I’m totally freaking out!!!

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Ladies I’m desperate 

Long story short been n peri menopause 10 years

Went 13 months no period

And it was a hell of ten years

Had half my thyroid removed three months ago period came!!!

Anyway so far my thyroid blood test is functioning normal 

I had a gastroscopy three weeks ago as I have a benign stomach nodule 

Since then I can barely breath

I’m bloated can’t stop burping can’t eat

Been to doctor heart lungs blood pressure all ok!!

I’ve had gerd in and off in peri so don’t know if it’s a flare up 

I am constantly focused on my tight chest and feeling like I’m not getting enough air

Oh 99%oxygen level at Doctors 

I feel like I’m going to die it’s awful 

While I know this could be anxiety I’m convinced it’s not

Not had another period now for three months 

Feel like running to the hospital every minute 

Crying constantly 

I’m considering going back on an antidepressant I was on a couple of years ago 

It’s just the constant heavy chest weird feeling I can’t stand

I don’t remember it ever being this bad

I don’t want to get out of bed

What do I do if docs said my chest is ok?

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    Hi Michelle, so glad all your tests came back good, that's a plus! I have the same thing I believe it is a flare up its awful feeling like you can't breathe I know this first hand.. And the more you feel the tight chest and you can't get that deep enough breath it's gets worse.. I myself know I swollw more air or even just breathe the air in wrong, and worse it gets. I could be in the shower or right after eating, doesn't matter and the more I get worked up the worse it gets. UNTIL I make myself belch just like when I was a kid, when I get this feeling like I can't breathe or chest tight I walk a little or sit up or anything and try and suck in deep to make myself burp and then it relieves it a bit, but for me it's all the anxiety that leads to the panic from that feeling so it helps to try and release that trapped air in lungs / chest by way of burp/belching any way you can the more you burp the better you should feel and try and stay calm when it builds up just remember you got to let it out.. Hope that helps ?

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    Thank you for replying 

    My head is telling me it’s something serious like it does when my health anxiety is in full swing 

    Mayb b the surgery and gastroscopy has sent my anxiety into overdrive 

    But thanks again x

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    Also forgot to say, anything tight around the stomach doesn't help at all makes it much worse, so I wear the loose fitting pants nothing to tight and that helps .. When i would get that can't breathe feeling I would lift up on the waist part by belly button of pants and where bra strap is by chest shirt and all just trying it and feel the relief a bit then make myself burp and the pressure would go away for a bit of corse until it builds right back up then I do it again, it's a pain but hay whatever gives me that relief..

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      Yes I try not to wear anything tight too

      And I’m not even wearing a bra at the moment 

      After all these years of suffering I seriously feel like that be lost hope

      I feel awful to say that as I am a Christian and do believe God heals all

      Guess I’ve just become exhausted especially after surgery and gastroscopy x

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      Awww Michelle I know how you feel it all is very exhausting! But just know that better days are ahead they really are.. Youll be fine😌

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      Hi Toddpodd, yes it helps to try and relieve all that trapped air by making yourself belch, anything to get rid of that feeling of not being able to breathe.. ❤
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    When I had all those symptoms and the belching like crazy I was tested positive for H. pylori. It does NOT show in routine blood work they have to run a special blood test for it and send it off for three days for antibodies. If positive you have to take two different antibiotics and acid tablets like nexium  for 2 months and 3 weeks  on the antibiotics  and pep tablets. Then you go in two to three months later to be tested to see it cleared it up there are different strains of Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori) infection.a type of bacteria called Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori) infects your stomach. It's good to be tested to just rule it out. 

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      I always have biopsies taken with the gastroscopy and I believe that’s something they always test for 

      But as yet I’ve not got results 

      Normally it’s negative but who knows this time 

      Thanks for your advice though 

      Much appreciated x

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    Dear Michelle

    One of my symptoms was the tight chest and not feeling like ibcould get a breath (normally happened in the mornings) horrible feeling!! I have a hernia which prob didnt help and stomach issues in peri/meno gastitis x

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      Thank you Hun

      I’ve had three gastroscopy one a year

      No problems found apart from the nodule that has been there for a long time

      No change with that either 

      I’m a carer and I bend over a lot at work so I don’t know if this is aggravating anything 

      And as I said earlier three months post surgery for a hemithyroidectomy

      I’m all over the place I really thought it was coming to an end but unfortunately not

      Also dealing with urine infection symptoms but no infection 

      Thanks for taking the time to reply I really appreciate it x

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