Please help!! SEVERE Panic and anxiety

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Once again I'm posting because I can't call down. I'm on the verge of a breakdown. I feel like crying constantly. Here are my symptoms:

Breathless (all of the time!!)- it's probably one of the worst symptoms right now. It scares me because I feel I'm not breathing in enough.


Heart palpitations

Dizziness and surreal sensations

And the all time worst- chest tightness

Overall, I feel like there's something wrong with my heart because I get this sinking feeling in the middle of my chest that scares me. I can't describe this other bad thing I get other than it feels like my heart NEEDS to palpitate (the skipped beat feeling) to feel normal again, but nothing ever happens. It just scares me and gets me in the verge of panic everytime I feel it.

Now, I'm a 21 year old female and have had these symptoms for 2 months. I've been to the hospital once where they did an EKG, blood tests, chest XRAY and everything came back normal. Except that I'm anemic. I want to see a doctor but don't have insurance or money at the moment. I am seeing a therapist for CBT though. No meds, just herbal supplements.

I feel so lost and scared. I fear I'm dying. I just need help and would like to know if anyone has my symptoms?

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    You need to calm down and get help listening to an audio that will walk you through the panic.  Go to YouTube and search for panic attack emergency or just panic attack. Do exactly what they tell you to do.

    You are going to be fine. Your test was normal. Anxiety can make you go into a panic but you can get back your control.  Need to get in control of your breathing right now.

    Choose the audio you like the best and use it whenever you need to. Let us know how you’re doing

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      I'm happy that my tests were normal, but my irrational thoughts always come in. Like, what if they missed something? Or what if they didn't do enough tests? Once I realize how ridiculous that is, I also think, well how can anxiety cause this bad of symptoms? They're so awful and strange. I'm definitely working on myself, but it's definitely a struggle.

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     Yes, your symptoms are very common with anxiety! Millions of people get the symptoms with anxiety including myself. You are not going to die. 

     try not to get anxious or panic when you get this symptoms because that will make them worse. Symptoms related to anxiety will not hurt you! You need to learn how to breathe properly to gain control over this. 

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      Thank you. I sincerely feel so agitated because I feel I can't do the things I used to do. I have just started using meditation techniques to help me but don't do it often. I will look up and practice some more techniques.

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    Ok I have the exact same symptoms and I'm also lost u can message me at anytime if I want to talk and we could help each other through this 

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      I'm sorry you feel the same... it's really a struggle. I've tried a lot for anxiety and something help but it's so hard to kick the feeling that I'm dying. I just want to ignore it but sometimes it just doesn't work. Especially when it feels like I can't breathe or if I do anything strenuous my heart will fail or something. It's so hard to describe yet so scary when it's happening. What are your worst symptoms?

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      Last year I had very bad heart palpitations.. my heart rate would reach the 170's but now my worst symptoms are chest pains and shortness of breath that is pretty much daily... and this weird thing with my head like I can't focus or think it scares the hell out of me.. I'm only 22 and I can't understand none of this.. I really hate the feeling of not getting enough air or just not breathing right.. it scares me even more. All I do is get sad and want to cry.. thinking that i too am going to die 

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      Oh wow rolleyes Well the breathing thing is tricky because I get it everyday and sometimes all day, but when Im not thinking about it, sometimes it goes away. Its really scary though. But yeah are symptoms are pretty close to the same. Do you do anything that helps you? For me it varies day to day. I just want my old life back. Have you been to a doctor for your symptoms? 
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      Me and u both.. I definitely want my old life back. And no I recently haven't been to the dr I'm currently out of town

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    Let me tell you I feel just like you! My anxiety turned me into the worst hypochondriac!!! Since three days I have severe Indigestion and seriously I’m panicing I have cancer! Like I’m shaking and crying. I’m literally panicing. And I know by me getting to into this it’s making my symptoms just worse but I just can not calm me down. Everyone tells me I’m crazy or I’m just fine but no one does understand how I really feel. 
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      Ugh, I get such bad indigestion and sometimes it goes up to my throat and makes me think Im going to have a heart attack because I read that it was a symptom of one. Im a mess. Panic attacks are horrible and I sometimes feel I cant calm down either. What I do when I feel really bad and on the verge of panicking is get up and start walking. I also like to make tea and some tea is really good for anxiety and actually calms me down sometimes. Not all of the time though. I hope you feel better soon and Im always here to talk!
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    Hi Luna,I am so sorry you are feeling this way.I have had numerous anxiety,panic attacks.I have had stress tests, EKG,etc. I am a 45 y.o male,and never had anything like this until 15 years ago.

    I have noticed a consistent element in my attacks is my thought pattern of worrying,a lack of positive thoughts days and weeks before these episodes.I have found that once I find out I'm not having an emergency situation,I immediately feel better,but not completely.

    I recently had a severe episode of crushing anxiety that would not go away. I took out alot of stimulants(caffeine,tobacco) in my life, try to eat less sodium,fresh fruits,veggies and began exercising more;A nice walk does wonders. Even what music you listen to and shows you watch can have a huge effect on your attitude. Overall,I believe having a good attitude,and is essential. I don't entertain gossip,and admit/own my mistakes,apologize when I am wrong,and I pray daily, give my worries to God to guide me,and try to enjoy life as it unfolds each and every day. These things have helped tremendously! Oh and by all means; Don't put your symptoms in a browser,and hit search, because you will have everything known to man,but if you feel it is serious just go to the Dr.or ER.

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      Great tips and overall life advice. I try to do the best I can with practicing a healthy lifestyle, but I just started eating healthy and such, so I hope it helps with my anxiety. Fingers crossed! And yeah, Ive already made the mistake of asking Dr. Google. So many times. But ever since I found this forum, my searches on google have diminished drastically. Thank you so much for your response! I appreciate it and will take in account the things you have said and try to apply it more to my daily life. 
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    I must say that I also have these very same symptoms, when I first had these symptoms I freaked out as anyone else would and I truly thought something was wrong with me. The way I went about it was I went to the gym. Going to the gym helps a person out in many ways like fixing the chemical imbalance in your head which usually causes the anxiety/panic attacks. I also learned that whenever I start to panic/get a panic attack I would immediately stop what I am doing and just close my eyes and breathe. You breathe from your stomach bery slowly in and out and just dont think about anything. Also doing this while laying down helps a lot. And I would also recommend just keeping a clean diet. Whenever I ate clean I would just think to myself that I am eating healthy so there can be nothing wrong with me, and it helps your mind. Also try to go out more with your friends and talk to a close friend about your symptoms. Whenever I had these symptoms I would talk to my parents and they always had the best solutions for me. Hope this helps you and If you have any other symptoms please reply and let me know, Ill be here to help! 
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      Thank you so much!! I'm trying to do some things to better myself like eating healthier and going on walks. I'm severely out of shape because when I do anything I'm out of breath! I used to be in really good shape but depression got the best of me. I'm working on it smile thank you so much for your reply.

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