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Hi all,

Just looking to see if anyone has had a similar experience with their stitches...

I have my pilonidal sinus removed last week 24 July, and they stitched it up. I was in severe pain at the weekend and went to my local minor injuries where they said the bottom stitch has come out and now the top is still stitched but the bottom is an open wound. The nurse packed it and I'm waiting to see if a nurse can come to my house to re pack is as it causes me to be in tears whenever I get in the car to go to my doctors.

I have been given antibiotics but I am due to go back to work and get my stitches out in a week.

Has this happened to anyone else? And what happened next?

Surely, if they take my stitches out with the bottom being open they run the risk of the whole wound opening back up. Not looking forward to the weeks to follow l! sad x

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    The bottom of mine opened and they started packing it they didn't remove the rest. The pain didn't subside until the stitches were out

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      Oh no! sad Did they remove the stitches when they were meant to? Or did they leave them in longer?
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    same as I've said to Stephanie....

    Omg Poor you! I had one 21 years ago, sinus tract and abscess! Back then I was left open with a huge hole approx size of a golf ball deep!! (My mum saw it) I never looked! 21 years later, this time last year, had a niggle, which progressively got worse, however I'd had pain within that natal cleft area for nearly two years, each time I went to the doctors, I'd get, no nothing there!!! Hmm I knew something wasn't right, a few weeks later I'd book again, another doctor, nothing there!! Anyway last year they found a little split, not really a hole.. no abscess... so nearly one year on and I had surgery on 18/5.... currently still off of work, I was stitched, stitched area became infected and then stitches had to be removed over a period of twelve days!! I felt so poorly during that period, dropped a stone in weight!! Anyway hole is currently approx 1.5cm deep still and I have an area where only one stitch held that is causing me a lot of discomfort.... every time the nurses press that area if kills, so sore, they are now keeping an eye on that area incase something is going on under the stitched section!!! Really hope not!!! Cannot go through being cut open again... I Wish that one stitch hadn't of held now, as this area is the only part causing me pain!! The hole itself, touch wood is fine... It sucks!!!

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      That sounds so awful! So they removed the stitches even though the bottom was open? Did they say anything about it might open the whole wound back up? because that's what I'm worried about.

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      I was fully stitched on 18/5/17. I got an infection 12 days in, the consultant removed two of my stitches where green, smelly gunk was coming out. This section was then packed. I was put onto antibiotics, infection cleared!! Over a period of another two weeks they removed other remaining stitches, but none held... only one stitch held right at the top... the rest of it had to be packed, still being packed daily! Everyone's sinuses are different! Healing time is different! But one thing we all hope is that we heal well within that area of the bottom! Unfortunately the bottom area on anyone isn't the most "bacteria" free zone! I've had to stay with my parents for 7 weeks as I didn't know how far I could "wipe" so to speak and not to go into too much detail, as I didnt want to get any ermm....well you know horrible stuff inside wound cavity!! I'm

      Lucky mum is happy to do this for me other wise I'd be stuck!!! I'm 36... she's been fab!! Really has. How do you manage?

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      Omg, I feel for you! That sounds gastly to be honest! Hopefully you're on the mend now!

      I'm 22 and love with my boyfriend, my mom came to stay with me for 5 days straight after the op which has great, Andy boyfriend was meant to have this week off work, unfortunately he wasn't able to do my little sister is coming to stay now haha!

      Well in the terms of going to the toilet, I didn't manage to go until yesterday (1 week post op) after taking laxatives to help. And wiping as such was fine at first but was very painful when I twisted, lots of tea tree wipes and baby wipes to try keep it clean.

      Your mom is a hero!

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      My spelling is awful in that post, dear god!
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    You mention you're going back to work!? How?? Are you sitting already!? I've not sat for two months!! My consultant told me not to sit down at all yet hence why I've been off for two months, wound still open and I'm told that if you sit on it as the skin is extremely fragile it can open up again! What have your consultants told you?

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      I'm currently sitting my my hips, like sitting sideways, my hips are so sore from doing this. Even just the motion of sitting on the toilet hurts so much! Well the consultant only gave me a 2 week sick note, but I can't currently get into the car to go to the doctors, never mind drive to work, it literally has me in tears in pain. So I'm honestly so unsure at the moment. I'm waiting for a call back from the doctor today to see what he says.. I feel so unsure about what's going to happen hence coming on here to talk to people who are going through the same!

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      My consultant signed me off for two weeks initially, then my doctors surgery has been signing me off since. I saw my consultant three weeks ago and he said I'll do you a sick note!! but I informed him that I had one!! I think your doctor will do one for you!! You shouldn't be sitting on it at the moment! It'll make it worse. I can't drive either! Doesn't it suck!! 😳😢

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      That's okay then! See the consultant said I could sit down but just stay off the area 🤔 Although I did go in for surgery expecting the wound to just be left open fully but he ended up closing it, aren't they so strange....

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    Haha sit on it but stay of the area!!! I think when it's stitched you can sit, but. It for long periods! Now wound is open I'm definitely not sitting as do not want to undo any of the new healing tissue! What did the doctor say?? That's so lovely of your family rallying around you though!

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      That's a good point! Yeah I'm trying to get up and walk about a lot, my whole body is aching from not really being able to relax it's so frustrating!! And I don't know yet, I'm still waiting for them to call me 🙄 Such a joke!

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      Nope not yet 🙄 Gonna have to walk to the local minor injuries unit if they don't call me soon 😭The dressing needs changing today!

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