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1) vertigo is a SYMPTOM, not a disease! You must find the cause to get relief!

2) if you think you have ANY dental issues, this may be at the root of your problem!

3) BPPV is often caused by crystals in your inner ear that break free and bounce off inner ear walls. A simple, two minute test in your healthcare provider's office can usually diagnose this.

4) chronic sinusitis can result in clogged tubes to your ear, causing Otitus Media, resulting in vertigo if untreated.

5) you may not run a fever if you have eithe Sinusitis or Otitus Media. Don't count on drainage or fever to be present as a sign and make sure your doctor understands this! (Many don't!)

6) don't let them diagnos you with an idiopathic condition. That means "unexplained," and will leave you suffering!

7) keep trying new ENTs until you get relief. Again, this is often not taken seriously and just because their sign says ENT doesn't mean they know everything!


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    Thank you for information...You are so right....I have been to dr after dr after dr .......I was diagnosed with vestibular migraines.......much better but still having issues...YUCK!!!!!!  been severing for years years with breaks in between...going to get my eyes checked soon....
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      ive been suffering permanantly for 18mths and cant see any light at the end of the tunnel been on loads of medication just makes me worse ive lost my job over it too had loads of tests all come back nothing showing i feel as if my life is over im virtually housebound i know how you feel
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    This is what s worrying me  , I dont want to be left not knowing what s causing it , this happened to me in 98 , and they put it down to a virus , because all test was clear , which was good , but I still had the problem , it went unexplained in the end , 
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    Thank You

    Have Been in out of doctor's visits and 3 trips to. ER .

    Still waiting for ENT referral, meantime i am constantly in bed. These symptoms will start when i get out bed at 6:30 and last until about two in the afternoon.

    None of my teeth hurt nor do i have any kind of abcess.

    Last night i used garlic and olive oil in both ears and my left ear was popping, my right ear popped once.

    This whole thing is aggravating because the doctors say it is stress related. Yes i am stressed because i want to know what is wrong with me.

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      I know what you mean about the stress , my doctor put it down to anxiety , I almost wanted to scream ,its the illness that's causing me the anxiety , not the other way round , I feel like their sweeping it under the carpet , waiting also for referral , but the way it going , it's going to be a long time , and will   Probably loose my job ,   
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      I also got two beautiful grandaughter s , and at the moment I cant look after them unless my husband is here , I also work in a charity shop a afternoon a week , it's all stop , 
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      Hello Gilly Flower

      I totally agree with you. The doctor in ER told me all my lab results came back normal and that i really need to control my stress. He also told me i should talk to my doctor about upping the dosage of my antidepressant medication. I really had to really watch my mouth becuse i am NOT on any medication for anxiety.

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      They put to much down to stress , I got nothing to be stressed a bout except this problem , I cant make them out , I hardly go to the doctor s , now I'm there a lot  , surly that should suggest that there is something wrong , 
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      I love healthcare providers who fail to take action because it might be actual WORK!  "Stress related?"  Seriously?  Wow.  Lazy.  Keep changing providers until you find the right one.  Some areas have Ear Institutes.  In the end, this is either a brain or an inner ear malfunction.  Testing is only as good as the person reading the x-rays or lab results.
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      Of all the literature in medical journals I have read, high blood pressure RARELY causes vertigo, and stress NEVER does.  I don't know about you, but THIS stresses me out just having it.  Women are rarely taken seriously by doctors!  We are just too fragile of mind and body.
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      I have had so so many tests done and repeats...all normal....why am I still dizzy/vertigo.....The only dr I havent seen is an opthmalogist


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      Tests aren't perfect.  The most vague testing seems to involve vestibular migraines, which it appears that medicine is clueless as to what precipitates an episode.  Here is an interesting link:


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      I included a link to the Johns Hopkins clinic information but in case that doesn't get approved for some reason, go to Johns Hopkins medicine site and search for vertigo.
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      Thank you...My dr is now double checking for the artery that is in the back of neck that controls dizziness.....MRA.........  had this done before but she was saying she put in for something a little different....I am so scared.......I hope its my eyes giving me these problems
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      I hopr it has to due to my eyes...still trying to get appt with dr.....She said when I had MRA done before things were in normal range but one artery seems to be a little narrow than the other one...I dont smoke, no high cholestral...basically in very good health except for this   nervous which isnt helping....had this over 30 years........
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      This link explains the connection between Vertebrobasilar issues and balance.  The artery doesn't control balance, but DOES feed the areas of the brain that are part of the balance system.

      This link offers the connection between vertigo and vision, although it appears that although the eyes play a role in vestibular balancing, the problem still lies in the vestibular/brain area.

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