh cramps and just thought if weird that u had acid reflux too, what ppi were u on? did it get better?x 
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      Did you ever establish a connection between the inner thigh cramps and GERD? I suffer from both too and also have had 3 lumbar surgeries to treat sciatica from disc herniation. I no longer have sciatica but the inner thigh cramps are indeed excrutiating!!!
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      Hi Barry. Have recently developed left leg night pain.Starts of all places behind left knee then left calf muscle and the thigh and buttock. Absolutely deadly pain. As soon as I sit up on edge of bed it eases. This is definately somehow allied to stomach or bladder. As soon as I urinate it eases.(eases even as I am standing there) Must be pressure of liquid flow on some organ when laying down. I am taking forusemide tabs once a day in the afternoon. to make sure I empty before going to bed. Also I am trying Vit D and tonic water with quinine. I am convinced now the pains are allied to either stomach/bladder contents pressing on something inside. If I empty out NO PROBLEMS. Try it and let me know. Cheers
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      Noticed your reply on a two year old discussion.  I too have HORRBLE thigh cramps.  I get them mostly at night or morning just as I am waking up.  I have gotten on long car trips.  I suffered a great deal with them.  The only way to live through one was to dig myhand into the cramp as hard as possible & pray to God it would end.  I have finally figured out heat can make it subside so I keep a heating pad next to my bed.  I literally almost burn my skin but it does make the cramp go away.  I fear moving afterward as it will come back if I move the wrong way.  I have come to know symptoms of inpending problems and try to limit my movements on those nights.  It hurts so bad I leave bruising on my thighs from digging my fingers into the muscle to relieve  it to a manageable  level.  I have tried everything.  Minerals, supplements, electrolytes,  pickle juice... everything and nothing has cured them.  I have muscel relaxers but they put me to sleep and keep mefeeling drugged the next day.  Doctors don't take it seriously & don't understand how dibikitating they are.  I don't know what Gerd is but going to look it up now.  You are not alone with this condition.

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      Hi MirandaM. I will describe my latest episodes. I had such bad CONSTANT left leg pain that I slept in a chair for 5 weeks to keep the leg upright. If I lay down the pain started behind my left knee then ankle then the calf muscle then thigh .Ended up totally exhausted.  I had got rid of thigh cramps before the leg pain started by doing the following exercise. While laying flat on my back kicked each leg back up over my head.I could feel the tendon at the back of each thigh,stretching. It hurt but stopped the cramps.

      I could not understand what was causing the leg pain but which was so severe I went to the doctor AGAIN. On the spot I was given morphine tablets (severedol) and sleeping tablets ( zopiclone) This immediately stopped the leg pain and I was able to lay on a bed again.I still get a slight pain but very minor compared to before and only if waterlogged. I was then sent for a blood test, an ultra sound to test for a blood clot (none), and an X-ray. Here is what happened.There were no clots in my leg. X-ray showed aged wear on my spine (I am 83) but the blood test showed I have GOUT. I was given tablets for this. It is too early to tell but hopefully gout has been the problem. I take (furosemide) to get rid of fluid from my lungs. I can tell you this.Fluid retention has got something to do with the cramping,and leg pains. If I do not drink a lot of water before I go to bed. I get NO PAIN WHATSOEVER which links in with gout and the retention of URIC acid in your water. Get a blood test specifically to test for Gout. They normally do not look for it. Well I hope some of this will help.After years of excruciating pain I am gradually getting on top of it. I did not realise the joy of a painless night until all of the above.Best of luck and let me know how you get on.


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       I have had leg cramps in my calfs on and off for years but this past weekend I was sitting in a theatre & both my upper thighs were in such a excrusiating pain it literally took my breath away And I could not stand up.  I I had my granddaughter get her mother because I thought there was something very seriously wrong with me.  I tried several times to stand up as I always have done with my calf cramps to stretch  but was unable to.  

      i can not remember being in this much pain.  I drank a bottle of H2O.  I do not no what to do.  I do not experience this again. 

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      Thank you all .I suffer from severe cramps that last for hours in both legs and live in fear of sleeping every night .


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      I do not think acid reflux and this go together. My husband has bad acid reflux and never has these cramps. I am the one that has had them, but they stopped all of the sudden when I stopped working and getting more sleep, off of my feet. I was walking all day on concrete, now I do not. I make sure to take my calcium, magnesium, and potassium, that I was not taking well before. I hope you find out the reason you have them. I thankfully have had a reprieve from them for the last several months.  
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      I am sorry I haven't responded as I should have but I have been so disheartened about my cramps that occur ever 5 to 6 hours.  The doctor put me on Ropinerole which makes the hurt go away after about 35 min of taking it, but it also puts me to sleep.  If I am traveling and I take it on an empty stomach, I immediately throw up.  It is horrible & I am st my wits end.  Please forgive me being down today.    The doctor asked me... yes, asked me... if I wanted another medicine & I just wanted to scream or die.

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      I have also been getting leg cramps, in both legs at the same time. I can actually feel them coming on. They start behind the knees, go into the middle thighs, up the my vaginal area and down around the back of the legs. I immediately jump up and run to the freezer for bags of frozen peas...frozen anything stops the cramps within minutes....I'm getting tired of these..I run 30 minutes a day, walk over 30,000 steps a day, and when I get home sit down and relax, they come on...I'm 57, in good health, exercise daily, weigh about 168, have no acid reflux, I do take a water pill and a blood pressure pill, I do have hypertension. I wonder if the water pill is the cause?

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      If you live in the US try Theraworx. It is great! Also take a magneseum tablet too. 1 tblsp of mustard has helped also. Or salt. Hope this helps!

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      I would try Cramp Champ...its available on amazon.com. You can take it before you catch a cramp to prevent or while cramping to relieve immediately

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