Palpitations / high heart rate after getting up from bed in the morning :(

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i am 31 years old female. hi i have been struggling with high heart rate and palpitations which comes out of the blue when i get up from bed in the morning. my heart rate goes up...doing between 125-146 bpm. gets lower when i sit down and increases with standing and little walk . as the day progresses i can walk 2-3 kms without any issues but do get palpitations while sitting/watching tv/working on computer.

?sometimes when i am out with friends or at work i get palipitations for no reason pushing my heart rate upto 156bpm with little dizziness and goes away by the time i call ambulance..

this issue has completely taken over my life...

i don't know if it is related or not i do chest pains mostly all day which gets worse when i hold my breathe in, twist, stretch.

have told my GP he keeps putting thing on to panic disorder...

?yesterday called ambulance, they picked my heart rate as 146bpm n by the time they did ecg it came down to 125bpm with sinus tachycardia on ecg.

?i have seen 3 cardiologists - 2 in december 2016 and 1 in feb 2017, had 3 stress tests, echos and numerous ecgs with NORMAL results...

3 holtors so far picking up sinus tachycardia n occasional sinus arrythimia. but i have had no issues while wearing monitor

?started with panic attacks which got worse n worse with time ending up having palpitations..

?sometimes palpitations makes me have a bowel movements .. don't know if its related..

?my thyriod, blood works, lipids are NORMAL with no issue. no electrolyte abnormalities.. B12 is high

can anybody ANY HELP please.. i am so desperate for help.. can anyone tell what can be causing this...........

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    Have you looked at POTS?


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      2-3 Ambulance guys checked my BP while sitting/standing they cudn't find any abnormalities.. also my GP did BP n didn't find anything

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      Yes as you said you have exact same symptoms as I am facing right now ..I also met 2 cardiologists where they had my stress,echo,ecgs many...are are normal .. doctor say that this is all about anxiety ..and there's nothing to worry about ..I couldn't get out of this ..I even couldn't believe that This is all about Anxiety , panic attacks

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      me too.... i am having hard time believing its anxiety or panic disorder..
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      it may be POTS. look it up and see if you can relate.
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    Hi Mandy,

    I feel very sorry yoiu are going thru this.  I have multiple benign ectopic beats. Depending on what I have eaten it can be extremely constant and often - like an ectopic beat twenty times in a minute and quite erratic   Just a thought - can you keep a diary of what you are eating and see if they are worse after eating certain foods - even coffee and tea.  Do you have gut problems associated with this.  Apparently this association between gut and heart is quite common.  But how to fix it?  Ke.ep trying to solve your problems.  Push through. Good luck

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      yes sometimes i have problems with gut.. some days i get constipation and diarrhea​ the other days... have developed piles too...

      ​sometimes palpitations get better after bowel movements.. when i told this to my GP he was looking at my face as if i am talking something jibberish sad

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    Hi Mandy I also had problems for 35 years seeing various cardiologists I had an ablation on Monday after sourcing a good Electrophysiologist who pin pointed the problem area you need to find an Electrophysiologist in your area and get a holter to monitor the heart. Good luck!
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      Hi Ingrid may I ask why you got an abortion and is it still effective? Hope all is well.
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    Hullo Mandy

                       I know how desperate you must be feeling.My experiences as follows...............For years now I have suffered  from episodes of extreme anxiety for which I take pills. Three years ago I started having (what turned out to be) Benign  Ventricular Ectopics. Benign means I'm not going to drop dead with them!!!. Have had all the tests, seen different cardiologists etc etc The ectopics  are utterly debilitating.The thing is, the condition is ALWAYS  worse first thing in the morning  Comes on with consciousness and , like you My bowels continually open and run like a tap. Also I feel sick and cannot eat anything.  I said to my Dr 'it must be body chemistry causing it' and he said yes.What causes the anxiety  causes the ectopic heart beats.   ? too much adrenaline. Cardiologist said there is nothing can be done about it.  I have to say the bouts of ectopics come for weeks then stop for weeks  then return etcetc. You are right.....when you are wearing the holter thingy they disappear.  Sods Law.

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    Have you figured out your problem yet? I have the exact same symptoms and they freak me out! 
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    I'm having something similiar.  When I wake in the morning and begin to move my legs my heart rate increases way too much.  If I remain still, it goes back down.  I have to slowly move my legs around for ten minutes or so before standing or my heart rate will go up to 145. I do have SVT but am not convinced this is SVT because usually with SVT my heart rate will stay high even when I lay back down.  I've also noticed slightly tingling in my feet when I finally stand up.  After I get up I seem pretty normal all day.  I can lie in bed for an hour or two and watch tv and then jump out of bed with no problem.  This is just happening when I first wake up.  My legs feel weird too when I first get up.  Kinda heavy and weak at the same time.  I am wondering about Cortisol and adrenal issues.  So hard to figure it out.

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      i am currently on beta blocker i.e. bisoprolol furmate 2.5mg  doing ok ?? but still no clue about what's causing it... do lemme know if u find anything 

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      forgot to mention these days i can walk 3-4 miles without any problem so wondering is it heart or something else in body thats causing this issue
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      Hey guys my symptoms are exactly the same I can be sleeping and as soon as I move my legs the heart starts pumping I've learned to get out of bed slowly. I've worn holter monitors, 24 hour blood pressure cuff, my arms and legs will both feel weird upon waking. Once I get up I feel fine. I had a test today a Ct of my heart looking for blockage I'm 33 and hope I don't have anything to serious as I get cold sweats and dizzy when this happens. Just praying for some answers. 

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      same thing going on here sad feel free to private msg me it is scary!

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