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Hi I had tkr may 1st. My right knee. I'm so frustrated. I have no stamina for anything. I hear of all these people walking everywhere and I can't stand long enough to make dinner. I'm 61 years old. I also have alot of swelling. 

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    Count your steps...get a pedometer.  The swelling is normal at 3 months but can get worse if you push the knee too far on a daily basis.  Track your steps...find your limit.  If it swells, back off and increase gradually.

    You CANNOT compare your recovery to that of anyone else...EVER!!!  Some people move faster, others slower.  There is no "normal".  Accept your recovery...own it.  No expectations, no comparisons.  That's the path to the Dark Side.  Yes, they have really great s over there but it's not worth the mental strain.  

    Eat healthy, go to PT, do your exercises, take your meds on schedule, hydrate a lot, keep moving.  It just takes time.

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    I thought I was one of the few with problems! TKR May 2, 2017. Couldn't wear TED hose so leg swelled despite icing. Allergic reaction to incision glue caused blisters, rash and more swelling.

    I went from walking with a walker post surgery to a wheelchair within 2 weeks because my knee and leg becane so painful even with painkillers I was only able to bend my leg but couldn't straighten it. The only time it didn't hurt was sitting or lying down although I did the exercises, range of motion was poor due to swelling.

    After 8 weeks, the swelling started going down enough for me to weight bear 50% and stand a few seconds, walking with a walker for short distances. My leg is bent 30 degrees so I can't stand straight or walk without a walker. Four weeks ago the physical therapist pushed down on my knee unexpectedly for 15 excruciating seconds and since then I couldn't lift my leg or put any weight on it for 3 weeks.

    I have not gone back to PT since, only doing the exercises at home and working with a JAS brace to gradually extend my leg. I am starting to walk again with a walker but because of the inability to straighten my leg, it's literally 4" shorter than my right leg. 

    So, my surgeon explained recovery is a bell curve, some people recover very quickly, the norm is 8-12 weeks to be walking with a cane and then there are those who have complications or take longer to heal.

    Factors affecting recovery are age, general health, attitude and support. Despite you and I having problems, I have heard there are those who develop more serious issues than we have. I am hopeful that over time the pain will decrease, my leg will straighten and I will be able to walk and stand straight.

    I am almost 67 and a retired nurse. I'm looking at ways to decrease inflammation through diet changes basically eliminate grains and sugar with supplements of ginger, turmeric, boswellia and bromelain.

    Best wishes for healing. 

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    It's your recovery and will be different from other peoples  recoverys . Recovery is a journey not a race . Physio and exercise are very important , but don't over do it . Take your pain medication to control your pain much better than trying to ease the pain once it takes hold . Chico gives good advice . Don't forget to moisturise your scar . You will get there in the end . I was off work for 6 months with each knee , some may have returned sooner and some would take longer . It's now 19½ and 17½ years since I had mine done , I have had no problems and it was the best thing I have done .

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    I am exactly 3 months out from a tkr.  Listen and reread everything Chico had to say.  I still have swelling and sleepless nights.  Each of our bodies heal differently....we will get there eventually .  
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    so sorry to hear that you are having problem I have mine done on June 20th and I can't complain I am doing very well went to my doctor today he reeled me from any restrictions say go use my knee and I had a big surgery I had a partial done 9 years ago so when he went in to do this he it broke apart so he had to work on the knee I buy one of the ice cooler with the tube and it is so good I keep it on for at least 2hours they said I could keep it on as long as I wanted that is what help me with the swelling feel better dear.

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    Lynn your not alone like you I'm not handling having a tkr .And like you my physio pushed my leg back so bad I was in agony later .64 bend. But I realized when coming on here. That we are all achieve things at different levels.And there is a lot of good people on here who like us have been through this .However they all take time to help one another and give hope and strength in each other And we will get there in time. But our time

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    Hi Lynn!

    Swelling REALLY complicates everything! That feeling that your leg feels so full and the throbbing that comes with it can halt a lot of progress. I had TERRIBLE swelling with my first TKR!😕

    Try putting on thigh-high compression stocking and leaving them on.

    Try an anti-inflammatory such as Ibuprofen.

    Try laying on the floor and putting your legs up the wall. (Sitting on your bed where your pillows usually go and putting your legs up the headboard or wall works good, too.)

    Drink lots of water to flush toxins from anesthesia and meds. My hair stylist learned that anesthesia can STILL be in the system SIX MONTHS after surgery and delayed my perm until after that.)

    Watch the amount of salt you take in. Salt can increase swelling.

    TRY to be patient! Your leg is swelling because it has suffered a GREAT TRAUMA! Give it time!

    Walk around inside your house every hour for a few minutes. Rest with your legs WAAAAY up above your head. During the next hours, go again. Try to increase your time walking by a minute or so to build endurance.

    You will make it.

    Yes, you will!😄

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    At five months my stamina I now much improved. It has taken a while, but don't worry it will happen

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    Ahhh-the old stamina issue. All part and parcel of a tkr. Your body has been through the mill and right now all your energy stores are reserved for healing. Dont fight it-go with it. It's your bodys way of saying "time out". Be sure to stay hydrated as well as maintaining a well balanced diet. Accept any help offered-cleaning, cooking, shopping. Treat yourself-coffee with a good listener works a treat. Stay positive and remember-time is your best friend.

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    I got a  ice machine that helped so much 
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    My TKR was 11.4.17 and I feel the same way. My Fitbit tells me at 6000 steps I start to swell. I am back at work but struggling. My bend is only 95 and I have finished all my NHS physio so now paying for private as not happy to stick at that. I go to the gym 4 times a week ( twice in pool) and have realised it's a marathon not a sprint. Don't give up Lyn. I am only focusing on my recovery outside of work as I am due to have the other knee done this winter. It has given up completely now and so preventing my walking. Focus on you Lyn and be kind to yourself. The good folk on here are who I listen to now. 

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      Four months may be a bit early to return to work , depending on your job . It was 6 months each knee for me , and fortunatly I have had no problems , but everyone is different . If your other knee has given up that will not help with your recovery . Don't overdo the physio and exercise you will get there in time , it takes as long as it takes .

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    I understand your frustration.  I am 64, I had a left TKR 4/11/17.  Due to arthritis and deformity my surgery took 2 1/2 hours.  Going into surgery my knee had a 25 degree bend.  I had continued working as a surgical nurse on a deteriorating knee for about 18 months too long.  The scar tissue after surgery took over.  I could not straighten, nor bend my knee.  Now at 4 months I have about a 6 degree bend, I can walk.  I can bend my knee to 100 degree.  I continue to have knee pain, pain radiates down my shin and ankle when I walk, and occasional pain to the back of my thigh.  I practice exercises and stretches multiple times a day.  I have flare ups with swelling and pain on days when I over exercise. I have found the massaging the scar helps to break up the scar tissue.  There are some really good instructions video on .  Before surgery I would play tennis 5 days a week, sometime twice a day.  I just want to get my life back.  I am very motivated.  I have found it important to keep the knee moving as muct as possible. Let your knee be a knee. I wish you success, 
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      Did you have surgery or MUA for the scar tissue? Some of my friends are recommending I have a procedure to remove scar tissue behind my knee which may be preventing the hamstring and calf muscles from stretching or are keeping them contracted but I am really hesitant to do that due to original post op complications.
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    Having manipulation under anesthesia is risky and painful as much as the original surgery, and as my physician explained there is a risk of breaking your leg.  I had a very good phiso, and between the two of us we were able to make enough progress to avoid the procedure.

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