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2 and a half weeks have passed since my daughter had her assessment at home. Up until yesterday her assessment report hasn't yet been returned to DWP. It was chosen for audit. Random files are chosen for this procedure and it means that the HCP is being checked that they done their job properly.

I sent in a huge amount of evidence of all her difficulties in daily life, proving that those descriptors apply to her. Yesterday i rang the assessment providers because i wanted more info as to why it was taking so long. I was told that it went into audit and was sent back to the HCP to put right what was wrong, i have no idea what was wrong. It then went back into audit 1 week ago and there it's stayed and it won't be reutned to DWP until it's correct, even if it means another assessment. I'll be very interested to eventually find out what exactly was wrong, and were any lies told in the report. We all know how often these people lie.

I also know that the PIP guidelines changed on 2nd November for those with sensory difficulties and epilepsy. My daughter has those sensory difficulties.

My knowledge around PIP is huge as you all know but i've never heard of this happening before. I don't often have any questions myself on here but was wondering if this has happened to anyone else? Any thoughts and stories will be greatly appreciated.

My nerves are through the roof and i don't ever remember it being this stressful for my PIP the first time or my review. Thanks for reading everyone xx


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    Hmm this is curious. I wonder what they had a problem with. Perhaps the HCP just missed a section. Or forgot to tick a box. 
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    Denise,  I am sure for whatever reason they are putting right what was wrong, you will get to the bottom of it.  It sounds to me as though the HCP may of told a few porkies and the audit has seen this & had no choice but to put it right.  Like I have said in the past, they know when they are dealing with you that they are dealing with no fool & because you have sent in a huge amount of evidence then the proof is there in black & white.

    Wouldn't it be good if you received a copy of the HCP's report before & after the audit?  I bet that would make interesting reading.

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    Hi Denise.

    I hope your not waiting much longer. And I agree the assessor may have told some lies and the HCP have picked up on these.

    But whatever the reason, i hope you get the outcome your daughter so rightly deserves.

    Thinking of you. ❤❤❤

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    Sorry Denise. I ment HCP telling porkies that have been found out. XxX
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    Thanks everyone. Yes i'm also thinking that lies have been told. Well the report is called a PA4 report and if the report has been changed for any reason during an audit the report is called PA6, so i'll know straight away if it has and i'll be asking for a copy of both. If i don't recieve both copies then i'll be writing to my local MP and i'll get both copies this way.

    You're right Lilmem, i'm not a fool and if they want to mess with me then bring it on i say. There's no way they can argue with the evidence i gave. I have no idea why they don't just ring the people on the list for extra evidence if they need it. The college she attends have mountains of evidence. She recieves one 2 one support the whole time she's there.

    These people make me so angry, i want to scream. It's count down to todays phone call. I've rang the assessment providers everyday for the past week, and i'll continue to ring untill that report is sent back.

    Thanks everyone for your support. So many friends here, love you all. I'll keep you updated xxx

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      Hi Denise,  My father always used to say, "Sit on their doorstep, they will soon get fed up & give you what you are asking".   Good on you for ringing the assessment providers every day, it is the only way to get the information you need. This whole situation is a total mishmash.  Innocent people should not have to go through this & get to the point where they become so stressed it makes them ill.  How some of these assessors sleep at night is beyond my comprehension.  rolleyes

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      Hi Denise I'm sure that it will be sorted, you need to relax or you will make your self ill and you can't afford to do that.

      Write yourself a reply then you will know just how to deal with it, take a deep breath and you will know next week.

      I'm just doing a form for a lady who tried to claim AA I have realised she doesn't stand a chance but as I said she has nothing to lose so she may as well take it to tribunal.

      I'm glad its not me as I couldn't cope with anything like this at the moment.

      Hang in there gal

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    Hi Denise, 

    I was going to give my responses then remembered :If you can't say anything good about someone then don't say anything, so I wont say anything about dwp. 


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    It's now almost 4 weeks after her assessment and up until Wednesday the report was still in audit. I have been told various different things everytime i ring. I'm getting very angry thinking that my daughters evidence is out there being shown to various people and i have no idea who. Later this afternoon i'm going to be ringing again and if it's not been finally returned i'm contacting my local MP. I'm not happy with this at all because i've not even had a letter explaining what's happening, when i should have recieved one. I've been told that a case manager has chased it up 9 days ago, but not heard anything from that either. I may seem like a really nice person, and i am honest....until someone gets on the wrong side of me then they can look out. So Independant health assessment services (ATOS as they're known by) can look out today. Wish me luck... cool

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      You go for it Denise. They cannot mess about with people's life's. Good luck.

      Keep us posted.


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    Hi Denise, 

    Whats that about "don't poke the bear"?

    Whenever your files come up on their computer screen a siren probably sounds and all the lights flash on and off.

    Please don't think I am taking your predicament lightly, I am not. But, from the beginning  of your claim you threw your gauntlet down. No one on this site cannot argue that you know what your  on about but I wouldn't put it past the might of the dwp to be able to trace us  to this site and victimise whoever they choose.

    My very best wishes to you and your daughter, I hope you have good news very soon. 


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      Hi Mike,

      My only answer to that is they can check up on myself and my daughter if they so wish. I don't have anything to hide. My daughter's PIP claim is as honest as mine. She doesn't even have any clue of what it's all about anyway. I'm just looking for answers as to why it's taking so long to be returned.

      Thanks for the wishes.

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    Good luck Denise. I am keeping everything crossed for you & your daughter 🤞🤞

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