Pain/discomfort under right rib cage.

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I have been experiencing this for the last few months, I have been searching the web looking for answers.  I am a 45 year old female, in good health, I take no medications, thin, active, I eat healthy, so I am at a loss. I have this feeling like there is something under my right rib cage as if something is stuck underneath or enlarged. At first I thought I had strained a muscle b/c I had been working out in the yard the day before it started. It doesn't hurt, it just feels like there is something there that shouldn't be but when I touch the area there is no swelling or bulge. After about 3-4 weeks when it wasn't going away I went to see my doctor. They did blood work, urine labs and sent me for an ultrasound of gallbladder, all came back normal. I have no other symptoms like nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, etc. just this feeling like something is there. It seemed to go away on it's own and then came back and has come and gone since sometimes lasting a few days, sometimes a few weeks. When it is back wearing a bra is uncomfortable. Sometimes there is a warmth or burning sensation in the area. The only other symptoms I have had that I think are related are these: A few months before this started I experienced a fluttering sensation, almost like when I was pregnant and the baby moved, in the same location, a couple of times. Since this has started, on 3 or 4 different occasions, I have experienced a charlie horse like spasm in the same area, below the right rib, when bending over from a sitting position. Does anyone have any answers as to what this might be?  Does it sound like IBS? Peptic Ulcer? Hiatal Hernia?  

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    Hi Kit

    Sounds like a Hiatus Hernia to me - I have one plus lots of other problems too. I too find wearing a bra very uncomfortable most of the time. Do you suffer from Gastric Reflux? Raising the head end of your bed by about 4 ins helps, as it stops the acid coming back in the night. Certain foods aggravate it, ie Acid foods, fatty foods, alcohol.Having an endoscopy will verify this, but need to see an upper GI specialist first. Good luck

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      I am having huge problems I have been ultra sound and blood test done to the max I have a hyena hernia and 3 gallstones had a endoscopy and a colonoscopy I have no relieve and wearing a bra has dug into muscle under breasts from swelling og upper stomache...running out of oprions tried everything stress doesn't help either

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      I have same and had the same tests if you find anything out please let me know it's driving me mad!

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      Hi there! I think this thread is old but I just saw you posted a couple months back.

      I've been having the symptoms for several months (feels like something is stuck under my right rib, not much else) Lab work came back fine. Gallbladder checked out perfectly clear, but it turns out I have a lesion on my liver. Getting an MRI next week.

      I had sudden chest pain in the middle of the night a few days ago but not again since.

      Have you had anyone look at your liver?

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      I had a couple lesions on my liver when I went in for an ultra sound and CT scan.....but they said a lot of people do...not to be concerned 🤔, I'm going in for an MRI and a thyroid ultrasound on Friday to find out why I have this bubble feeling under my right rib and now an irratated raspy throat at times....I also have bloating at times....having troubles with constipation.....they said I had a hiatal hernia when they did my colonoscopy and endoscopy, As well as acid reflux but I never had any heartburn until after my tests were done. The Dr put me on Zantac and then Prilosec then I started getting heartburn... So I got off of them and now I get heartburn quite often and it's the type of heartburn that starts in the morning and doesn't go away until I go to bed😣 so I will let you know what the doctors fine on my MRI .....this is very frustrating it's been going on since January😥

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      Good luck! Let me know how that MRI goes. I'm hoping mine will also happen this week. The great thing about an abdominal MRI is they should be able to see pretty much everything so I hope both of us get some sort of diagnosis. I'll report back with what I find!

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      Everything looked normal but they weren't able to diagnose the liver lesion. I am having another MRI in November to see if it changes. They believe the liver lesion is an incidental finding and they do not believe the liver is causing my discomfort.

      I am seeing a GI doc today and having a pelvic ultrasound tomorrow. They want to rule out things like ovarian cancer, cysts, and endometriosis. I will keep you posted! What did you find out?

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      Hello , I had this problem too. I have a hiatus hernia , could not endure it a second time so I have been taken off the lust for an MRI on my liver . When I had an ultra sound my gall bladder was ok but it revealed a light patch on my liver , hence the MRI referral . I was on Lansoprazole for gastric reflux but haven’t taken it for a week as I hate taking tablets permanently. The reflux hasn’t reoccurred as yet but the under the rib discomfort has! Don’t know what to do now?! 
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      Was all alright?

      They saw 2.5

      Cm lesion on my liver too- when checking me after a hernia repair as i have abdominal pains after surgery- but after MRI though they said all ok -nothing dangerous. This was 10 months ago but I still have pains under right ribs-

      Feeling like something is there, bubble feeling? Hurts all the time

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      It was an I’m biblical hernia. They said a small one -I could feel it but you couldn’t see it on the outside.
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      That's a relief because I thought the Lord gave it to you 😅

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    Hola Kit,

    I have a ton of severe stomach issues. I am not a doctor but, I do know that the stomach es actually in the upper left section of the abdomen and the gall bladder es in the upper right section. Although a CT scan has been done and the results came back "ok", it does NOT necessarily mean that everything es perfectly fine with the gall bladder... Not folks that review CT Scans, MRI ' S etc. are skilled... Some doctors may determine that you have "sludge or small gall stones" and not consider it a big deal because medicine claims that the "MAJORITY" of patients have no pain at all... YOU could be in that rare category of folks that have pain.

    I am no a doctor but, if it does not feel the way that it normally should, there es something going on. Sounds like something in that area may be swelling for whatever reason at times. ...but, the gall bladder can certainly cause those periodic sharp pains... I would definitely obtain a second and possibly a third opinion if necessary. Could be scar tissue... Regardless, do no take it lightly. IFAlso, blood work can be misinterpreted and labs can make mistakes. I certainly will keep you in prayer my friend. 😊

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    I had problems on and off for a few years, discomfort on my right side, pain most of the time after fatty foods, i had every scan going and was told my gallbladder didnt have stobes in, i continued to have discomfort and i knew it was to do with my gallbladder so i asked for it to be removed where they found it was infected etc, this wouldnt show on any scan, it did solve the problem im glad to say.

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