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Hi everyone,

Yesterday, I was prescribed Lexapro 5 mgs for anxiety and depression. I'm wondering if anyone else is using this, has it helped, and how are the start up effects. Basically, the normal rundown.

I've was diagnosed over 20 years ago, and used to take Zoloft on and off. I've been off antidepressants for 5 years, but always kept Xanax handy because anxiety & panic were always my main problem. Anyhow, things have changed, and I feel the same, perhaps even worse than when I was first diagnosed. I no longer drive, work, shop, cook, clean, and so on. I also don't leave the house unless it's for an appointment. There's no sitting on the front porch, or hanging out in the backyard, gardening, playing with the dogs, etc. One of the biggest issues is being alone. For some reason I feel like someone has to be around at all times, yet don't have to be by me, if that makes any sense.

After years of seeing the same psychiatrist, I decided to check out a new one to get a fresh evaluation, and perhaps a new approach. Although he's very nice, the evaluation seemed so short compared to how it was years back. His recommendations are to take Lexapro (Escitalopram), and Lorazepam. He did give me a choice of antidepressants, but I didn't want Zoloft again, and didn't like Paxil many years ago, so that left me with Prozac or Lexapro.

As with many others, I'm afraid of starting a med due to side effects, and the length at which they hang around, so if anyone wants to share their opinion on Escitalopram, I'd greatly appreciate it.

Thanks much,

Kim 💜

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    I been on lexapro generic brand for four days now. I was prescribed 10. This is my first pill I’ve been on. I cut it in half but still was tired. So I took 2.5 last night. Feeling more awake and more like myself. But not sure if it’s gonna keep my headaches away. I’ll keep you posted. Just from my experience take a half dose at night see how you feel
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      The first two days on the 5 yes. Last 2 days on 2.5 no. I had a brain zap that woke me up. Glad I read about those before hand. Or that would of freaked me out really bad. 
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      Ooohhh, I might have to second guess this med. The idea of brain zaps is pretty scary. Of course nobody wants increased anxiety, but it's expected with an SSRI, but it's my biggest hurdle. The meds are still in the bag, and tucked away, because I haven't gotten the courage to try them yet.

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    I've had an anxiety disorder for many years but the past year been trying out medications for it.. the first one prescribed to me was lexapro and it worked amazing for the first week and then I didn't feel like myself.. so we up the dosage and it was worse. I stopped taking it and now taking Prozac and it's been about 2.5 weeks and I see a difference (for the better) but this one takes longer to kick in. After all the reading I've done, your body needs to try multiple kinds to see what one it does best with! 

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      Thanks for the reply, Lexi. I had similar issues with Zoloft, but still took it for years. I never even noticed that I wasn't laughing like normal, and just not being myself, until I came off of the med. It's as if I couldn't be happy, and couldn't be sad, only existed but in a blah state.

      If Lexapro causes too many issues, I'll probably give Prozac a try, and be back with the same questions. lol

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    The major side affect with lexapro that I had was even worse depersonalization. But look into EMDR if you have a therapist and try it out. I did it today and just one session of it already made a difference. Look into it for sure!
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      I haven't seen a therapist in years, but am considering a session or two. Finding one that's a good fit can be a pain. The best one I've ever had was a woman who had experienced panic attacks, so she could relate. Once she retired, I didn't look for a new one, because I didn't think it was needed anymore. That was about 12 years ago, and all was well for quite a while. I have no clue to what EMDR is, but if it works, I'll check it out.

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    Definitely check it out because it works! I suggest looking into another therapist and just call and ask them if they specialize in panic attacks and so fourth.. that's what I did and I found a pretty good one! They do help but I agree finding one can be tricky but it's do able. Emdr btw was used to treat ptsd.. for soldiers.. for very intense anxiety/ panic attacks. It's amazing and eye opening! 

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    Hi. I am sorry you are suffering. I feel much the same as you at this point. I also don’t get out much, clean, cook, etc. As for Lexapro, I know many people who have been helped by it. I react badly to every antidepressant I have tried (and I think I tried them all). So it didn’t help me. They give me more anxiety and I get a pounding, racing heartbeat that I cannot bear. But 5mg is a very low dose so , hopefully, you won’t have bad side effects. And since you were able to take zoloft successfully, maybe this one will help you too. I am wishing you success with it and healing. 

    Deb nyc 

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      Thanks so much!

      When I first took Zoloft, all was well because I had no clue about start up effects. After being on them for years, of course I thought that I didn't need them anymore. Not once did it occur to me that I was better because of them. lol I'd stop for a few days, then go back on. Eventually, I just stopped completely. Now I'm much older, and know of start up effects, so I don't want to attempt Zoloft.

      The Lexapro is still in a drawer just waiting for me to pluck up the courage to take it.

      Ahh, the crazy rollercoaster ride of mental health remedies!

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