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Recently, I created a new discussion but haven't received any replies to that. Possibly I asked a question difficult to answer. Hence now requesting views only on my Dexa Scan results as given as under:

My DEXA results as under:

L1-L4:   T score -1.3, Z -2.6, BMD 1.238

Femur Neck: T score -1.7 Total T score-1.1, Z score -0.1 Total Z Score 0.1

 I am 85 years old male in reasonable state of health so far. At this age one endeavors to keep walking as long as one lives.

My queries:

1.Are the results as given above reasonably satisfactory or do need special attention to improve them?Of course I keep taking Calcium and Vit D.

2.What is the difference between normal T and Z scores and  Total T and Z Scores as given.

Any views?


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    The t-score compares your bone density with the normal bone density of a young person. The z-score compares it with other people of your age and is, practically speaking, fairly meaningless at your age. It would be more meaningful for a 30 year old - if it was low then that would indicate something wrong.

    Those results are good and would normally be reported as not requiring medication other than calcium and vit D supplementation at any age. For an 85 year old I'd say they are excellent!

    I don't remember seeing your other post - but no-one on the forums is medically qualified and this isn't a place to get a second opinion. That may be why you got no replies.

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      As you see my Dexa results against Femur Neck, For T score and Z Score , two readings are given for each; one is normal and other Total. Which one out of these two figs is correct. I like to know just to be clear on the subject, in case you can clarify.
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      I really don't know for sure - I have never seen normal and total scores quoted in anything I have studied in the past and I can't find instructions for computing the total score.

      However, the diagnosis of osteoporosis or not is made on the basis of the lowest t-score measured. From this afternoon's search I suspect the total hip is a reflection of the different scores obtained from the various areas of the hip, a sort of average if you like.

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      After a further search:

      Or the direction of the line used for the calculation either passes through the entire hip or the neck of the femur - and the NOF always has a lower score than the total hip for obvious reasons.

      You would need a radiographer working in bone densitometry to explain it fully and accurately.

      However, for your purposes,  if you google "DXA-scanning-in-clinical-practice Oxford academic" the first link that comes up has illustrations of where the lines may be drawn for making the calculations. I think this probably answers your question.

      Sorry, can't give the direct link here - rules is rules and this allows others to look at it too But I will pm it just in case.

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    Hi I'm not sure why you would have been sent for a dexa scan, have you had a fracture recently, also most males have less fractures than women.

    Did/does your Dr want to put you on medication for this??

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      Thanks for your response. I did not have any fracture. Went to the Doc for a minor issue. He wanted me to get at least Dexa done when I told him that at this age, I avoid going through various tests when I am feeling reasonably alright. After seeing the results, he told me to keep taking Calcium+Vit D.
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      That's good and of course no dancing on tables smile I would suggest you keep as active as you can as in walking or swimming, that's if you can swim of course, your doing very well and to be honest I think your right, too many tests as we get older can be very over the top.

      Keep safe

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      "most males have less fractures than women."

      They are beginning to realise that men develop osteoporosis as well - and with increasing life expectancy it will be more of a problem. They are convinced that you can prevent NOF fractures by giving medication but I won't get into that discussion here. I'm only impressed the GP DID a dexa rather than assuming low bone density and handing out bisphosphonates without confirmation.

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      Actually women do have an increased risk of fractures compared to men, also I was not implying that men dont suffer with osteoporosis, of course they do but they seem to be less prone to fractures, especially hip fractures. I suffer from quite a few forms of arthritis and osteoporosis as well, hence a hip and pelvic fracture last year which at the moment cannot be operated on till its less porous so compared to most I know quite a bit about osteoporosis and the available treatments which I have not been given due to a critically low vitamin D count.

      At 84 with those figure he would not need pharmacological intervention other than vitamin D and calcium and regular blood tests to keep a check of his levels.

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      "At 84 with those figure he would not need pharmacological intervention other than vitamin D and calcium and regular blood tests to keep a check of his levels."

      Quite. Personally I wouldn't accept intervention with those figures at any age. And you asked why he'd been sent for a dexascan - and that was why I said what he did,

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      ..".what I did"

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      I think sometimes they test till they find something, I only had dexa after fall and that's when I found it, but it wasn't the osteoporosis that caused fracture it was the impact to my knee when I landed on it, surprisingly it didn't break my knee

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