Is it ok to take multi vitamins along with hrt? Any advice please

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Hi ladies, wondering about taking multi vitamins along with your hrt?, thinking particulary about B6. I read its meant to help with mood?, tho the bottle says helps regulate hormonal activity - would this work againat whatever your patches are trying to do? Hope ive explained ok? Any advice would be appreciated.

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    Hi Angela, I,ve been taking multi vitamins, magnesium salts (my life saver) kali phos, which is another cell salt, vitamin d and vitamin b complex, alongside my hrt with no problem. On the contrary, I have had a really tough time over the past 6/8 months but I am coming out the other end with no dependancies on the meds the gps prescribed. I also use a spray night time magnesium, which helps me to sleep again. I now wonder when we use moisturising creams, deodorants and all the other potions supposed to improve our skin etc. What happens to our bodies when we absorb these as we obviously do when using patches. Are we actually putting products into our systems which can harm us? Just a thought. But make sure you get your vitamins in the right strength!
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      Hi supemack thanks for your reply. I have the b6 100mg daily do u know if it does help with mood? I took it briefly before but was then getting hot flushes in the evening so stopped taking it probably just a coincidence?! What do the magnesium salts help with?, excuse my ignorance what is kali phos?, some kind of phosphate?

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      Hi Angela, the mag phos is magnesium as it has been clinically proven that a very high percentage of the population are low in magnesium. It calms you and is very helpful with anxiety, as I now know personally. The kali phos is another cell salt which helps with nervous anxiety. Again, I have personal experience and benefits. The b12 complex I take is recommended by my GP as my blood tests showed I was low. The alternative was vit b injections, which at the moment, I have opted not to have. As I said before, go to a proper health store and ask for advice on the best ones to take. Yes, they cost but although I live in Scotland, and get free prescriptions, I opted for the natural route. Until the hell I went through over a number of months, I always believed your diet should supply everything your body needs, and I didn't ever take any supplements, but I had to find a way to literally survive what I went through, and tried a lot of different methods and remedies. I wouldn't be here now, if I hadn't found my current regime. Hope this helps? X

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      Hi supemack thank you for your reply. Is the magnesium and kali phos in tablet form? Im assuming it has helped you a lot with anxieyy? As i have said in another post my dr got me to increase my anti depressant to try and help with the anxiety and crying, it has helped a bit but still there along with the tears. All day today ive had the horrible anxious feeling in my chest and cant shift it. Four months its all been going on now really has affected me greatly.
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      Hi Angela, the cell salts are small pills,look like pieces of icing sugar and have no taste,that you put under your tongue to dissolve. I had a problem swallowing tablets as I was so anxious. I used to feel that I had something solid stuck in my chest and when I tried to relax, it was though I had been punched in my chest. That feeling is andrenaline, I now know. When you are going through it and feel so bad, everything makes you anxious. The reason I stopped taking the prescribed beta blockers was because they gave me acid reflux, which added to the anxiety. I didn't cry, I felt nothing for anyone, including my husband and family. I've never been in such a dark, low place. As I said previously, the magnesium calms you and I would not have survived without it. I still take it most days if I feel I need it, and I use the night spray every night, as I fall asleep within minutes.

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      Hi, I've started taking HRT but I want to take a supplement of vitamins, I saw that you mentioned  vit d, both in liquid form, I tried to get this but not easy, is it on line? I'm terrible for tablets, I know its a mental block but I can't swallow them unless its a capsule or tiny and vitamins are never that. A lady in Boots pharmacy told me that Menopace plus was in liquid form but where, no idea, can you help,please


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      Hello, I’m new to this so hoping someone can help me? I’ve been taking HRT for 7 months now and yes the flushes have mostly stopped, however, my mood swings have started increasing. I feel I should be taking extra vitamins but not quite sure what and what combination, any help would be appreciated xx
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    Hi Angela, there was an in depth program done recently with before and after blood tests documenting taking the validity of taking Vitamins. It was proven beyond doubt that all the vitamins do is give you very expensive urine.. the only vitamin highly recommended and useful is a good Vitamin D supplement, other than that unless you have an extremely poor diet, the food you eat will cover you. I have been on Evorel Conti for 14 years and a recent blood test just showed a deficiency (slight) in Vit D which a lot of people are deficienint. Dont go wasting your money. If you still wish to take vitamin supplements (of course this is entirely your choice) most of them are safe to take alongside HRT. 
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      Thanks for ur reply pat, i just need something to give some relief!! Appreciate ur reply.
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    Hi Angela

    Theres a good Timed Release Mega B100 vitamin that works really well for mood and anxiety by helping the central nervous system and the fight or flight response, check with pharmacist or herbalist that it's okay for you though. Also omega 3,6,9 helps, along with lots of water and drop coffee, make sure you gave small regular meals plus good quality snacks. 

    Hope this helps. 

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      Hi Twiggz thanks for replying, have u taken that vitamin yourself?, did u find it effective?
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      I have and still do take this one. It helped hugely with nervous system, energy, health in general. Very good. Take it before noon, mid morning is perfect to energise you for the day and not interfere with sleep.
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      Hi Twiggz did u find it helped lift ur mood?, had u suffered with low mood?
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      Hi Angela, my mood has been really good..I did have sleepless nights with hot flushes, that then caused anxiety, which then led to mood being low, I did all the above as I mentioned before, and now thankfully I have no sweats, good sleep and mood smile
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    I take multi-vitamins, plus additional B12 for heart arrythmia.  I've just googled and found the following advice (basically, yes to taking extra Bs):

    Using B vitamins to relieve menopausal stress

    The B vitamins, which include thiamine, niacin, B12 and folic acid, are often referred to as the ‘stress’ vitamins. There are many symptoms of B vitamin deficiency, and these include tension, irritability, difficulty managing stress, poor concentration, and anxiety. B vitamins have a complex role to play in your body, and ensuring you have optimum levels during menopause can help in a number of ways to support stress management.

    Support for sex hormone production

    Even though your ovaries gradually stop their sex hormone production, your adrenal glands and fat cells will continue to produce these hormones. B vitamins help to support this production: for example, B3 and folic acid are needed to produce oestrogen, with folic acid supporting your body’s ability to use the female sex hormone.

    B vitamins for adrenal gland health  

    As you go through menopause, your adrenal glands form an important site for sex hormone production, as well as the release of stress hormones. If you’re suffering from stress, the small levels of oestrogen and other sex hormones produced by your adrenals may be affected. Don’t forget, your body still needs oestrogen to protect your bone health.

    If your adrenal glands are under pressure, you’ll find it more difficult to manage stress, and small problems may overwhelm you. The conversion and production of hormones from your adrenal glands relies heavily on B vitamins, especially B5 (pantothenic acid).

    B vitamins for neurotransmitter balance

    Serotonin is one of your neurotransmitters, which are chemical messengers in the brain. It’s known as the ‘feel good’ neurotransmitter, and helps to stabilise your mood, support feelings of wellbeingand your ability to sleep. Vitamin B6 and B12 are important cofactors in the production of serotonin, which means without them this neurotransmitter cannot be made.

    B vitamins for the nervous system

    Your nervous system is also responsible for how your body responds to stress, with the sympathetic nervous system controlling your ‘fight or flight’ stress response. It relies heavily on good B vitamin intake, particularly B12, B1 and B3. For example, B12 is needed to make the myelin sheaths that surround your nerve cells, which provide insulation for nerve impulses to be sent efficiently. Keeping your nervous system in good working order is vital for helping your body to manage stress.

    B vitamins for your liver

    Having a healthy, working liver can help with hormonal balance. It’s the liver which breaks down excess hormones for excretion through the gut. The two different phases of liver detoxification of your sex hormones rely on good levels of all the B vitamins.

    Where do I get my B vitamins from?

    The B vitamins work in harmony together, which means that a deficiency in one can affect the efficiency of another. So you need a good intake of all B vitamins, rather than focusing on one or two. Here’s the best food sources of the B vitamins – you’ll notice a pattern— meat, fish, eggs, wholegrains, fresh fruit and vegetables.

    B1 thiamin: vegetables especially peas, fresh and dried fruit, eggs, wholegrains, liver

    B2 riboflavin: milk, eggs, rice and fortified cereals

    B3 Niacin: meat, fish, wholegrains, eggs, milk

    B5 Pantothenic Acid: chicken, beef, potatoes, oats, kidney, eggs, broccoli, wholegrains

    B6 Pyridoxine: pork, chicken, turkey, fish, wholegrains, eggs, pulses, soya, peanuts, potatoes, bananas, avocados

    B12: meat, fish, milk, cheese and eggs. Vegetarian sources include fortified foods and some sea vegetables

    Folic acid: green leafy vegetables, liver, peas, chickpeas, brown rice, asparagus, oatmeal, avocados

    If you’re looking to supplement B vitamins, it should contain all of the vitamins listed above, and may also include others in the family such as choline and biotin. Make sure it has at least 10mg of Vitamins B1 to B6, and over 10mcg of B12 and at least 200mcg of folic acid. Your urine will go bright yellow whilst taking a B complex: this is perfectly normal, it’s just the breakdown and excretion of excess B2.

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      Hi Zibbyl thank u so much for all the information. I have a bit of a decision to make in what i am going to try given the suggestions here!
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      Angela, I suffer from anxiety and my GP prescribed Lorazepam (I take only a half a tablet when I need it) .. It works very quickly and you can feel yourself becoming very calm and still fully functional .. they are addictive but if taken only when really needed, they are a great standby ( It's a course of action which is obviously a very personal decision) Antidepressants don't suit me, never have.. so Lorazepams have saved  the day for me many a time... Only a thought for you smile

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