Poor circulation causing dizziness?

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I have felt unwell for a few months now, it's mostly this dizzy/unsteady feeling and I have been to the doctors a few times with this and all my results have come back fine. I'm now wandering if this could be poor circulation, I have always has cold feet even in the summer. A couple of months before this all started I recently left a job where I was pretty active so could it be that I'm not as active anymore that's caused the circulation to get worse? Any experiences with poor circulation? 

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    Do you have any digestion issues?
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      No not really, I mean when this first started I did a little but I think that was because it made me really nervous. 
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    ?It may have to do with your inner ear.  The inner ear has our vestibular-balance connection with our brain.  I would see if you can get in to see a neuro-otologist.  They specialize in the inner ear.  It might be a good idea to check it just to make sure that's not it.  Then you can cross that one off your list.  

    ?Or if you've started any new medication recently, that could cause dizziness too.

    ?I hope you feel better.


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      Thank you. If it does turn out to be that problem do you know if it's an easy fix? Just tired of feeling this way now 

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      ?It depends on what part of the inner ear it could be that is causing the dizziness and lightheadedness.  Like Waffalobil said, you'll need to see a doctor and get the vestibular testing.  I went to a neuro-otologist.  They specialize in the inner ear.  


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    Need all the testing done to rule out or diagnose the problem. Mri, cat scan, vng, etc.
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    You mentioned being "cold" even in summer which is NOT a vestibular ear condition.. Does your skin turn purplish during cold weather? A few things came to mind - Raynauds, anemic, a thyroid condition or taking medications? You're not describing a true vertigo but more of a sea sickness/unwell feeling?  Dizziness is a very, very broad topic and usually it's something else in your body telling you something is wrong.  You did not mention much else of possible triggers or symptoms...e.g. Allergies? Congestion? that could be related to your ear(s) or nose. Providing more information of your symptoms would be helpful  . -V.

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      My feet on a rare occasion will look kinda purple but that's only if I let them get really cold. I've had my thyroid checked and had a blood test and I'm not  Anemic and I don't take any medication at all. Yes I guess it's more of a sea sickness feeling it's very hard to explain. On two occasions it got really bad that when I moved my head it would be at its worst so I had to keep my head still and I wouldn't feel it as much but I haven't  had that for a couple of weeks now. I haven't noticed any triggers and as far as I'm aware I'm not allergic to anything. I'm not congested but I do remember when this first started I was getting pressure pain in my nose but that only happened a couple of times now I can feel very slight pressure in my nose so I guess it could be sinus related? 

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      This info. helps greatly. Yes, many people including myself in another forum have started out the same way as you - much to do with the nose/sinuses. So this may be the cause, especially that it has disappeared for now. Mine started the exact same way as yours many years ago, which unfortunately progressed overtime to more serious respiratory conditions then further to now possibly permanent complications from it not being addressed starting with GPs, then Otolaryngologists then Neurotologists. Why? Because oftentimes, one is not having the problem at the time you finally get to the appt.! (takes months to see a specialist). None of them mentioned the -ONE- anatomy feature that is a very important structure called the Eustachian Tubes (ET), which is responsible for pressure equalization in your middle ear from your nose/throat.  When your nose is stuffed up (some others have none, but silent acid reflux), it creates unhealthy over-mucosal production affecting your ETs to not open and shut properly which is critical to help equalize pressure to your middle ear. In turn, your ear(s) become affected, to trigger this dizziness sense (like blowing up too many balloons, airflights, scuba diving). When it's really affected, for too long, it then starts to affect the Inner ear apparatus (controls vestibular function & rest of hearing parts) which hopefully, is not yet affected or happening.  There's a variety of causes to this.

      You're your own best advocate to pinpoint down your cause. If you notice the symptoms happening when you only have congestion and it goes away, this seems to be your ETs which seems to be mild (fortunately!)  The best thing is to keep your nose healthy by simple methods like saline nasal spray, magnesium etc.  If you have GERD or silent acid reflux, thats a different matter. One more thing that many are unaware of, which I just need to ask... are you having any hormonal changes at this time?

      You can look up Eustachian Tube Dysfunction (ETD) here and read many others sharing similar complaints! and see if it there's a correlation to yours.  I hope this helps in some way. smile - V.

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      Thank you so much for helping me out and giving me all this information. I have looked this up and it seems very possible. I think I forgot to mention that I've been getting mild headaches kinda feels like pressure headaches. I also just remembered that a little while before this all started I went swimming and got water stuck in my ear, I could feel it swishing around in there for a few days and then it just disappeared, I didn't feel it come out or anything and also it didn't give me any ear pain or discomfort at all and so I forgot about it, I don't know if this changes things or could be the reason for it but thought I'd mention it just in case.

      I haven't noticed any hormonal changes.

      Again thank you so much for your help it's really appreciated 😊 

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      It helps to cope with my own suffering, to try help others from what I've learned overtime - hopefully as a preventive measure. My situation started just like yours! You have symptoms many under the ETD forum have shared & in regards to intuitively wonder of a possible sinus relationship triggering your odd tinnitus (to the ears). I believe you're correct!  Unfortunately mine has become chronic from not been properly evaluated & infections over a LONG period of time (and still not properly addressed).  From your ongoing complaints of congestion, the tinnitus happening off and on during this is even more telling. Is it like a vibratory type of tinnitus?

      There's 4 sinus categories and one is near the eyes.. all involve many nerve endings separated by only a very fine membrane and/or cartilage. Increased pressure to them can affect the eye area as well as cause problematic pressure regulation to your middle ears from unhealthy over-mucosal production with your eustachian tubes. This can trigger headaches/migraines and even more so when further exposed to barotrauma (flying, weather changes, swimming, anesthesia etc).  Antibiotics -may- work if the infection is bacterial. The problem with appts. with Otolaryngologists or Neurologists is that they take months for an appt. and by the time you get in, the infection may be resolved or not as bad as it was... and they seem to have a greater concern to wrist-watch movements.  Then when it happens again later, reschedule months, vicious horrible $$$ cycle.

      I don't think water can bypass into the middle ear through the protective eardrum membrane UNLESS it's perforated....but rests in the external canal getting boggy (use a hair dryer).   This can trigger a sense of imbalance.  If intact eardrums, fluid INSIDE your middle-ear would have to go through your Eustachian tubes which often indicates some form of infection: allergies, bacteria/viral colds/acid (and also create dizziness or imbalance). Ear infection does not always cause pain. You can look up article: "Ear Infection - Otitis media" info here in "Patient".    Only in unusual circumstances, have people (kids) had objects or food sniff-forced into their middle ear through ETs - think peas & play dough! smile

      You're your own best advocate. What is it that's causing your sinus issues? One thing I also learned to be helpful (to late after the fact) was simple nasal swab cultures for lab analysis! It's appalling to see how many are not given this but constant $$$ prescriptions and MRIs that may not be as effective or a wrong diagnosis. This would be fastest through your GP if it continues to be progressive. Other patients have said to have better care, and felt listened to by Specialists in the Immunology/Allergy field and go from there. -V.

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