Pain near right ear when I move my jaw forward

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For the past month or so, I have been having slight hearing problems (muffled senstation) and minor tinnitus. I've seen an ENT and a hearing test, and he told me nothing is wrong with my ear and it looks normal.

I noticed probably a week ago that when I press my jaw for the area near my right ear slightly hurts. Could this be tmj? I don't have any other symptoms, like it doesn't hurt to open my jaw wide, it just slightly hurts to press it forward. Does any know how long it could take to heal or if the hearing problem will clear up if this clears up?

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    Definitely sounds like TMJ to me. I'm pretty new to the TMJ thing. In fact it's been just about a month ago that I got my mouth guard. But I was able to open my mouth wide also and my ears are plugged just like you say and they hurt too. But my jaws hurt too. I would say your best bet is to go see a dentist who can diagnose you and then will probably refer you to a TMJ specialist. But be forewarned dental insurance does not cover anything having to do with TMJ. It cost me $2,300 total for the service. That included the consultation and the mouthguard. So I had to use the plastic Insurance also known as a credit card. LOL

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      Wow i've read that this can go away on its own, and i'm hoping so cause that's a lot of money to fix. Have you noticed any improvment with the mouth guard? I've seen some stuff you can do on your own, good posture, and sleeping with the pillow reaching your shoulder (so your whole face is on the pillow), soft foods. I don't know how long though it can take to improve

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    That is how mine started out. For about a year I had jaw pain on one side. It continued to get worse and now I have other symptoms as well. Finally after thinking I had an ear infection...The ENT told me it was TMJ. My hearing and ears were fine too! So it it could definitely be TMJ.
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      Did the doctor suggest a treatment? I've read that you can help it with good posture, not clenching your teeth, and not grinding your teeth at night (which im not sure if I even do). I'm hoping this isn't an ongoing problem since online it says most cases resolve themselves

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      TMJ is really hard to cure.. too much random stuff to do without a down right medication.. 
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    I also have where if I move my jaw forward it hurts on right side.. also get pressure headaches a lot and sinus pressure on nose and and jaw and ear ache sometimes..I went to Doctors to get a bunch of tests such as MRI, CT and a bunch of blood tests.. nothing . Went to dentist told me I probably have a problem with grinding and or clenching teeth at night thus my teeth are wearing away.. still have to wait and see,  could be my wisdom teeth. We shall see. Otherwise it’s mouth guard for me. 
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      I'm surprised the doctor did all the MRI and CT stuff. By your description I knew immediately it was TMJ. I was recently fitted with a mouth guard for TMJ that I have finally gotten from years of grinding my teeth at night. Over the years I have tried the kind of mouth guards that you can buy in the stores or buy online and I couldn't keep a single one of them in my mouth. I would wake up in the morning and it would be somewhere in the bed. So I knew I was going to have to go have a professional one made because they are made according to your teeth and fit much better so they won't fall out. Well there's really only two dentist in town that make the mouth guards. The dentist I went to, to get my mouth guard, including all of the appointments involved and getting it and the mouth guard, my total cost was $1,300. And my dental insurance wouldn't cover it and neither would Medicare. So my CareCredit card had to pay for it. They did give me a year to pay it off interest-free. But then the other day I had it in its case on the end table next to the couch. It had been sitting there for days like that and I came home and found it on the floor all chewed up by my stupid dog. I was shattered because I had only had that mouthpiece about two maybe three months. So I called the dentist that made it and they told me it would cost me another $850 to have another one made. I was just sick to my stomach because of what my stupid dog did. Plus I'm surprised she even was able to get the case open. Lucky for my dumb dog she's also very cute and I love her a lot so she didn't have to die that day. LOL

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      Well RIP mouthguard one... lol. I have a dentist appointment for my 3 wisdoms to be taken out and also another check on my tmj by a different dentist. If the wisdom teeth aren’t the problem then it is braces or expensive mouthguard for me... this pressure and pain and tension is seriously unbearable.. I get too much vertigo/dizziness and temple pressure and ear ringing and fullness.. sucks. Hard to even want to do stuff ..
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      Have you tried physical therapy?  I go twice per week for TMJ.  My TMJ has caused muscle tightness in my right masseter, neck pain, head pain, muscle knots, jaw tremors, hand tremors.  

      My physical therapist uses manual therapy to break up the muscle knots, does intraoral massage and dry needling to break up the muscle knots that won't go away with manual.  

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