I think I have an anal fissure and I am worried

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A few months ago I started noticing blood on the toilet paper after defcating. This was preceded by a sharp pain in the anal area while defecating. It went away for a while but I am now experiencing pain and bleeding almost every time I use the toilet. Usually there is only a small amount of blood on the toilet paper and some in the toilet. I haven't been to the doctor about it yet as I am actually in the process of switching to another GP practice. I have read online that the only cure for chronic fissure is sphincterotony which is a surgical procedure. Is that the only option? Has anyone here treated a fissure without surgery?

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    ITS best to get diagnosed first as hemorroids and fissure get confusing 

    Fissure is unbearable pain that last for hours maybe 8 after having bowels open 

    Hemorroids is painful but passes both have blood associated with them

    I’ve had a fissure and still recovering but needed advice from a colorectal surgeon I went private 

    They gave me cream retogestic 

    Changed diet completely 

    Broccoli yougurt fish porridge  no spice no bulk 

    Stool softeners daily I take two laxido and used to at its worse take Senna x 2 at night 

    Sitz bath 3 a day with coconut oil and Epsom salts 

    I also use forces of nature fissure control 

    And proktis m suppositories 

    Get diagnosed as this will help to know exactly what your treatin

    But you will know if you have a fissure by the pain it’s worse than giving birth ! 


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      Hey i have an anal fissure an two kids the births were more painful then my fissure an my pain fades about 5mind after a bm it's different for everyone I've had mine for 4 years an just got Botox for it just wanted to say one size doesn't fit all good luck with this horrid thing

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      I have 5 kids natural births and my fissure is unbearable to the point I was in accident and emergency on morphine - my pain lasted everyday for eight hours! So fissure pain is the most painful I wish mine lasted 5 minutes - to be fair not heard many that have pain for 5 mins 
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      Both my births were natural also not a single pain med I use to have major pain after ever bm for half a day but over 4.5 years of dealing with this it's not down to only 5 mins aso not everyone gets spasms it's like if we all cut our finger yours mite of been deeper or longer it mite be down to the muscle also everyone's anal muscle reacts differently to a fissures and also what works to fix it is different for everyone too I'm hoping the Botox I had a week ago gets it sorted for me I've done most of the work hoping this Botox can do that last bit for me. Good luck for the future I hope it never comes back for you. Take care

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    I’ve had mine since October and by doing the above avoided surgery that was planned for December - it’s a hard slog and your life is around your butt ! 
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    Hi sounds like an anal fissure you don't need to jump straight to surgery first you need to increase your daily water intake a fiber eat lots of fruits an vegetables you need to have soft stools so if you have to get a stool softener if that doesn't work after having soft stools for two weeks after your doctor for a muscle relaxing cream to apply so the muscle relaxers and the blood can flow an it can then heal if that doesn't work you can have Botox put into the muscle to relax it if that doesn't work you can try Botox again then last option would be surgery maybe see your doctor asap so you can get it sorted so it doesn't turn into a chronic fissure after you use the toilet you can sit in the bath with hot to warm water hip depth that relaxes the muscle mine is chronic I've had it for 4 years only just had Botox a week ago but it hasn't kicked in yet I'm hoping this fixed me. Google how to heal an anal fissure it has alot of info. Good luck I know how you feel.

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    Glass pain or Razer Blade pain during a bm is fissure pain my pain only last during the bm then fades about 5mins after see your doctor get to get a plan in place. Best of luck
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    It's a long journey. I've had an anal fissure since 2014 and used raw unfiltered honey and that took care of it. Fast forward to 2017, it flared up again in April and it took me until July to get it under control. I've always drank plenty of water, my stools are formed but not hard. I used olive oil, Dr. Butler's Hemmorhoid/Fissure ointment, and Vicks Vapor Rub .

    Fast forward to February of this year and a unfortunate encounter with spice Indina food. I should have sent it back as soon as l taste it, but she a small amount thinking I would be ok.

    Long story short, here I am nine days later suffering because so was too polite to send the food back. My regular routine is not working or maybe I'm being impatient. The last time it took three months to find a combo to get it under control.

    I've been using the squatty potty to poop and while it's painful, it's less painful and no blood today

    My pain was also short lived after a BM. Maybe ten minutes. But my anus would be itchy for longer.

    I've ordered a sitz bath(one that fits over the toilet) and some suppositories from Amazon, they had some good reviews. One thing for sure once you have a flare up patience is key, for a while your life will revolve around your butt!

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    Surgery should be the absolute last resource. I had a chronic fissur for over a year and was in incredible pain for most of it. Definitely I think a chronic fissure can be cured over time and even if you had surgery it could reoccur and surgery itself is incredibly painful and could have some nasty side affects. 

    Drink a lot of liquid as this helps your stools become soft, avoid stool softeners as they don’t work anyway and could be bad for your body as it sucks water from where it is needed.

    Definitely see a doctor first and a specialist if needed.

    The main things that helped me were drinking lots of liquids, a low blood pressure medicine a pain doc prescribed me ( same thing the creams do except it does it for your entire body) and certain excercises like stretching your buttocks)

    That been said it is too early to recommend anything until you have see your doc and confirmed it is a fissure and if it is chronic. I think you would know if it were chronic as you would be in, incredible pain.

    I have a blog I wrote about my experiences, if interested I can send it if you can catch my attention.

    Good luck 

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      I'd be interested in reading your blog I have a chronic fissure because it has a skin tag and has lasted more then 6weeks that's what defines a chronic fissure I have a skin tag an my fissure has come an fine every few weeks for 4 years at worst I had pain all day then half a day then less an less I'm down to just having the glass pain during then pain for 5 mins afterwards I just had Botox 1 week ago hoping it can heal the last bit for me. Thanks

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