THR v. revision for patient under 50.

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Hi folks, I have had hip pain for five years and two failed labral tear repair surgeries. Just diagnosed with advanced osteoarthritis.  I am meeting with a couple of surgeons this week to discuss THR.  I am also going to ask about hip revisions.   I am a fit 39 year old female.  I am curious to hear from those of you who (or know someone) had a THR or resurfacing under the age of 50.  Any ballet or tango dancers with revisions or THR?  

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    V interested in your replies. You poor thing.  Yoga-ing through my hip pain, not far off your position. Was offered THR in Dec but stopped all serious impact exercise, took MSM etc and have held it off with that and changing footwear to things like vionic and control trainers and gentle exercise. Good luck x
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      Thank you very much, I appreciate it.  Best of luck to you as well.
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    Oops, I also meant to inquire about hip resurfacing as well.  I am very interested in hearing from anyone who has had hip resurfacing, especially women.  I have read that women have a greater risk of femoral neck fracture with a resurfacing compared to THR.  But it isn't clear to me how high that risk is, or if it is just after menopause

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    hi tango,

    warm welcome to the hippies forum -

    I am so sorry to hear that you are diagnosed with advanced osteoarthritis

    Not sure how I can help - When I was diagnosed with advanced to severe (bone on bone) arthritis I was not given a choice as full hip replacement surgery was needed - 

    Is there any reason that you want to postpone the inevitable? this may sound harsh, and I didn't mean it that way, however you already had 2 failed labral tear surgeries - 

    Definitely ask all your questions to the surgeons - be as specific as possible and perhaps record the discussion - 

    Make your decision based on the information received and with the surgeon you trust most ..

    Good luck and please come back here and let us know the outcome okay ? it will help so many people ...

    big warm hug



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      Thank you Renee.  I am seeing two more surgeons this week.  I will update.  You raise good points.
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    Can't help you but also very interested in your replies.  I've had hemiarthroplasty after broken femur thanks to oesteoporosis.  I'm 54 and will probably need a revision which scares me too as it seems much harder than first operation.  I've scanned Internet in the hope that the op. will be simpler in future.  There's quite a lot of info. about the future of cartilage repair.  Your op. will last you over 20 years so surely by then it will be an easier operation.  Good luck.

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      Thank you.  I wish the best of luck.  Are you in pain now?
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      I've had lots of groin pain and 6 months on I'm still in some discomfort but I've had MS for 17 years and have to use a wheelchair when out so that's really complicated things.  This site has been invaluable for support but would I have looked for it if I hadn't had problems?  Probably not. I hate my metal hip but I was pain free before my fall.  You're probably not.  I'm sure the majority of people who have hip replacements don't have any problems so don't let all the info. about things that have gone wrong scare you.  You're far too young to have to go through this but you'll also still be young when you need the revision which is bound to be simpler in over 20 years.  Just don't over exercise post op.!

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      I am so sorry about your fall.  Thank you for the advice and information.
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    When I went to 2 surgeons they independently promised the hips would last 20 years, then when I then nailed them down and said OK I'll come in for the op, they backtracked and said, well really we can only really guarantee 10-12 years. I know my friend's mum says she has had problems from her hip post 12 years and needs another (but is putting it off, now 18 years). Hence my complete panic, and push at yoga. It would be lovely to see if there are people genuinely walking around with great replacement hips post 18 years... as I think this would help a lot of us make more informed decisions.

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      Thank you for the information.  I used to do a lot of yoga, loved it.  But it is too painful now.  It might be from the labral tears, the osteoarthritis, or both.  

      There isn't a lot I can do.  I can ride the stationary bike and swim, although sometimes breastroke kick hurts.  I have trouble sitting any other way except with my knees straight out ahead of me.  There are few poses I can do with out pain, one of them is downward dog.  Lifting weights is too painful.  I miss yoga, pilates, and tango dancing terribly.  I am on medical leave (I was a staff nurse in a hospital), and trying to find a position that doesn't require as much walking.  

      I don't know anyone who has had a THR for more than five years.  So far the surgeons tell me the average is 15-20 years.  Some theorize that the newer materials may last much longer.  But of course they can't know that for sure at this point in time. 


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      hi lucy, 

      We all would like to get a guarantee on how long the implant will last - and of course we do not get it -- I am afraid we have to live with it, like with everything in life -

      This forum is usually found by people who have some issues, concerns or questions about hip replacement surgery - the ones who have no problem you will not see ..Hence the negative  impression that THR surgeries impose ...

      Quality of life now is more important to me than when or if I will need another one 15-20 years from now ..I might not be around anymore any way ...

      I know that you will make the right decision - take your time,take all the time you need ...

      angel blessings



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    Hi!  I am 46 and had anterior THR 8 weeks ago. I suffered through severe OA for a few years before my surgury. Now All of that pain is gone. The first few weeks of recovery were horrible, but I survived smile.  I returned to work at 6 weeks and I feel great.  I'm walking without a cane 13,000 steps a day!  I'm still going to PT and still have a lot of healing to do but my life is so much better now.  The recovery is much faster with the anterior approach, but you need to find a great Doctor. 

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      THank you so much for the information Nikki.  I'm sorry for all the pain you went through.  I'm glad you are doing so much better.  Please update me on your progress.  

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    Hi Tango,

    I'm 36 and having a THR in 7 days. I have had FAI for 20 years. I'm in Australia and they think as long as I don't take up marathon running it might last me 30-years or the rest of my life- technology is getting  better and better. All I can say is the pain doesn't get better, and my life has become less and less active. I'm looking forward to getting back an active life. I also think prolonged inflammation from osteoarthritis has other longer term impacts on your health that also outweighs the need to delay surgery, well at least for me.

    Good luck in making your decision.

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      Thank you for the information!  Best of luck.  I assume the FAI correction was unsuccessful.  Please keep me updated.  

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