me and my bipolar girlfriend have issues and I don’t know what’s to do.

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Me and my girl have been together almost a year and a half. I’m 20 she’s 19, She told me from the get that she had these type of issues, being bipolar being one of them, and I’m like a really chill person and everyone I know has always made it seem like I’m very helpful when it comes to emotions and such so I felt like I could handle it. We were good, great most of the time for a good 4-6 months. Then the types of arguments we started to have became a lot for me to process. I myself am not diagnosed with anything but I’ve been one and out of therapy and  psychiatrists and they all tell me about the same that i most likely have severe anxiety and depression (this I clearly already knew because lord know I might as well be in 07 with MCR) so already from there you can assume where my mind set seems to go once i have upset her. She gets upset about majority of things I say or might do. She doesn’t like my friends she feels they are all terrible people because when we were all like 15-17 there were stupid petty teenage issues and drama so thing were said and feeling where ofc hurt. So now that me and her are together she feels I don’t be respect her feelings by being friends with them. She always wants me to herself if I ask her for space she gets upset and tells me how I don’t want her around and I’ve tried telling her it so not her I just need time to myself sometimes specially when I’m going through extreme emotions, I have severely bad communication issue to the point I physically can’t speak and feel like s**t and i cant get out of it so any time after she starts upset I get like this. She wasn’t always like this it’s only when she’s upset and it got bad to the point she’s spit on me, slapped me, punched me in the face, hit my head on a wall, because I’ll refuse to speak when ever we argue because I don’t know what to say and when I true to apologize she gets more upset and says I don’t because my actions say other wise and how I do it to myself and that I could avoid it ignore I listen to her more and I honestly and at a point where idk anymore. People are telling me leave her people are telling me if I love love her trying because if you love someone you work on things instead of leaving. There’s so many like issues to get at I haven’t been even gotten into all of it yet. I’m not the best person ive sat and watched her cry and every time i do somethingg wrong to her I just want to let a leave her alone like i feel terrible like I shouldn’t be around around her every time time ive tries to break up with her she bugs out and tries to kill herself or just get overly depressed and Crys all the time and I’ll feel bad and go back because I love her and I hate seeing her seeing her I just feel like I’m the problem. She tells me I don’t dont consider feelings how I only a apologize to get her to Shutterstock up and that the tone of voice I use when we argue doesn’t be help and how I don’t dont love her and how I’ve i wasnt like this before and I just feel so drained I guess all the time like nothing I i do is right. Our sex life also started dying out because we’ll we are lesbians. Or at least I am she’s bisexual but im the first real female relationship she’s ever had and I myself have only ever been with one other person in my life which was also a female mean while she had multiple bfs before me. So I only really know but so much. The thing is. I’m a switch and shes 100 percent sub, she told me this in the beginning and at the time I liter hadn’t had sex in over a year I didn’t fr feel it was something i needed. Then I gotta with her and we were f*****g all the time burn it was just me f*****g her and my feelings about it began to change because obviously I’m attracted to my gf and want her to want me. I’ve tried to bring this up but it bothers her and she says she’s not like that and doesn’t know wh what to tell because she’s told me from the get and I understand but idk me confused like what person doesn’t want to like touch the person they are with unless they don’t like like sex she’s fully does if anything she’s a sex addict. I feel like I can’t take ralk  her about anything because when I do I try just upsets her and then when I distance myself and say things like nvm she’s gets more upset. I want this to work but it’s like how, she says all I have to do is love her and tell her I love her burn  can’t communicate the way she want or needs and I hate I it and she won’t let me leave  either. How can I make this work can I i correct myself so I can be better for her?

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    I really don't think that it is just down to YOU to correct yourself. My advice would be to get relationship counselling, although I imagine it would be hard work getting her to agree to it. Relationship counsellors are very good at helping people who struggle to communicate properly. Nobody wants to hear this but as you are still both very young it is probably not likely that you will be together forever. It's depressing but a very likely reality. There is no excuse for her being selfish in bed. None at all. I think she needs therapy or a medication review. Again, getting her to agree to it may be difficult. I hope you are both okay and you can fix things.

    Topher x

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