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Hi all, 

For approx last 4 months ive been suffering from horrible double vision, the two images appear adjacent to one another in the horizontal plane, I had visited my Optometrist about the condition, and he advised that my eye muscles may just be weak, but with an updated prescription for my glasses and a few exercises it should go away.

However, i feel i am forcibly causing my eyes to go crosseyed, and that if i really strain i  can bring the two images back together, as such i constantly have very tired, irritated eyes that feel very sore and water alot due to me overworking them. 

I also notice the double images more so when im looking the edges of an object.

I should add, it is mainly with objects close to me as opposed to things at a distance.

Since this has started it hasnt really shown any signs of stopping and has been hugely frustrating, medically i am relatively ok but do tend to sit prehypertensive onto 140/90 commonly, and have suffered from high pitched tinnitus for well over a year.

Yet being only 22, and already experiencing this has been really difficult and as such i wanted to get other peoples possible experiences on the matter, have you suffered from this and if so what did you do to alleviate it.

Additionally, has anyone else suffered from this, and if so, did Prism glasses help you? 

Sorry for my long question, many thanks for any replies.

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    I too had double vision . I was referred to a consultant who specialised in this field of work . He advised I had a muscle convergence & I was given excercises  to do. These definitely helped to strengthen my eye muscles . I also had a prism incorporated into the prescription in my glasses. In June of this year I had refractive corrective lens replacement surgery & so far I have had no double vision .  

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      Thats amazing to hear, i am very glad that your double vision has been resolved and fingers crossed it stays that way! If you dont mind me asking, were the prisms in your prescription glasses noticeable? Or were they discreet enough that anyone talking to you wouldnt notice them in the glasses themselves? smile
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      Nobody could tell the prism was on my prescription. 
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    It sounds like you have a squint which is weak eye muscles I wore prisms on my glasses for years to keep my eyes straight and the double vision at bay. Last year I had surgery as the prism strength I needed was too much for glasses so I couldn't have them anymore. I am very unlucky in that the surgery didn't work after 3 attempts and I am left with permenant double vision and have to block the vision in one eye to see a single image now. I think get the prisms on your glasses and it will help aleviate the double vision and if it gets bad enough you will be offered the surgery and take it 99% of the time it works and you will be absolutely fine 

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      Hopefully i can get some help with it! My optician suspected it had something to do with my Covergence and as such he wasnt so sure on what to do and is sending me to see an orthoptist, apparently i might also need a prism or i will be given some new exercises to do. I wanted to ask, how are you getting on now? smile
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    I also have double vision, but it affects each eye separately, its stronger on my left eye, which is the eye that I use, since my right eye is the lazy eye. I started having this since February this year, no one knows what it is yet, been to opticians and they said my eyes were fine, that I had astigmatism, but with the right prescription i still have them. Did an MRI and CT scan, and everything was fine, except a sinnus maxilarys cyst, which doesnt interfer with my eyes. Two weeks ago went to a neurologist, now i have to do a blood test and Nerve conducting study to see if it is related to my muscles, which I doubt since it still afects me even with one eye closed.
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      Hi, fingers crossed they find out whats wrong and you can get your vision back to normal! I similarly havent had much luck and am now, albeit slowly, in the process of being referred to an Orthoptist in order for someone to see if they can address the issue.
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    I suffered from the same double vision on Thursday NHS close to me .I was referred to an opthalmologist who specialises in double vision & strabismus. The opthalmologist confirmed I had a muscle convergence in both eyes. I was given excercises to do to help this . I still continue  to dobtge  excercises even although I have now had vision correction surgery . Ask your optician to refer you to an opthalmologist 

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    Hi all, a quick update, i was given a referral to the orthoptist who had a detailed look at my eyes, according to their report, the muscles which attach to my eyes have just weakened over time and as such arent doing a good job of coordinating both eyeballs to look at an image in harmony and as such double vision arises.

    I have been given exercises to strengthen these muscles, as well as a stick on prism which can be used in times of extreme strain where i cant force the eyes to work together and so the prism bend the light to help lessen the strain and let my eyes relax a bit.

    I have to say the exercises haven't really done much, and i use the prism sparingly because i never find my eyes in bad enough disarray to warrant applying it to my glasses.

    Hopefully in a few weeks when i revisit the orthoptist i can get a answer or a fix for this issue.

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    Try and percivere with the excercises . I had the stick on prism on my glasses all the time . I did ask my consultant about surgery to fix the muscles but he said there would be a risk I could be left with a squint . I have since had IOL replacement surgery for vision correction and no longer have double vision . I am in the UK 
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      Hi Shrimpie many thanks for your reply,

      I guess i will try and be more dilligent with them, its been very disheartening the past few months as i feel they have helped a little but the double vision has not entirely resolved.

      As im not even 30 yet i would definitely like to stay away from any kind of surgical intervention.

      If you dont mind me asking did your double vision resemble somthing like this:

      Most of the day i can look around and focus on a single object and make it single, however everything else in my field of view is double, with a noticeable gap between the objects.

      If i am focusing on a single place, and keeping my eyes stationary it is fine, however when i read or have to use my eyes to glance over things, they fatigue and i can almost feel them 'slipping' as i go double visioned, somewhat similar to a sensation of crosseyed.

      However, i immediately pick up on it and can supress it by making my eyes work a bit harder. I manage this for the whole day but the evenings post 8pm is hell.

      SOrry for the long post, i just found it so reassuring to find someone else who has experienced what i have as it seems so rare!

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      My double vision was worse if I was really tired . Since having vision correction surgery my double vision seems to have gone . I still try to do the muscle convergence excercises at leat once or twice a week . Hope this helps 

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