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I am back again. Posting here has become part of my routine and I just can't help it. I am going to the psychiatrist in a few days now with the support of my family. I will try medicine since it is my last resort. I can say it has been the 4 most debilitating months of my life, where I have suffered every physical symptom of anxiety 24/7. I have been tired and feeling physically ill every day. Chronic dizziness, insomnia, nausea, loss of apetite, visual disturbances, palpitations, etc. I have no relief at all. From the moment that I wake up till the moment that I sleep (if I can even manage to do that) I feel bad, physically and mentally. I have stopped enjoying things I liked, because I can't even concentrate on them or because I feel some weird physical symptom that is hard to ignore. After therapy, meditation, excercise, etc I have come to the point where I find no way out. I just want to know, has anyone felt like this? Is this going to be my new "normal"? Will it always be this debilitating? Because I can't imagine one more day like this. I forgot how it feels to have a good night sleep or to not feel dizzy or to feel "normal". I am lost, sorry for posting again. I just can't really help it anymore.  I just really think this is what my life will be now. I don't even know if medication will aliviate the physical symptopms, because all one reads are negative stories.

If anyone is going through this, I am sorry. I know how horrible it is and I wouldn't wish this to anyone.

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    I understand your pain, I've had severe anxiety on and off since it was triggered last year. Im weaning off the medication now but experiencing similar startup symptoms.  Are you using medication? If not I think its time to consider it in your position.

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      I want to, its my last resort. Did medication help? 
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      Could be various other factors in play but in short, yes. It eliminated all symptoms for an extended period of time. I went from being in a crisis, to forgetting to take my medication because I was feeling great again. I only came off because I am 28 and the idea of relying on medication for the rest of my life is something i was willing to change.

      The fact that youve said 4 months of hell, 24/7 tells me you need to consider this option. I admire you for lasting 4 months like this! I was on the brink of being able to cope after 3 weeks. 

      Do your research before you actually take the medication your doctor recommends. They always go with a trial and error method to see what AD's work for you (unless you have family members who respond well to certain meds). I was given Sertraline to start with which actually sent me into another crisis as my body rejected it after the first pill.

      My first suggestion based on your symptoms would be Mirtazapine. It will combat insomnia and appetite loss immediately. Sometimes thats enough to turn things around and get your body back into the recovery process. 

      All the above is based on my own personal experience so it may be different for you. 


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    Take a copy of your letter above and show it to you health Professional, it may save you time, when you are trying to explain your problem.

    I hope you get the treatment you deserve and need


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    Please remember my messages, ana. At some point you will get there and you can read it all in your own time. Away from the source(s) means less symptoms.
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    Hey ana,

    You've done a great job dealing with it for 4 months. I was like you a few years ago but the doctors didn't diagnose me with anxiety until a year later, it was awful. I ended up on citalopram and I can tell you it saved my life! I only went off of it because I fell pregnant with my 3rd child!

    I am currently on 20mg of escitalopram now and I feel 70% better than what I did 8 weeks ago!

    If medication is your last resort then do it chick! There is no reason you have to live like this if you dont have to. The medication will make it worse before better though but trust me it is worth it in the end. The main symptom I always get with my anxiety is my head spins all the time and it hasn't for 2 weeks now which is awesome. Just waiting for the rest of the symptoms to die down and then I'll be good. Anxiety is truly a devil in disguise! I wish you all the best!


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    Im the same as you and well i was tired of not being able to live life anymore because of my anxiety. Def give meds a chance, they might change your life for the better.
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    I know in a way how you’re feeling. My anxiety is ridiculous, I have to force myself to go outside, I’m terrified to go anywhere because for some reason I’m scared somethings going to happen or I’m going to die, it sounds ridiculous but I can’t help it. My body is stressed all day every day and I cannot relax, even when I focus on other things. I’m currently seeking therapy and I’m going to try more new medications. You’re not alone, don’t ever feel like you are. This is absolutely horrible and i wouldn’t wish it on anyone
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    Who is the idiot diagnosing people with a WiFi illness that dude is sooo stupid he just has no idea

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