Roughlty how long does it take to recover from Iron Deficiency Anaemia?

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I'd love to know how others who were severly anemic have taken to get their iron levels up. I know it will likely take a long time but I am very keen to know how long the wait is likely to be. 

After many years of having all of the symptoms, for example, being pale, feeling the cold, easily getting ill, feeling exhusted most of the time, having heavy and painful periods, having heart palpitations, etc. I decided to finally see the doctor with my list of symptoms. I have never had a blood test before and being 29 I thought this would be a good idea to check on things. My doctor informed me that I was severly iron deficient and therefore anemic. My number was 4 when it should be in the 20s. I was perscribed 3 iron tablets a day, take on an empty stomch with a high vit c drink and put onto the pill to lesson my periods. I have increased my diet with regrds to iron intake greatly, I avoid calcuim around the times I take my iron tablets and stopped drinking tea and coffee completely. I even eat meat now. I am desperate to get well beacuase I always look so ill and even though I try to act fine if I am honest I am so worn out all of the time. I could easily spend my weekends sleeping but I fight it. I have been on these tablets for 3 months, but how long should it take to get well?

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    My Hemoglobin was at 10. Not as bad as yours. My Ferritin was really low. It took just over 3 months to get my Hemoglobin normal. I have been continuing to take 2 iron a day to get my stores (Ferritin) back up. They have me taking them until October. Once my hemoglobin was normal I started feeling much better. I am not sure how long it will take to get yours up but hang in there!
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    If you haven't had a repeat blood test you should request one. 

    You say your number is 4 but don't say what that is. Ferritin, iron, haemogloblin? It would be useful to see your full blood test results. If you are in the U.K. and your blood fall to a certain level you should have an infusion which may be a lot quicker to feel better.

    Your repeat blood test will  show if treatment is working. I presume they also tested your b12 and folate? Recovery times depend on cause, are you a vegetarian? Do you take your iron with orange juice, do you have problems absorbing through your stomach, is it caused because you are low in something else or have a bleed somewhere in your body etc. 

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    I had to have iron infusions..I had 2 over 14 days and struggled with side effects but now my counts are up.  Hematologist would like me to find a way to stop my periods so I don’t have to go through this as much
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    I lived like this for 10 plus years no matter what I did.  In March 2018 I had 2 iron infusions.  In about 2 weeks I felt like a new person.  The pills don’t  work when that low and I don’t take them now either.  It was a huge change and I am a completely different person.  It’s a huge psychological adjustment when your whole entire attitude changes in 2 weeks after so many years.  Still struggling with that one.  Good luck 
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    Anemia is a common blood disorder in which body has deficiency of red blood cells or the iron-rich protein hemoglobin needed to carry oxygen from the lungs through the body. Most people start to feel better within a few days from the beginning. Even if you feel better, keep taking the pills for several months to build your iron stores. It sometimes takes up to 6 months of iron supplementation before the iron level returns to normal. You should also take proper iron rich diet or foods to get well soon.
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    I had been complaining about extreme tiredness for months and months, in October last year blood tests showed I was severely anaemic and I've been on iron tablets ever since. Recent blood tests showed that I'm no longer anaemic but that my iron level is still low, I dunno how much longer I'll be taking them for but tbh I still feel just as wiped out now as I did before!! They think mine was due to menorrhagia which was caused by fibroids, I had a myomectomy 18 days ago so I'm hoping I'll soon start to feel normal again.. whatever normal is? lol Hope you're feeling better, I know what a struggle it is!!!

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    I have felt lousy for months , it got to the point 2 weeks ago where I could barely walk, was as white as sheet and was having heart palpitations. Went to gp for full blood test he took one look at me and sent me to hospital.

    I was in hospital for 5 days and I was given 5 pints of blood in the first three days by transfusion apparently my haemoglobin level was 4.3. Was sent home when level got to 7.6 with iron tablets twice daily. Went to gp for bloods last week level now 8.7 but I am so tired. I have colour and can walk short distances but I have no energy at all and am constantly falling to sleep. My blood loss was caused by haemerroids which I am having sorted tomorrow in hospital. Is it too early to ask about the iron infusion?

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      I am iron low at the moment and the go prescribed iron tablets. I have a surgery for anal fissure and polyp removal on the 6th of november and they will put me under GA. When you where treated for piles did you have GA? is it ok to have it?

      Many thanks

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    I have had problem with low iron levels for about 10 years. I don't live taking supplements, for many reasons. I tried diet, but wasn't enough. About a month ago I started feeling extremely low energy, heart palpitations just by standing up. After some research my husband found out about THE LUCKY IRON FISH. In three weeks I felt a HUGE diference. I will check my blood levels next week, but my body already knows that is working really well! I love it. 

    Because my family doesn't need the extra iron, the way I do, I don't cook with it. The following is the way I am using it and is giving me amazing results:

    Every night I boil a liter or two of water with the iron fisch in for 10 min. I add half a lemon or orange while boiling, then remove the fish and let it cool. Next day I add either more lemon, orange or I make sure I eat some thing with high vitamin C (like bell peppers).

    I put this water in my water bottle and drinking it during the whole day. I drink it at least have an hour before meals. And I let pass two hours after meals before drinking it, that way there is no risk to get it mixed with foods that have Phytic acid or other foods than can inhibit iron absorption. Good luck!! There is a talk about the lucky fish on Ted's Talk. 

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