Severe back and joint pain - due to perimenopause?

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Hi everyone,

I'm looking for relief from severe joint pain - I think due to hormone fluctuations. I have been suffering for 13 years - since the age of 38 with severe back pain, hip pain, leg pain, and foot pain. I have debilitating "episodes" every four years or so where I have an EXCRUCIATINGLY painful back spasm and then am bed-ridden for months, even years. I have hobbled through this long decade with lots of crying, depression, confusion, anger - plus plenty of self-pep talks, meditation, spiritual searching and "accepting", but I'm still suffering. I've seen everyone - GP's, back specialists, chiropractors, naturopaths, rolfers, shiatsu masters, accupuncturists, I had three MRI's, all clean, x-rays same, I've had two injections in my sacro illiac (one of the main pain areas) that did nothing - all treatments so far have been to no avail. I have been a vegan for 16 years, and am taking B-12, Vitamin D, B complex, vitamin K, Black Cohosh supplements, and prim rose oil. I am considering starting a bone broth and fish oil supplement now out of desperation. I tried taking a bio-identical hormone but experienced almost instant severe back pain! As of now I am in daily pain, sometimes severe, in bed almost all day with small walks around the house, can't sit or stand for long, using ice packs all day and night on my lower back and hips. I have to take serious pain meds every week, which worries me because of toxicity. But what can I do? The pain is so bad! 

I am praying this all stabilizes at some point - I will be officially one year without a period in December. I've heard from some that that is when things calm down. My mother says the same, but she is still suffering from some back pain - so - if anyone has any suggestions or advice, or even just a similar story to share, I would so appreciate it! Peace and health to all of you out there! xoxoxo 

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    I had pretty bad back pain and I also knew it was due to hormones changing and fluctuating. It also radiated in my hips and also my tailbone and down my leg. I  went to doctor..they did not run that many tests..but it lasted for a few years..some months better than others. I read on here that many women get this so it made me feel more at ease. I did change a lot with my eating..more protein, less carbs, more fruit ect. Started yoga..very very gentle...I think it helped a bit..but honestly I feel it may just need to balance out. I also did seed cycling gives you seeds to help with all the hormones. I would try everything. I even went to physical therapy. Took turmeric supplement. lost some weight also. I hope this helps in you are not alone. I honestly don't know what we would need and how to balance,, I read and studied Hormones so much..and finally I just let it go..and did the best I could. It's very frustrating. Also, because everyone I try to talk to about it outside of this forum..looks at me like I a crazy..and all ages I might add. My mom said she had no symptom at all. Friends let me talk and then just change the topic. Here if you want to talk. smile Marisa

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      Hi Marisa

      How are you doing with your back aches? I have been constantly in pain for months, it was weeks at a time but now it has been weeks, and no relief. I haven t gotten a period yet so i think that is why its so severe and ongoing. How have you been making it with the back? Hope you are better.

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      Hi Mary

      I have also had pain in my right lower back going into my buttock and leg. This all started over two and a half years ago and have tried all sorts of treatments from physio to acupuncture, osteopathy and am now seeing a chiropractor. My periods have stopped for six months then started again and have now been absent for a further four months. I am also wondering  if this pain is due to the menopause.

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      Hi Lyndsay

      Everywhere i read, its the lower back for others. But mine started in low back but has radiated throughout back mainly left and mid section. I'm starting to wonder if it could be spine related, fibromyalgia or athritis.

      I was doing chiropractor therapy some months ago but i didnt have the back pain then. It started after my treatment was over.

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      This June will mark one year since my last menstrual cycle. I had a feeling I was hitting that big "change" when my periods became very painful. I guess that's when the pain really began. I'd like to say it's gotten better, but the last, oh... 6 months now, have been unbearable. I remember being at work one day and just feeling terrible. My feet were killing me, and I thought maybe it was just my shoes (even though I'd been wearing them forever). So I bought new sneakers, with inserts to help absorb the shock of walking on hard tile floors all day. That didn't help. Then the pain began to move throughout my body, especially affecting my lower back and joints. I will note that I was diagnosed with Lyme disease in 2000, and was reinfected back in 2013, so naturally, I thought maybe the symptoms had something to do with that. I finally went to my Doctor when I woke up one morning and couldn't move. It literally hurt so bad, that I started crying. I had no idea what was going on, and I was scared now.

       Long story short, after some bloodwork and x-rays, it was discovered that I had no estrogen. That is,my levels were so low, they may as well have been non-existent. My thyroid levels were normal, all of the other bloodwork was normal, and no active infection where the Lyme was concerned. She told me that the likely cause of my pain was due to the lack of hormones. My hell. And yes, she also told me (what I had already suspected) that I was in the throws of menopause. 

       Fast forward to now. *sigh* The pain just keeps getting worse. I feel like a 90 year old woman (I am 48). If I am moving, I am okay. But as soon as I sit down or lay down for any length of time, I become rigid. Strangely enough, the lower back is the least of my problems. My feet are the worst. My fingers, my elbows, my knees, my neck ... 

        I just started a new job, so I'll have health insurance again in another month or so, so in the mean time I am taking ibuprofen, prenatal vitamins (recommended by my Doctor), B-12 and B6, Black Cohosh, and Nordic Naturals Fish Oil (also recommended because it doesn't give you fishy tasting burps). 

      I just wish I knew how long this was going to last. Does it ever go away? Should I be supplementing Calcium as well? 

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    prim rose oil made it so much worse... I don't why..I had such bad pain taking that is so not for me. Just make sure all your supplements are working for you.

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    Hello all that you have said i have felt and have had test for just like you. Right now i am trying Gelatin Collagen and like you vitamins. I am doing a little better. But I always wake up thinking ok what new thing is going to show up. I am exercising at least three days a week. I am also on the Estradiol patch .025 i tried for a month to go without it but my anxiety returns and depression. I have better days now then a few months ago. I have been on the patch for 8 months. I hope you start feeling better. 
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    Same here.... Low back and hips pain for over two years now. I am 49 and skipping my periods on and off couple of years. Had terrible panic attacks but now I am on Lexapro (0.5 mg) and it helps with my panic disorders... Low back pain just killing me - I stopped to exercise because of it. Just recently I tried 10 days of juice detox and enemas daily (just clear homemade juices, herbal teas and homemade vegetable broth) and felt great - back pain almost gone, energy back, lost some weight (I am 146 pounds). After 10 days of juices as soon as I returned back to normal eating slowly all my aches come back - low back, hips, joints, etc... So it showed me the pain depended on inflammation but I can't drink only juices all the time. And I hoped so much that at least a vegan way of eating will help but how I read at previous message it's not helping at all :-(

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     I too would like to know any remedies. The specifics of your Chinese or medicine would be helpful.I’m using ice on my back as we speak. I was offered to have surgery, which both my sisters have done that had great results. But when my back and things arent bad,  I don’t think it’s necessary but on days like today I wish I’d had a time. I am on bio identical progesterone, which is helped my mind with much less anxiety,I tried many different hormones pills acupuncture chiropractor. In past the  chiropractor worked , At least it brought my period on which will relieved some of the pain. Unfortunately I’ve had back surgery sense and cannot have a chiropractor. Just wondering what to do?  My periods last anywhere from three days to 28 days it’s all over the map. I am 52  ughh !! Enough already.
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    Ive been in peri for a good 5 years ( I'm 40 now)my mum went through it at 35,and was so sick of going to the Dr for a couple of years,and they not believing her,she ended up breaking down,and shouting at them,that she went into hospital for a week or so where they did tests and concluded she was premenopausal after!! Fast forward and it's identical to me,I've been back and for with back pain that's agony,along with many other joints hurting,I've had numerous x-rays..I've also got a long list of hot flushes,acne,terrible hair loss, heavier periods, horrendous depression and anger...I get constantly shunned away and pushed anti anxiety medication and take painkillers for the joint pain...I do think Perimenopause can bring on possible Fibromyalgia as your hormones surge with stress,so am looking into this as the back and muscle pain...but it's debilitating,and I'm at the point of thinking how cruel some womens bodies,emotional,mental and physical have to suffer for so long like this, especially it's our reproductive organs causing all this,or can't just halt nice and gently over say 6 months,nope,it's drags on like a dark tunnel,with only a glimmer of light to keep you going.... it's like yeah,take this...that's my hormonal anger talking wink wink. I am on 'Wild Yam' tablets for the past 4-5 months and to be fair I've noticed a huge difference in the emotional/mental part....but physical symptoms,back stiffness acute pain ect it's drawing a blank at the moment

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      Hi Gens, I wish I could write a longrr message but I'm rushing to get to work. Everything you ssy sounds like me. I started this nightmare at 32, I turn 36 in 3 months time. I hsve debilitating lower back pain, wrist pain, ankle pain and most recently some right hip pain.I have an array of other symptoms too, too many to list. Please tell me how is your mom now? Is she better. An older lady at work assures me it all gets better once through it. My own mom doesnt remember hers at all. I think she has blocked it out. Sorry I can't write more. I will try later.

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      My mum assures me it got alot better when she hit full Menopause,and the symptoms subsided greatly...but,it took about 7-8 years from the age of 35-43 to get there.. jeez!! :'( I'm thinking I got another 4 years of this,I can't let it get to me to much...but it's misunderstood,laughed off and one male doctor I saw had me in tears at his look that I was hysterical...I really can see why some women get clinically and severely depressed,not just mentally but the physical pain...I really do feel for you 32,I thought 35/36 was bad enough...hope you manage to find something that at least alleviates some of your horrible symptoms.

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      Gena where do you have your back pain? You mentioned fibromyalgia , i think that may be what this perimenopause has done to me. My skin is burning, back stiffness and muscle pain all over back bouncing around. Oh and the bowels have a mind of its own, non stop heart palpitations. You re right this will work on you mentally.
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      The back pain feels all over at the moment! its hard to explain,but I'm just aware of constant stiffness and muscle aches that is so hard to ignore,it's Seems to be in all my joints,between my shoulders,knees,hands..I'm falling apart!!!! ( You gotta try! to find some humour) ...Ive have a long list of complaints,and I can honestly say I hate moaning over physical pain,but it's debilitating,along with washed out tiredness,and unable to sleep I really think chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia are linked to hormones,along with the stress of dealing with other issues you have going on in your life( I'm a full time carer for a long time for my son who has autism ) I really believe if we didn't live such an artificial life,if life wasn't what it has become,rushing here and there, consumed with other things,stress!!!! .if we lived perhaps as we were supposed to...In a quiet little wooden house,by a waterfall,eating home grown food,natural herbs money held no power,no stress would we suffer as much....I've gone off on one guys..LOL ..stop me or I will rant can tell what my answer is wink

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      Thank you Gena for your reply. It's good to hear that your mom says it gets better.I guess when we are in the middle of it, it doesnt feel like it will get better. Plus we have no way of knowing how long this will last for. My mom just mentioned something about 10 years. Like you, doctors look at me like I'm crazy. I got referred to a psychologist by my doctor. If only I had been more informed about this stage in life I think I woulnt have gotten such a fright when my body started falling apart. I so hate how they put everything down to anxiety. I have a gynacologist app tomorrow as it happens but my last one 3 months ago didnt yield anything other than being told i'm too young. I hope to get something for this that will help other than being offered anti depressants etc. I've been given gabapentin already fo the joint pain but I havent started it yet as my joint pain is only bad at certain times of the month. Its excruciatingly painful though when it is bad. I cry in pain most days when its bad. Everything hurts. I also have crawly itchy dry skin, dry eyes, dry ears, dru throat, dry nose, dry privates. I suffer reflux as well and my periods last 1-2 days. Its hard going. Only good thing is knowing that maybe by the time my friends start this stage I might be ahead of them and maybe through the worst of it by then. I wish I had a friend to share this with but nobody I know is experiencing this. Thank you for replying. Hopefully,we won't have too many years like this.

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      Hi deirdre,

      I am the same with creepy crawly skin but I also have burning sensation around my body do you get this as well.

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