Pancreatic cancer as I have steatorrhea so scared

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Is it possible to have symptoms of a cancer and still be alive 26 months later, my fears are pancreatic cancer and I can not shake this.

It started 2 years ago with a terrible stomach pain which lasted a few days then the yellow bowel movements which led to 2 stone weight loss I also developed terrible upper left back pain and I have never recovered. During the time leading to present day I managed to regain the weight and back pain disappeared but still have the funny bowls which have escalated into constant loose,floating etc I seem to have steatorrhea,about 3 months ago this all flared up again and have lost 1 stone in weight but has stabilised,I get pain between shoulder blades and slightly on the left it burns after I eat I have foul wind also. It seems I'm not digesting fat and just don't feel good, every now and again a do a formed stool but it's always pale yellow to mustard in colour I also have bouts of diarrhea.

The doc has run so many tests to calm me down I have had a ultrasound,ct scan with contrast,endoscopy,colonoscopy,stool tests,blood tests. All are clear had a raised alt in liver but this resolved so no signs of jaundice,celiac,crohns,blockages,pancreatitis or cancer etc am so scared he has missed something sinister and feel it's only a matter of time before I die ๐Ÿ˜ž he is still wanting to explore the steatorrhea and ordered a MRCP

Could it be something simple like poor bile flow,ibs or something serious I know nobody can diagnose me but advice would be great thanks for reading am a 28 yr old male was 26 when all started I don't know if related but have developed alopecia Barbae also

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    Could be many things, chronic pancreatitis which is hard to detect, MRI should pick that up though, gall bladder, even ibs, gastritis. I've had problems for 7 years now I don't get the yellow stools frequently but I do get upper left pain and have also had many tests all negative. If you had cancer I'm pretty sure it would of shown on something and you would be very poorly by now. I've been certain I have chronic pancreatitis but all tests clear, keep being told its ibs or gastritis. Health anxiety makes my symptoms much worse and as you have started losing hair I'd personally say it sounds very much linked to stress although I'm no expert. Hopefully a clear MRI will put your mind at rest for a while.
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    I have the same symptoms as you and I also worry about pancreatic cancer. I've been sick with these symptoms for about 3 years now. However, I was prescribed Creon and that really helped put a stop to the diarrhea. I now eat very healthy, low fat, lots of fruit and vegetables, very little chicken and fish and only whole grains. I consequently lost 20 pounds and have started exercising more. I still have the pain in my abdomen sometimes and have back pain most of the time. So I'm doing all I can to stay healthy and I also am on a low dose anti-depressant (Elavil). I hope it's enough to prevent cancer. Good luck to you too.
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    I forgot to mention, I was diagnosed with Chronic Pancreatitis last November.
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      By having diarrhea for a month straight, that made my GI Doctor suspect CP, so they did an EUS to look at the pancreas and that confirmed their diagnosis.
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    Hi I would like to say thanks for your replys it means the world to me, deep down I tell myself this can't be cancer surely as u said Nataliefranc I would be in a very poorly state by now but as I have no diagnosis I always fear the worst I am sorry to here you are still undiagnosed after 7 years that must be horrible for you but I hope u can stay strong and positive and get an answer.

    Nina great news the creon helped a little I spoke to my consultant about this but he dismissed the idea as he is saying there is one million percent nothing wrong with the pancreas but 2 days later orders a MRCP to look at it and wonders why I am anxious I obviously don't want there to be anything wrong but I just know somethings not working

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      I would really appreciate if you got back to tell us the results of your MRCP! I hope it comes back clear.

      I personally think you might have some sort of IBS.

      I have had many bouts of yellowish lose stools and diarrhea every now and then. My bowels are weird. Ranging from constipated to lose to diarrhea. Sometimes I can have lose and hard at the same time, mixed colors.

      Anyway, I have yet to be diagnosed too. Doctors say they believe it to be some kind of IBS. I've had bloodwork, two US (going for one more), Endoscopy and Colonoscopy and a stool test forย fecal calprotectin. Everything came back fine, except the stool test. It showed a slightly elevated amount. Nothing alarming though.

      I believe I have IBS + some gallbladder issues. But docs wont investigage it further it seems. Cant seem to get the MRCP or Hida scan which I really want..

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    Hi folks thought I would update as I got MRCP results back, the scan was all clear I'm not sure if this is good or bad as it still leaves me without diagnosis
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      Funny isn't it? I just had another MRI and now my new GI Doctor says there is no sign of pancreatitis. But I have ALL of the symptoms! Now he wants to do a hydrogen breath test to see if he can figure out what's wrong with me. Good grief!
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      EUS is the best to detect cp so not sure why they are questioning the results of that after doing an MRI! What did they find on the EUS? Must of seen some damage to diagnose you. MRI doesn't always show as much as EUS I've read.
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      The EUS I had last November told them I had CP so not sure what is going on now. I do have a different doctor now, he's a pancreas specialist, so I guess just wait to see what he thinks. It's so strange, so many people have this disease and they go into the ER and are told they don't have pancreatitis when they know they do. I'm pretty sure I have it too. It is a hard one to diagnose so maybe at times it just looks like you don't have it.
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      Yes I'm still with no diagnosis. Not had EUS but had everything else. 7 years it's been going on. Would think a pancreas specialist would know what he's talking about!
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      That just sounds odd.. Maybe the EUS was wrong? Or ofc. maybe the MRI was wrong. Have you tested for SIBO?
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    Sibo is small intestine bacteria overgrowth a heard it can cause havoc inside I have been treated for this with no effect ๐Ÿ˜ž

    Had a really tough week this week with what my stools have been doing yellow/pale floating fat on the water it's a constant reminder something wrong.


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      Hi did u get to the bottom of it? Have there fix u yet?

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