severe dizziness and leg weakness

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i have had neck pain for about 2 years imI'm 35 years old. I had an MRI in summer which showed disc degeneration and bone spurs on c5-c6, I've had a few bad flare ups and still currently having 1 and awaiting for appointment with spinal specialist. I've been signed off work for past 7 week and can't see me getting back soon. Not only is there neck pain but I get really bad radiating pain down my right arm I can't even read a book without being in pain. I have now started getting really dizzy moments and find it hard walking downstairs due to weak painful legs. I feel no 1 understands and people always ask when am I back at work. Any help or advice is much appreciated x

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    Hi kelly65690

    welcome to the site and i hope that you find some answers to your questions on here or at least some help.That is a draw back with this condition people assume you are ok or worse making it up!!! Dizziness is one of the ailments with this you will find most people suffer from that aslo pain down arms legs neck feet.(Sorry to make you feel worse)lol.Try not to lift anything to heavy if you have to do something take painkillers before you do it.If you have trouble sleeping try not to lie flat and you might invest in a mattress topper they sometimes work (if possible)  Also check your posture try not to slouch.I bought a laptop chill mat and i sometimes rests a book on and i can read for a little bit not a lot for my neck but it helps a little.Have  you tried heat or cold works for some it all depends on the person.I have always said on here there is always tomorrow and its not what you cant do its what you can also little and often. Sorry for going on a bit but i do hope you find some ideas on here to help you. Have you tried going to a pain clinic i found you get some helpful advice both from the people that run it and the people that attend.Look forward to hearing how you get on and you take care hun there will always be someone on here who understands and listens to you even if you just want a to moan or a rant!!!eekrolleyes  


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      Thank you for your reply its nice to know I'm not alone as feel it sometimes. Walked to drs today which is about 15 mins I had to taxi home as dizziness was so severe I cudnt walk any further. Now anxiety kicks in about work and the future, no 1 seems to get it I had a melt down today and cried for about half an hour its so frustrating. Thanks for being so kind and hope u r OK xx
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      Hi Kelly

      I note your comments are a while back, hope you are better now. I had CS for 10 years and it has got worse as I age. I asked my employer for ill health retirement but to no avail. I understand how depressing is the anxiety about future. I am struggling to work to a reasonable standard and fear that will be sacked soon.  I hope your employers are more understanding. 

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    Hi Kelly,

    I am sorry to hear about all your health issues but I can so identify with you.I suffer from CS and have the same symtoms as you. Severe neck shoulder and arm pain as well as leg weakness, tingles, problems with balance and shocking debilitating dizziness. It is such a hideous disease and I know what you mean when people just dont understand. I am at the moment off work until February and supposed to be going back 2 days a week. I get so stressed and worried about the future but I am trying a few things. Changing my pillows and sleeping positions to find one that doesnt causes the least pain. I have also found that sleeping for 2 hours at a time through the night is the most I can manage without the pain becoming much more severe, I think just changing positions and stretching and moving at regular intervals is a help. I really struggle with the dizziness symtom its horrible. I have older children and a 5 yr old so life is demanding. I do meditation and try to get some small amount of exercise and activity even if its holding on to someone or something when walking. I am eating quite healthy no processed foods or sugar. I dont know i9f all or any of this actually helps but it helps my mind. Try to find positive in each day, i know its really hard. Good luck with your specialist visit. Sending you healthy positive vibes. Take Care Donna xx

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      Thank you both so much its nice to know I'm not the only 1 feeling this way. I think the spinal specialist will refer me to pain management as we don't have any local my Dr said. I also have 2 children age 10 and 6 and a husband who works 12 hrs a day so I do struggle on my own. I have a meeting at work today to see how they can support me so will see how that goes. Thanks for the advice and hope u 2 get sorted soon although the future can seem bleak I know that xxx
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      Hi kelly

      I hope you have some luck with pain clinic and i hope your work can support you in what ever way they can.I know that the future seems bleak but just think of your children it can be hard i have been there!! my consultant has said there is nothing more he can do for me as i have other health issues as well  but i have come to terms with it as i have had 49yrs to get used to it (if ever) 59 now  so a long time!!! Have you no family that could help you out yours or your I/Laws? Maybe if you see your GP he/she might be able to help it is worth asking.Please dont look on the bleak side i know it is hard but as i said people are here for you to  have a moan and a rant whenever you feel like it and when you do it sure feels good!!! Have you spoke to anyone about the way you feel?It will help. So you take care hun and look forward to your next post

      jeanette xxxrolleyes

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      Yeah I'm seeing some 1 on Tuesday to talk to as I suffer anxiety and depression any how. I'm feeling better today well mentally I'm dieting in hope that helps with everything and back at Dr tonight but just need to remember that things cud be a lot lot worse. Xxxx
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    Hi I know this topic is old but I just wanted to add what had helped for me I have the exact same as you and also nerve damage and I've been in constant pain for years with neck and shoulders and also the dizzeness is so bad some days I couldn't even go out , I discovered by doing lots of research about a spice called Curcumin and I decided to try it as I felt I'd try anything to help , after a week and a half the pain was nearly gone in my neck and that constant hot feeling was gone also , the dizzeness eased off but didn't fully go I still get the odd dizzy spell but nothing like the constant dizzeness I had , I'm now taking the supplements 2 months and I'm like a new woman I've no pain at all . It might be worth a try , I take it in the morning and have a hot cup of tea after I take them as I read that a hot drink or hot meal helps absorb them better ... Also don't the cheapy brands as I found they are not as good but a good quality Curcumin best of luck

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      Hi I shall give curcumin a try I have had this for four years now so I will give anything a try
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      Can you suggest the actual brand name of curcumin supplement that you've been using? Also, the dosage.

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      Hi nick , yes I am still taking it and I wouldn’t be without it now , I tried a few different brands but the best one I’ve tried and the one I use now for the last few months is from Solgar . I’ll try attach a link for you . You can get it in most good health food shops ..It’s a little bit pricey from other cheaper brands but it’s so worth it the cheaper ones made me vomit or didn’t do as much for the pain . ( I suppose it’s the old saying you get what you pay for ) I also take omega 3 Which is also good for inflammation ..  hope it helps smile

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    Kelly, I feel I could have written your post because it is essentially the same I went through, down to the C5-C6.  

    After visiting many doctors with all sorts of contrary opinions, I discovered that my core problem was caused by years being in front of a computer, carrying backpack and some weight lifting.  I had developed what is called forward head posture/position (FHP).  If you search on for fhp you'll find a ton of videos because it is terribly common and can impact you in many ways including dizziness, fatigue, loss of appetite, depression, heat patches, weakness... 

    I'm not saying this is 100% your problem but I would recommend you look into it.  There are plenty of things you can do, if that's the case.  You might start with chiropractic, therapeutic massage (they can be the best), and physical therapists to work on correcting imbalance. 

    Ironically, I found the actual doctors to be the least knowledgeable on all of this so don't give up.  I like this one doctor on 'dr mandell' who seems to have many videos and good advice.  

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