Rectocele Symptoms, confused!

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Hi everyone, 

Very new to this but reading forums like this has been a game changer for me, as I have had horrible experiences with doctors, that just do not listen at all.  They look at you, and give you a personal opinion, rather than a medical one. 

I have recently discovered that I have a rectocele, by reading a forum, and then confirmed by the doctor that did my pph hemorrhoidectomy just over a month ago, and upon my check up it was discovered that I have a rectocele, I am still struggling to get a actual doctors appointment, which is another story for another type of forum all together.  I just wanted to get some idea of everyone's symptoms?  My problem is I have had mine so long not knowing what I had and it has unfortunately after the success of my hemorrhoidectomy , it seems like now the prolapse is trying to push past my sphinkter sad it seems like now that the piles are gone there is more room so to speak and where the piles use to be it is now filling up with the tube (Colon) that is suppose to be straight.  My body has also gone mad, because I struggle to empty my bowels ( I have done for 2 years, and it was murder with my last pregnancy), I am not constipated, and I take all kinds of potions to make sure just in case which then leads to having very soft stool. Which does not help me at all, my problem is my body goes into what feels like shock, and I start to have contractions ( it feels like contractions), it literally feels like I am giving birth, but at the wrong end of my body! I try very very hard to stop it from happening but it does not work...... plus gravity is not my friend.  It even starts to push out when I am in the upright position, standing or walking, and I can hardly walk at the best of times, I can push it back in, only for it to pop back out. Plus I get blood clots at the very tip which actually makes the skin pop and bleed!  I do all kinds of things to help me actually have a bowl movement, splinting, bending, squatting, squeezing, jiggling, guiding, you name it, but it all is just the most horrendous experience I am to afraid to eat now, because what goes in must come out!! I am house bound, because I am scared that I will need to the loo, and of the pain that I am in, I feel so sorry for my kids because they have actually lost their mommy, and my soon to be 5 month old is stuck in the house to because of me sad

Any experiences would be greatly appreciated. As I have found that when I read about others I realize how much I am actually going through and that I am not alone.

Stay strong ladies!

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    Do you mean your lower bowel is prolapsing out your anus, not bulging into your vagina as a rectocoele does? 
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       ....... no actual prolapse coming out of the anus, it is around it, like piles would do.  I have been told by a Gastrointestinal Surgeon that I have a substantial rectocele sad Waiting for my gynie appointment.  I am just trying to ascertain if other people have the added bonus of the lower bowel trying to push past the anus?  It is hard to explain sorry.  I also have the added bonus of bleeding from those bulges, (yikes!) it hurts like *&^% and then when it pops its a big relief, but only after the shock of the bleeding stopping is over.   

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      I have the same problem and thought it was piles at first. Hoping to get it sorted shortly.
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      Hi Taff, 

      I hope your issue gets sorted very soon, it is really hard living with something like this! The body is an amazing thing actually, but when it does not work well it is debilitating. cry  Please do let me know what it was or what it is called, because I have googled my symptoms for days and have not found anything that can tell me or at least give me an idea of what actually is going on, and I do not think I will be seen quickly, as it is almost Xmas cry  Talking to my GP about it does not help either, because in the past all they saw was piles ( which i did have ) and then they look at the extra weight I have around my middle (ugh ..... ) and then they assume you are constipated, which I am not! frown So I am really looking forward to the uro-gynie appointment to see if I can actually find out exactly what is going on.

      Good luck!

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      Gosh that sounds just like what’s hapening to me..  hope yours gets sorted .
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    That just doesn't sound like a rectocoele. A rectocoele is bowel pushing into vagina through weak fascia causing bulge in posterior wall of vagina up inside vagina which can come right down vagina and also bulge perinium. It doesn't penetrate through vaginal wall as such. Just bulges right in towards vag via weak stretched posterior vag wall. I have never heard of this bleeding you're having. It's not the usual field of a Gastro specialist. Also if it is a rectocoele you need a UROGYNAECOLOGIST & not regular Gynaecogist. Urogynae have got 3yrs extra training in pelvic floor prolapses. Gynae's lack the skill to fix as it's not an everyday procedure for them, but is more specialsed. Was these symptoms there before heamorrhoidectomy? Seems whoever did that should have been able to diagnose. 

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      Hi Robyn, 

      I do have a rectocele, and I will be seeing the uro-gynie..... I just have extra things going on that I have not seen anyone talk about sad I saw the gastro specialist for the huge piles I had that got worse because of my last pregnancy, and because one is pregnant they do not help you, you just need to suffer till baby is born and you have healed up. Yes, I had these symptoms before, but was told and convinced that it was because of the piles, which I have had since my first born 9 years ago. But I could not get no doctor to actually show any interest in helping me with it! sad Now that piles are gone, majority of the symptoms are still there and I think that, after the plies have been dealt with one is left with extra unfortunately sagging skin down there, which apparently in time does sort it out a bit. So from what I can gather the rectocele is so big that it is now pushing into the spaces that the piles have created over time sad.  But yes I might also have something else going on, and not being a doctor I do not know what it is called or what it is.  cry  

      The frustrating part is, because it is not seen as life threatening you wait a long time, and things are getting worse fast! 

      The gastro specialist is the one that said I have rectocele, and said I needed to see a uro-gynie, and he confirmed it by telling me to push as if you having a bowel movement while redface checking back there with the finger up there to check his work. lol His words where ' you have a substantial rectocele', so because it is not his field hence the referral. 

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    I don't know where you live but I think you should try see your GP/Primary care doctor and ask to be referred to a urogynaecologist. They deal with this sort of problem here in the UK and are the best type of gynae to see for prolapse problems. You need to explain how it's affecting your quality of life with your family too. Good luck,

    Pollyanna UK rolleyes

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      Hiya Pollyanna, 

      I am due to see one, hopefully soon as they are gong to expedite it for me, or so is the hope!

      I'm in the UK.

      Thanks smile

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      I do hope your appointment comes soon. It's bad waiting and does affect your quality of life. I don't think even the specialists in this field understand how much unless they have the same problem! confused It's too difficult to describe and let them know how bad you feel. Good luck and my best wishes. Poll X rolleyes

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      Thanks Pollyanna for your kind words smile. Yes it is very hard to get specialists to understand the pain and agony one is going through when they have not gone through it themselves.  I also hope that I can get this matter at least seen to as soon as possible, then I think they will understand the urgency of it! xx
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      Good luck with that Jeanine.  Such long waiting lists but if you can afford it you can ask for a private first appointment with the urogynae of your choice in your area or somewhere else if you can travel! If he/she thinks it necessary they will put you on their list if you ask for NHS treatment. Best wishes, Poll xx smile
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      Unfortunately I can't afford it sad  We only a one income family at this point. xx

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    Oh well, patience is the answer I think. Not easy but the NHS is in such a mess with staff shortages here in the East Midlands. Not so bad in some places so fingers crossed. My wait was about 6 months but repair was badly needed by the time I went in May. All healed nicely now after sacrospinous fix and rectocele repair. Poll xx rolleyes
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    Part of it could be that you're taking too many "potions". If you've got a good balanced diet with 5+ a day fruit & veg then you shouldn't need "potions"! What exactly do you take? I also don't think it's a rectoecele. 

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      Stil non the wiser what I have but I have a appointment soon that will hopefully shed some light :P

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