Unique self treatment cured my Peyronie's disease

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I was diagnosed with Peyronie's in June 2016. It was determined I probably got it a few months earlier by attempting sex without a complete erection, and damaged tissues in my penis. I had hard lumps buried on the top of my penis, (most likely plaque) and what felt like two hardened worms stretching from the base of the shaft to almost the head. Any attempt to achieve erection was not complete and caused great pain.

After the Urologist told me there wasn't any proven cure available, I did my own research. I noticed a few people tried Ultrasound, some with good results. Not having such a machine available, I thought I would try something similar, my Sonic toothbrush. I know this sounds weird but please bear with.

I placed my thumb under the shaft, and with my fingers, pulled my penis down around the thumb to force the lumps on top to the surface as much as possible. I then took the flat side of the Sonic tooth brush (the opposite side of the brushes) turned it on to the highest vibrations setting, and firmly pressed on the lumps in a circular motion. I did this for about 5 minutes, and also massaged the rest of the top of my penis going from the base to the head with it. I can tell you they almost immediately disappeared, and the pain significantly subsided.

I let the little feller rest for a couple days, then did the same treatment, followed by another one a day or so after that. The lumps have disappeared completely. I am thinking the high frequency from the Sonic toothbrush applied to the lumps caused the plaque to break up or dissolve.

I then put some Castor oil on the hardened "worms" and they have softened back to almost normal. My penis is about 99% back to normal after a week or so of this treatment. My erections are back to normal without pain.

I have placed this cure on several pyronie's sites, hoping someone else will try this to see if I am a fluke or if this is truly an easy cure for this horribly disabling disease. I hope this works for all who are suffering with no apparent hope.


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    Hi, I was diagnosed with this dreadful condition some years back, I was told it could be fixed with an op and maybe a 'little'loss in length! don't believe it because it wasn't fixed and it returns anyway and the loss in length was 2 inches.

    ?This has ruined my life basically, I can achieve climax, assisted or not but penetration is out of the question.  I am in touch with an american guy through this site who is undergoing injections (painful he says) to try and correct the condition and so far he says it is working.

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      I can certainly understand your pain. The object is to get rid of the plaque and scar tissue. I would certainly try my cure before getting shots. The most it will cost you is a Sonic toothbrush, which you can use for it's intended purpose later if for some reason it doesn't work for you. I have recently read good reports on heat therapy, where you wrap the penis in a very warm wrap. I believe some people heat rice up in a sock in a microwave, and then wrap the sock around the affected area. It takes a few weeks though, whereas my method only takes a few days. I hope you find whatever works towards your cure.

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      Would you be prepared for a real life photo of my problem? need to see if we compare!


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      No thanks, I am not a Urologist.  I just came on here to let people know of a cure.
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      I hear you about no penetration. I'm short because of overweight curse of buried/hidden penis syndrome, and have a tight foreskin. This sometimes makes the rollback during penetration painful and cause over stretching of the pinched end, and a little tear becomes loud and clear at the first urination!

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      Fair enough.  May I ask a couple of question:  1) Does your erect penis curve toward your abdomen?, I only assume that is the normal presentation.

      ​2) What is the make and model number of your toothbrush?

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      It does not curve anymore after my sonic treatments, it is straight. It curved up with the Peyronie's. The brush is called Sonic Dentiguard, which I purchased from Aldi's years ago. It vibrates at the highest setting at about 22,000 per second, I think was the spec. I would think any Sonic brand (make sure it is a Sonic, and not just electric) that did this at least this speed would work, so don't spend a lot of money if possible. Good luck and I hope it works as good for you as it did for me.

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      Thanks for that info.  It would appear from looking at a penis cross section that the corpus spongiosum in my case was not affected and hence causing the erect penis to curve toward my stomach.  The other two 'erectile' areas, the corpus caverniosum must have been affected equally to cause the penis to lack length when erect, it is these that are affected by plaque and need treatment.

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      Yes, it appears the fibrous plaque forms between these, and is what causes the penis to abnormally bend upwards. Once this is plaque is removed and healed, it should return to normal or at least not as bent, and without erectile pain.
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      How is your little friend nowaday? Did u do something at all?
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      when did you try your mother, how was the result and after how many day you have seen the result, and did you continui to use the mothed even after you a heave a good result, and how is the condition of the peynorie now


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      If your foreskin is tight. See a Urologist. I believe its a lagitimate condition. There are treatments fir this. That do work

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      So sorry to read of your condition. Has it improved any? Am considering having surgery. Called the nesbit procedure. Did you have the same procedure?


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      SMH... I take it you haven't seen pictures of that procedure let alone videos. You only have 1 penis. look up Plication for Peyronies Disease (16 dot or Nesbit) we'll call you Mr. Nesbit (Toy Story) anyway here's what your looking forward to:

      For the first 6 weeks after your surgery:

      Do not have sex for 6 weeks.

      • Do not carry anything heavy, for example: grocery bags, pets, or

      young children

      • Do not do strenuous exercise, for example: no gardening, snow

      shovelling, jogging, golfing or skiing

      • No swimming for 2 weeks

      • Do not drive a car for 2 weeks

      • Your surgeon will tell you when you can return to work, play sports and drive a car again

      You can take a shower 48 hours after your surgery. Do not take baths for 2 weeks. (every boy's dream)

      • Pain is normal after this surgery and should get better with time.

      • Do not strain when you are having a bowel movement.

      If you have not had a bowel movement for 72 hours, take Milk of

      Magnesia LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL

      Problems to watch for

      Call your surgeon, or go to the nearest hospital emergency department

      if these problems happen to you:

      • A lot of pain that doesn’t get better when you take the prescribed pain


      • A bloated feeling in your lower belly and you cannot urinate (pee)

      for 6 to 8 hours

      • Bleeding that won’t stop

      • Swelling

      Fever (temperature higher than 38 °C or 101 °F)

      • Redness or yellow pus coming from the incision

      Yeah Sign Me UP...

      look into Priapus Shot and Gainswave

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      Thats a comprehensive answer. Thanks for the effort. Actually, I had watched the video. Its gory, but the results are good. Was checking out Priapus shots and gainswave. There worth further looking into. Do you know anyone whos been treated ?

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