my period is coming out of my backside

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when im on my period, ive noticed that when i wipe after ive been the toilet there would be loads and loads of blood when i wipe my bum, i thought i just had blood on the tissue from the vagina bleeding but it is definitley coming from the bum. is this normal?

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    There should be no bleeding from your anal orifice, and if you are certain that it is coming from there then you need to consider going to your doctor to have yourself checked.

    This does not in any way mean that it is serious, as it could be something like an anal fissure, but it does need to be checked.

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    Hi Aimee - I know what you mean. Do you notice it when you get up in the morning and after you have been sitting down? If so, I get exactly the same thing! The blood travels around towards your bum when you are in certain positions and that's nothing to worry about. If you only notice it during you periods, then I reckon that's all it is.

    However, if you are actually bleeding from your bum then you do need to get it checked out.

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      Thank god! I was reading other things and it said it might be cancer. But u nade me calm! Thank u
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      WOW SAME !!!! I thought I was the only one this would happen too! At first I would always think I was bleeding from my "bum" because everytime I would be sitting down .. I'd just feel the blood coming out from my bum and I would always worry . I would have a period accident in the middle of class ! But guess it's not the case... I don't actually bleed from my bum ... When I'm sitting .. My period blood just makes its way up there if that makes any sense !
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    Hi Aimee, it's been 2 yrs since this was last posted. My 13 yr young daughter has the same issue. What has come of ur issue ? A concerned Mama 

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    I thought it was just me! Im on my period and i just wiped and blood came off and a biggish chunk! I was scared
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    I definitely have experienced the same thing in the past, hints the reason why I started wearing tampons 15yrs ago to help stay dryer and fresher longer but before I started wearing tampons I would place two pads in my panties. One pad was place in the center crotch area and the other I placed all the way to the back to help catch whatever blood flow that would travel back there.
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    The same thing happens to me and has done for years. You are most very likely not bleeding from your bottom. I assumed as I am a big girl and have heavy periods this would be my reasons for this. Very annoying as it can seep through knickers and clothing. I did used to wear two pads but this became expensive and wasteful. So now what I do is... Use my long night always pad as usual and then I buy flushable baby wipes ( wet wipes) I fold them in half, stretch them long ways and put them in the crease of my bum. This soaks up any blood and is very very effective. It felt weird at first a bit like a thong. Now I'm used to it and feel safe knowing I won't leak. Sometimes you have to remember to ring the wipe first as only occasionally a little wet patch may accour, but no blood. :-)

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      Hi Natalie, please read my reply to this issue below. I think it might help you out as very heavy periods can be a sign of endometriosis and you shouldn't have to go to such great lengths to keep yourself dry during your period (no matter what what your size) xx

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    have you been checked other health issues could be causing that ihave diverticulosis
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    Hi girls,

    I've just been reading all of your posts as I am currently experiencing the same issue. I can definitely shed some light on the situation for most of you. Bleeding from your bum prior to your period or during your period is usually a sign of endometriosis. To give you a basic understanding of 'endo'....... it means that the lining of your uterus that you usually shed during your period, starts to grow on other organs within your pelvic region. This can include your bowel which can lead to blood coming out of your bum. Another sign of endo is blood clots coming out with your period. It's sort of serious but you're not going to die from it I promise. It's not cancer either. Endo can also cause painful and/ or very heavy periods and can make you feel very tired during your period. There are varying degrees of endo as well. I was diagnosed with endo about 10 years ago and I had to see a doctor and then a gyno. I had an operation called a laparoscopy which removed some of the excess lining from my uterus and to also check for cysts..... which can be another symptom of endo. I was told that I had I had Stage 1 Endo which is the least severe. I suggest that any of you that are experiencing these issues to definitely go to your doctor to get checked out. It can affect your fertility which is the worst part. Which is something that I am currently dealing with.

    I urge you to research endometriosis and please take care of yourselves. 

    Bleeding from your bum can also be because of haemorrhoids. Which to cut a long story short, usually means you are pushing too hard when you take a dump...... or your diet is terrible and you need more fibre in your diet.

    The only time for serious concern when bleeding for your bum is if the blood is dark red. If it's bright red blood, then it's ok but still go to the doctor.

    Feel free to ask me any questions about this. I'm happy to help if I can.

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      Hi. I’ve been bleeding from my bum for many years now and clots can also pass through. It’s really uncomfortable as I can sometimes leak as I cannot control it. I’m just wondering if it has anything to do with my 4th degree tear I had during my sons birth? 
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      Hi ffion09077

      I also bleed from my back passage aswell as my vagina and this is ever since giving birth to my daughter. I had a 3b tear which didn't heal properly and left me with a sinus which is a tiny tiny hole between vagina and anus. I went to see gynaecologist as I think something else is wrong inside but she says not. There definitely is though. It's hell dealing with this and have to use two pads to extend cover front to back. How do you deal with it. Sorry if tmi. 

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