I think I've discovered a cure for Gastritis

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For a month I've been in continual pain, sometimes worse than that..

Two days ago I emptied a capsule of Tumeric into a cup with a teaspoon of water and let that soak till the Tumeric was fine rather than lumpy, a teaspoon of honey, and four teaspoons of live active bacteria culture yoghurt. Mixed well and consumed it. Half an hour later pain gone and hadn't returned . I have done this four times in two days, pain has not retuned and bloating starting to go. Still I feel a little of colour but I do feel that within the week I'll be almost brand new. I will continue with this and the diet of rice and chicken and very bland foods for at least two more weeks. But at least the pain has gone and the bloating subsiding.

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    This is quite nicely spooky because I don't normally order tumeric but I did this week and my order arrived about half an hour ago. It feels a bit like I might be in the onset of gastritis so I'm going to have some tumeric in probiotic yoghurt now!

    Thank you for sharing it Jackie! razz

    Sucking liquorice juice sticks helps me with digestive system problems.

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      Georgia only a little.. I empty one capsule, add some honey and a good four teaspoons of your yogurt... I've eaten bits and pieces all day... Rice, chicken , Apple, Banana , little bits at a time and no pain whatsoever. I cannot believe it myself cause I was in pain 24 hours a day for almost a month. Not saying I'm better but obviously getting better. I heard turmeric does wonders for so many things. Ok off to take my second dose . for the day.... Lolololol Keep our fingers crossed. Let me know how you go..... Might take a few hours or a day or so but I'm a strong believer in turmeric and I'm sure it will work.

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      I've been hospitalised a few times with gastritis in the past, nil by mouth for about 5 days, so you have my empathy! As I mentioned I suck on liquorice juice stick if I get it and that sorts me out but I think it's always best to have a variety of things to hand for each ailment.

      I had some and I didn't use much, about a quarter of a tsp. My gut's feeling warm and the discomfort (wasn't at the pain stage yet) has gone. Wow! I'll have to read up about turmeric. You're a star! razz

      Try to get some liquorice as well.

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      Georgia I live in Thailand and can't get everything I'm used to. Licorice I love but that's the normal bag of licorice we get in the sweet shop in oz. . what is a licorice juice stick. I did hear it is very good for gastritis.....

      You poor thing suffering from ME... Gawd I wake up tired but ten minutes later I'm wide awake and ready to go. I can't imagine what it would be like to be continually tired to the point of exhaustion. I feel for you.

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      What can I say; ME tests you to the very limits of your being. But most of us still have a sense of humour and hope and these things keep us going. I appreciate your compassion a lot!  biggrin

      Yes, sweet shop type liquorice is no good. Try amazon or ebay liquorice root sticks or liquorice juice sticks. Both of those are just pure liquorice with nothing added and they're sticks that you suck or chew.

      Some of our ancestors used to clean their teeth with the root.

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    You you you think it would work for Ibs been in a bad flare for 2 months can't shake this one off Can't do liquid diet like usual have lost too much weight and it drops my sugar

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    Hi all, just a note of caution. Apparently turmeric can affect the way some meds work apparently. I read an article today that said you should be warm with stomach meds like nexium oesomeprazole

    Also some diabetes meds and blood thinning drugs like aspirin etc can't remember all but it may be worth researching. That said I also wonder if this is a rumour spread by anyone that might lose out financially if this true.

    I am still looking into the truth of this.

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      Careful with, not warm. Predictive text again.

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      Chrisy, I don't know whether I would try Tumeric just now. I would eat if I were you bland rice breakfast lunch and dinner and definitely probiotics.

      It got to the point with me where nothing helped.... Yes a chicken broth with a little chicken and small amount of veggies, and rice. Lots of water and probiotics which I'm still taking . It's a horrible illness but the less u put in your gut the quicker u will heal.... Xxx

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    Thanks for the info.  I've just been diagnosed with erosive gastritis and my GP says there is little he can do to help and that I will have to sort out for myself which foods to avoid.  I had read about turmeric and I will try what you did. 

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    I've read all these posts and been told I have gastritis from an endoscopy and I suffer severe pain almost all of the time. I am wondering if it is definitely gastritis as I do not have symptoms such as nausea and sickness.. or is it possible to have gastritis without these symptoms?

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      I had nausea and sickness when I had it but I don't get nausea and sickness when I get pain from pancreatitis, althought it's been a long time since I've had that.

      I suck a liqorice juice stick when I feel pancreatic pain. Is the pain located in one spot in the middle of your ribcage and sometimes feels like it's going into your back or is it all over your digestive system, perhaps in different places?

      If it's in the one spot and very sharp burning pain it could be pancreatitis.

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      Thanks... Yes in the middle just slightly below the rib cage centre of the abdomen and yes I I get a pain in my back mostly lower back, the pain sometimes moves slightly to the right side on the front as if it is almost tucked under my ribcage.. I'm sure the doctor said I have been checked for pancreatitis, what are the tests for this?

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      I don't know what the tests are; I was tested in hospital and they didn't tell me but I think you should talk to your doctor again about it. Your pain is in the spot where the pancreas is.

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      I'm sure I have been tested for this in hospital too also.. it's just so annoying and frustrating pain all the time tried so much and it's only been 6 weeks need to find something that works desperately.

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