Newly diagnosed osteopenia T -2.4

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Hi all,

Following falling down stairs and sustaining fracture to my spine 3 months ago my dexa scan T score results are -2.4 for my spine.

Providing my blood samples are ok my GP has prescribed Alendronic acid.

I do appreciate I'm as near to osteoporosis score as you can get but   does anyone have a view on this.

I am concerned (as I'm sure everyone is who takes this and similar drugs) with the possible side effects. 

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    Hi Dee, 

    I have been taking alendronic acid and vitamin D and calcium for a year now.  I know that some people suffer from the side effects but I have been fine.  To be honest if it prevents the osteoporosis from advancing then I am happy to take it having suffered from a couple of fractures and a troublesome hip replacement in the last year.  I am 56 and really couldn't contemplate the thought of more fractures

    Good luck


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      It's good to hear someone isn't suffering any side effects, gives me hope, thank you  😀

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    If you decide to take the drugs be aware that current best practice is to take them for only two or three years.  In that time you can start doing all the natural things as well and then you probably won't have to be switched to a different drug in a few years.  Improving bone density without drugs is possible.  I and others have done it.

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      My GP told me I would have to take it for 5 years?  How do you increase bone density without drugs?  I have ended up having to take numerous drugs each day for a variety of of medical issues and have been persuading my GP to reduce some of them, but he said it is important to continue with the Osteoporosis ones.  So I would love some advice please


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      I'd be very interested to know how you did improve density without drugs please. 

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      Christine and Dee, I have been on prednisone for polymyalgia for over two years.  This triggered osteoporosis scare on my doctor's part and she wanted to prescribe AA right away.  I insisted on DXA scan first.  Initially told I had OP, but later found my score was -2.  I was terrified of the drugs and decided I would rather risk OP than take them.  I read a lot, and started taking a more complete bones supplement, not just calcium but one including a lot of the necessary micronutrients.  Also extra Vitamin K2.  I started wearing a weighted walking vest to improve the strength of my back, plus took up Nordic walking and tai chi.  I walk at least 10,000 steps nearly every day - this includes all my activity, not just dedicated walking time.  I eat a lot of leafy greens and fermented foods like yoghurt, fermented veg, some kinds of cheese (like brie) and drink a couple of fermented drinks beginning with k which always get caught by the filter here.

      Improved my reading from -2 to -1.6 in one year and drugs are no longer recommended even though I'm still on low dose of prednisone.

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      Oh ok, I also have polymyalgia, it seems that all these things are linked.  I do lots of weight bearing exercises now my new hip is gettig better.  I am not sure about my diet, although it is pretty healthy.  I eat lots of leafy greens and lots of other veg.  I also eat lots of natural yogurt and fruit, pulses etc . I only drink unsweetened almond milk ( both roasted and unroasted) but not lots of it.  I don't eat cheese, and meat maybe twice a week, and sometimes fish ( definitely not mackerel or sardines etc I hate these).  So the fermented thing is that like sauerkraut?  Thanks in advance


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      Anhaga and Chris thanks for all the info, very interested in the weighted vest. 

      Did you go to a nutritionalist or research supplements etc yourself.


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      I'm lucky enough to live near a weekly farmers' market where I can buy different fermented foods.  Sauerkraut is the best known but lots of other veggies can be fermented, and so we try them all.  Kimchi is another well known one, for example.  It's a good idea to introduce these foods slowly in small quantities so the body has a chance to adapt to them as the gut is repopulated with good bacteria.

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    -2.4 is only osteopenia. 

    Do your research including reading all the posts on Patient in relation to this topic.

    All the best.

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      Yes I realise my T score -2.4 is osteopenia and the GP confirmed this which is why I'm curious he has prescribed AA. 

      Has anyone else with osteopenia been prescribed an osteoporosis drug? 

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    I'm on it too for -2.2 femur necks but my doctor did even say the condition is reversible, still gave me the drugs though. Achy joints and teeth for the first few weeks but that goes away, wondering if it is causing me mood disorders now?

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    Hi, I'm in much the same boat and am a bit confused.

    my dexa only shows osteopenia but I have broken multiple vertebrae in my spine just from twisting in the car seat at Christmas. Then I broke a rib getting a massage.😪

    Im on progesterone and now oestrogen cream as well, but my doctor wants my dentists approval for me to go on the once yearly injection of biphosphenates.

    im only 54, but I have lots of autoimmune disorders and other illnesses so this just adds to it in a very depressing way.

    im really unsure as to whether to get the jab or not. I don't want to keep breaking bones but I'm scared of the side effects.

    i already take heaps of vit d, magnesium, lots of supplements that should have helped me not even be in this position. I eat well and exercise. Humph! Not fair eh. 

    Hugs..gentle ones, to everyone on the forums. 🤗

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      Oh my goodness you are having a tough time and at such a young age too. Do as much research as you can so you can make an informed decision, maybe also speak to your dentist on any experience from patients he has given this injection too.

      Hopefully someone on this forum will have had this treatment.

      Wishing you all the very best for a happy and pain free future. 

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      You are right. Its not fair but thats how it goes. I have always exercised, had a late menopause, never smoked and eat all the right things. When I fractured the first vertebrae, I was 47 and refused to have a dexa scan because I had none of the risk factors. Silly me. It took a further fracture before I had the scan and I could not believe  the results. I have been fine on the meds and I have a tooth implant that is checked every year and it is still rock solid. This was done before I knew I had OP.

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