Problems urinating, testical pain

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Can anybody help? This has been going on for about two months now where I have a dull ache coming and going in my left testical and problems urinating. Mainly at night time I have the constant urge to pee. I go before bed and as soon as I get into bed I need to go again. When I go and try little trickles come out. No pain or burning. I saw my GP who got my pee sample tested and I had a UTI. Went on a course of antibiotics for a week but nothing has really changed. Still the pain coming and going and still the urination problems at night time. Also GP had a feel and I don't have epididymitis.

Any ideas? Do I still have a UTI? I've to see my GP again next week 



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    Go out and buy some dipsticks and check your urine to see if you still have a UTI.   Sometimes the

    antibiotics don't work or you need to take them longer.

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    Please get a referral to a urologist.  Don't put off doing this.  It's probably nothing serious. But, give yourself the best chance of getting diagnosed and treated.  

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    Maybe a different antibiotic is needed. Lab tests are usually necessary to identify which bacterium it is, as some are resistant to certain antibiotics but not to others. It's good that you have another GP appointment booked.

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    Hi all

    Thanks for the replies. 

    The dip stick the GP done originally showed nothing and it was only the lab test that showed the infection. I'm guessing that I'll have to get groped again on Friday and a new course of antibiotics as I did read that on google that certain antibiotics might not work or I might not have been on it long enough. I was on one called trim (something) 200mg twice a day for a week but I don't think it's made any difference. I'll get some trunks to wear and take some ibrufen to see if that helps any 

    Thanks again 

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      Hi Chris, this is a difficult problem but at least your doc seems confident that you don't have epidymitis.   Trimethoprim usually sorts out most infections and is generally first choice for UTIs.  If your doc still thinks it's a UTI he may try Nitrofurantoin next.

      Do you have an actual low-belly ache (ie from your bladder) or is the dull ache you mention only in your testicle?  It might be, rather than a UTI, a problem with your pelvic floor caused by stress.  This may sound daft but studies have shown that most men's goolie pain is caused by stress - the muscles of the pelvic floor tense up and cause problems in the whole region, affecting wee and sometimes bowels as well. 

      If it is this it can be eased by exercises.  It seems to happen with very fit men a lot, but the studies reckon anyone can get it.  It's generally dealt with as a UTI so antibiotics are given which don't help (as there's no infection) so stronger ABs are given!  Ask your GP what the lab test report actually said - including the name of the bug.  If he knew the name he should have given the the correct AB so the Trim should have sorted it.  My guess is you either need a longer course or it isn't an actual bug but just stress.  Look this up and discuss it with your doc.

      Please, whatever you do, don't let him persuade you that you need Ciprofloxacin.  His next step may be to try and put you on Cipro for 4 weeks - this is (no joke!) a recipe for disaster.  Cipro is a Quinolone antibiotic and these work differently to any other ABs,  in fact they're also used as chemotherapy drugs! This is because they don't just kill bacteria cells they also kill cancer cells - and normal cells! Go to this discussion on here started by the moderator to get an idea of what I mean:

      Many men are seriously affected by Cipro (and the other Quinolones) after being given them for down-below pains - that were probably caused by stress and could have been cured by exercises! 

      Yours may be an infection (it may not!), but whatever it is, take notice of this and be prepared for when you next see your doc.  Read all about it!

      Good luck!

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      Hi Miriam

      Guess what my GP prescribed me? Yup you guessed it. Cipro. To be honest i completely forgot that you had said about it being so horrible. 

      Saw my GP today and she had another grope and thinks it’s epididimitis 🙄 so said would put me on Cipro for a week and see how I go. Maybe need up to 4 weeks of it. What had you had said had completely went out of my memory so got the tablets and took one. Within an hour I started feeling really not right. Nausea, random pain in my insides and like nervy burning pain in my arms. My partner asked me was i ok and I said nope and asked her to google Cipro side effects. She did and after awhile said you’re not taking them. Why? She had explained what she had briefly read about how bad they were and it was a light bulb moment. That’s the ones I was warned about. Wtf are they doing giving them out?! 

      So safe to say I’ll not be taking them. Will ring the out of hours GP tomorrow and say I’ve had an adverse reaction to them and get something else prescribed. 

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      Well done your partner!  I think, now that you've seen about the possible side effects and maybe experienced a twinge or two, you might agree that you've had a lucky escape.  If I told you I know of many blokes, all ages, whose lives have been ruined by this drug you might realise that I'm really not exaggerating!

      You'll have rung the out of hours by now, I hope you didn't let them talk you into continuing the course!  They probably gave you Trimethoprim instead which is the advised alternative - and a lot safer.  While you're looking things up, look up pelvic floor exercises for men.  I can't give links here but you should find some.  There was an actual study done and they results found that most men benefit from the exercises and get no more pelvic/goolie pain.  Very few blokes get epididymitis (i.e. an infection) but many get the pain which is caused by stress  - they just don't teach doctors about it!  Try the exercises - if the pain doesn't go away you can always go back for more ABs.  The poor chaps I know of didn't realise there was an alternative treatment so swallowed the pills and are now regretting it every day.

      Good luck! 

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    Hi Miriam 

    Thank you for the informative post smile umm the pain I am getting is kinda like I'm have been kicked in the nuts only it's just the one nut. I do have lower back disc damage and I remember one physio saying that it can cause testicular pain but I would rule that out as it's happening along with the peeing problems. I did think it might have been to do with being a bit constipated but a dosage of laxatives hasn't made a difference so I'm out of ideas. I done the whole taking cranberry juice and then moving on to cranberry tablets (stronger). No difference. I tried saw palmetto to see if it was anything to do with my prostrate. No difference. Tried drinking 4 litres of water per day. No difference except peeing a lot more. The testical pain today has been fine. Where as yesterday it was on and off all day. I do generally feel crappy though. Tired. Feeling the cold a lot more. Insomnia as well but think that's mainly due to the needing to pee constantly at night time. I'm guessing I'll get checked again on Friday, groped and maybe my butt invaded and referred for an ultrasound or to a urologist. Or maybe just a stronger antibiotic or for longer. At this stage I really don't care as long as they fix it lol 

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      I wouldn't rule out the lower back disc damage as the physio may well have been right - the nerve that goes to your testicles also goes to your bladder - the whole area is connected. Also, feeling crappy may be connected, or may be a cold starting, or may be because you've been thinking about it so much you've given yourself symptoms! 

      Your doctors seem to be on the ball, trying to get you sorted with the best drug - if you need one.  Take the sample, wait for result - if it's negative perhaps go and see a physio again. If it's positive, go with whatever they say but beware of the Cipro (still not joking!).


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    I am petrified of taking Cipro.  That said, there are times when it is needed.  If you research epididymitis, you will find the the floquinolones (Cipro, etc.) are the antibiotic of choice.  Also, the IV antibiotic Rocephrin.   Trimethoprim seems to be a popular uti abx in the UK, but here in USA I don't know of anyone that gets it prescribed.  Usually it is Trimethoprim with Sulfamethozole (Bactrim).  Even with that combination, it often isn't strong enough to wipe out a bad UTI.  I highly doubt that antibiotic is suitable for what Chris has.

    Cipro carries I think three 'USA FDA Black Box Warnings'.  There are numerous lawsuits from people affected by it and who knows how many more that have problems and never associated those problems with Cipro.  That is because sometimes the problems occur as much as a year after taking the drug.

    Cipro has been around for a very long time.  Many people have taken it several times and never have any negative effects.  All medications come with risk.  I guess it comes down to how serious is the problem and what risk do you want to take to end the problem.

    Google is your friend.  Everyone should research the medicine they are getting prescribed.

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      Thanks for the replies folks. 

      I’m waiting on a call back from the out of hours GP so all being well I’ll get something else. Already had a course of the trim one so I’m guessing that I’ll be prescribed the one that’s meant to be prescribed for epi which is doxycycline (vibromyacin). 

      My GP spoke to a senior GP and they both agreed that it’s a weird one as the symptoms I have don’t like really fit and the dipstick was once again clear. Lots and lots of questions. Kept asking about my sex life which from googling they must think it’s been caused by an STI even though they already know I had / have a UTI that showed up on the sample when it was sent to the labs. Asked when the last time I had been checked for diabetes. Said about maybe having to get an ultrasound. Questions where asking about peeing blood and discharge so from googling i guess I don’t have exact symptoms of epi or prostate issues (they didn’t check) so I’m guessing they just decided that give him Cipro as it will kill whatever it is. 

      I felt that crappy last night I couldn’t sleep so was doing some googling. Apparently here in the UK, Public Health England guidelines say Cipro should only be used to treat a bad kidney infection or acute inflammation of the prostate. 

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      Out of hours GP rang me back. Sounds like I’ve had some kind of reaction to the Cipro and best to stop taking it and just give in a fresh pee sample on Monday and then see where they can go from there. The original pee sample showed that whatever bacteria it was would be sensitive to trim or Cipro so not really much they can do at the mo. Can’t just throw antibiotics at me to see if it helps. He said that Cipro is drug of choice to treat epi and then I said about doxy and he said doxy could be an option but it’s best to get it tested to make sure that it’s an antibiotic which will do some good which makes sense I suppose. So I’ve waited this long I’ll just have to wait and see
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    LOL Chris.  Most all antibiotics can cause diarrhea and even C-difficile.  If you research each antibiotic (various sites) you will see dozens of replies where people had this or that symptom.  Each person is different.  I have been on several over the last year for chronic UTI.  I have not had loose bowels once.  The only bad side effect I had was on the Bactrim and it was more loss of appetite.  Our Federal Drug Administrator pretty much says the same as your Public Health England except that our warnings a stronger.  What irks me is that the physicians either don't read the literature or don't care.  Sadly, I think it's the latter.  A total of 3 different doctors were about to prescribe me Cipro and I declined.  The only reason I knew about the danger was from a friend; otherwise I would have naively taken it.  Since then, I started to do my homework.  Even when I confront the doctors with the evidence about Cipro, they shirk it off and say something like "well, I've never had a patient have a problem with it".

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      It’s nuts that they can give that out. Especially not warning people at all. I understand if something is resistant to everything else and it’s a last resort but until then no. I would say that you’re right though and it is a case of they don’t care. It’s not their health they are messing with. 

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