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Since April I have had excessive mucas in my throat.

Since June I developed a feeling of a lump in my throat.

I was told by GP in June this was allergies (being hay fever season and all).

It's now October and it's still there but I have developed heart burn indigestion. I have been burping more than usual (since September). And I get a burning sensation up the oesophagus.

I was taking lanzoprazole for a week and half and it did help me but the feeling of this lump in my throat was still there consistently.

Any ideas?!

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    Sounds very similar to my symptoms of acid reflux, although I have never had heartburn. My GP (in the UK) sent me for a gastroscopy to rule out anything too serious.

    I've been on omeprazole for about 12 weeks now, and the mucus/lump in the throat is slowly improving, but mainly I think due to trying various other things, including Gaviscon last thing at night, a wedge pillow (which I find pretty uncomfortable after about 4 hours), and trying to reduce eating the things that cause acid (which seem to be all the nice stuff like beer and chocolate). My fundamental problem is a hiatus hernia (with erosive gastritis), but there's no reason to suspect that's your problem too.

    Certainly I'd recommend a gastroscopy. It's not a pleasant procedure but it's over very quickly indeed. A camera down your throat into your stomach is the best way to see what's going on.

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      Hi Dave, do you have Barretts Oesophagus? Was diagnosed last year and not known any one with this. Due to several other gastric issues it has been hard for me to know what medical issue belongs to what. Just be interesting to know.
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      No, I don't have Barrett's. However, my understanding is that the erosive gastritis can lead to Barrett's over time, so I'm keen to sort that out (although without periodic gastrocopies, which ain't gonna happen on the NHS, I'm not sure how I'll know what state my lower oesophagus is actually in).

      I have a colleague with Barrett's, and I think the basic treatment is the same as for GERD/GORD, but with increased monitoring.

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      Yes on a 2 year observation. Just told to eat low fat foods. My info is now just from what I receive from this site. I also have IBS and diverticulitus. Had gallbladder out 6 weeks ago. So it's hard to know pain goes with what. Do you know if you can heal the corrosion in time. As already gone through breast cancer really trying hard to avoid my osphecus getting it. 2cm corrosion at moment.
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      IIRC I have 3cm errosion. I believe it will heal if the acid is dealt with (I'm sure someone on this forum will correct me if not, which would depressing), although the hiatus hernia isn't helping. I also have mild IBS, and I suspect (based on no medical training whatsoever, I hasten to add) that bloating has probably contributed to the hernia. It appears that IBS leading to GERD and/or hernia seems to be a common theme in these forums (although of course, the forums are self-selecting to a large extent).
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      Hey dave! I underwent endoscopy too.was diagnosed with hiatus hernia,corpus and antral gastritis.have been on omeprazole for 4 weeks.i need to know how u r feeling now and did u fix the hiatus hernia thing .plz do give me some suggestions if any to overcome this.thank u
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    Hi alana70041,

    Most probably its the acid doing all the trouble, I had few sypmtoms including yours for several months before I was diagnosed with GERD.

    Try a tablespoon of raw honey in the morning and one at bedtime. Chew sugar free chewing gums to increase saliva which will neautralize the acid. Do not lie down atleast for two hours after a meal.

    I hope you will get well soon.. smile

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      You got cured of this gerd..??did the lump in throat cleared??
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    Cut out any acid, spicy foods eat a very low fat diet, try lactose free milk. No chocolates, sounds harsh but it helps. Well it worked for me. Go back to your. GP and ask for tests to be done. It's a horrible feeling having that lump feeling, I get it when trying to be sick or stretching. Hope things go well.
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    I get a lump in the throat sensation, it comes and goes (since the year 2000) I am told (reassured) it is caused by GERD.

    It feels to be just below my 'Adam's Apple'.

    Pressing on my trachea at that spot causes a slight gurgling sensation and relieves the discomfort temporarily.

    Excessive mucus and clearing the throat is part of the GERD also.

    Presumably the body releases mucus to protect against the acid damage.

    Drink plenty of water frequently but never at meal time.

    Over-the-counter Gaviscon tablets (double action) or 'peptac' will neutralise the acid fairly instantly.

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      Hi amarvishnu.

      Just reading through this forum as i have been experiencing all of these problems! This lump in my throat has been coming and going for weeks and lasts ALL day and nothing seems to help.

      I am planning on going to see my GP but appointments where i am in Glasgow are a long awaited process.

      Do you have anything in the mean time which you know about that will help or at least ease this awful lump sensation as it is driving me crazy and making me feel so down!

      I have tried gaviscon and Zantac but neither of these seem to be working! sad HELP


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    Hi Alana,

    sorry to hear you are experiencing those horrible symptoms!

    do you have amalgam (black) fillings? I had all your symptoms and more for years , doctor after doctor fobbed me off until on day my friend told me she had experienced the same,she had her fillings changed to white ones and all her symptoms disappeard after 3 weeks, the lump in the throat after 3-4 days. I then got all mine changed , I had 4 but they were in molars so were quite sizable. I now have white fillings. After having the amalgam removed the lump in my throat disappeared practically overnight and al the other symptoms after 2 weeks. I am a few years younger than my friend so probably that why my body cleaned it up quicker?

    check online "mercury poisoning" symptoms.

    Best wishes Alana hope you find the cause of your problem x

    Mrs T 

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      Dear MRSAS

      I had a filling replaced a few weeks before I started feeling this lump. Interesting! 


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      Very interesting! 

      I had all those affects going on, reflux, mucus, upset tummy, nausea, headache, so called ibs! the list goes on! I was prescribed oprimazolle and countless other drugs, I also used gaviscon but still felt so unwell! 

      I had those amalgam fillings removed and now I have none of the above and I don't take any medicines for reflux, mucus, acid, ibs none of it! 

      Please can I ask, was the filling you had changed amalgam for amalgam?

      ps if you are sensitive to mercury chewing gum encourages the mercury to leak! 

      Please check online the symptoms of mercury poisoning and you will see the horrid affects of it, mostly gastric but it can get much worse if it isn't removed.

      Best wishes Alana xxx


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