Jittery vision and temporary loss of focus.

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 At my last eye check-up I was diagnosed with vitreous degeneration. From what I understand it's quite common to see shadows and flashes, but how about jitters/"shakyness" in your vision, and loss of focus that comes and goes? Anyone else who experienced that?

I've been diagnosed with Retinoschisis and retinal cysts a long time ago, so seeing floaters and the odd flashes is something I'm pretty used to. This is a new phenomenon however. 

Thanks in advance for any input. 

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    I started having the flashes a couple of weeks ago. It bothers me and I'm worried about it. My optometrist didn't see anything and I even went to a neurologist. I think I'm going to head to an opthalmologist and have them check it out. You may want to head to your eye doc as well. I ways worry about things when it comes to vision.

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      I actually did get a time at my ophthalmologist today, and there was nothing new going on from the last time I visited. I told him about the new jitters and the temp loss of focus that comes and goes, and he had heard those symptoms before as well. According to him it's due to the vitreous pulling away and pulling on my retina as it does so. Nothing to worry about for now, unless I start seeing curtain like shadows, or black spots in my vision. 

      I feel you about the worries about your vision. There are so, so many different things that can pop up in your field of vision, that you feel like you can never be really sure whats going on! If it's nothing blocking your vision or making it worse in general, I wouldn't stress out about it Kim. I'm sure it'll be fine after all is said, checked and done smile Best of luck to you! 

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      I read about the g.el you're talking about on the internet but I also read other things it can be caused by. Those things are what I'm worried about. My optometrist didn't see anything so unless it changes I will accept his answers. Thank you for your response I appreciate that you have the flashes too and I thank you for your post.

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      I have had vitreous detachment occurring in my right eye since September which has resulted in 3 retinal detachments that have been subsequently repaired. It can happen quickly! I was told on a Monday that it was only the vitreous detaching from the retina and by that Saturday I was having an emergency procedure to reattach the retina to save my sight. If you see any new floaters or a brown curtain/shadowing moving across any part of your vision get to an ophthalmologist as soon as possible. Time is of the essence with retinal detachments....


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      What if they don't see anything wrong with the eye. Just keep an eye on it?

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      Yes. If you experience anything unusual like a lot of new floaters, flashing lights and/or a brown curtain / shadow across your vision call to get it checked out. They know time is very important with retinal detachments - if you get it fixed sooner the probably of restoring most or all of your vision is much greater.....
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      Thank you so much for the info. This morning I came in the living room and there seemed to be several but lasted only a few seconds but it could have been psychosomatic because I had just read your post. I will be sure to keep an eye on it today and go get it checked if anything more happens. I appreciate your advice.
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    I am 34 and have been diagnosed with Vitreous liquefication... I have a PVD in progress in my left eye. I also experience the jittery vision on and off, as if my vision is vibrating and transient blurry or cloudy vision. I have had laser in my left eye due to a retinal hole in an area of lattice degeneration. May I ask how old you are? Did your doctor indicate why the blurriness and jittering comes and goes?
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      I've been told all they do to fix the issues is to lazer again. Is that what they are doing with you?

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      I've had the lattice and hole in my left eye lasered. My right eye still needs to be lasered because of lattice but has no holes or tears at this point so we are just monitoring it for now.

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