How to get the Vitamin C inserted deeply in the vagina?

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Ok, I may have made a little bit of progress with my BV. I've been inserting it twice per day for the past 5 days and I tested my discharge with PH paper and it's in the 4 range which is good for the vagina. It hasn't been 4 in years...

My question is, how do I get the Vitamin C deep enough into my vagina?

If you read this abstract about a study on Vitamin C and BV - It says "apply a tablet deeply into the vagina once daily for 6 days."

How deep do I insert it and how do I do it?

I can only push the Vitamin C in about half the length of my longest finger (I have average size length fingers.)

Is this deep enough???

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    Hi rachel

    with any ovule, vaginal pessary etc, it should always be placed high in the vagina, near cervix.

    lay down on bed, legs up, and gently push / guide to the top.

    always better to place in vagina at night at bedtime so it works while sleeping and stays put for a few hours 

    i have never used Vit C internally, but above is how others should be placed in vagina

    high as possible  

    jay x

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      Thank you jayneejay. I inserted 2 500mcg Vitamin C tablets with a pessarary as high up in my vagina as I possibly could. That's a good tip to insert it before bedtime do that it stays up there without leaking.

      It has leaked out a bit already, but that's because I inserted it at lunchtime. But it isn't stinging as much, so hopefully that's a good time that it's staying up there and changing my PH. Fingers crossed.

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      hi i was wondering if any of you that have inserted the vitamin for the firs time did you have any pain or did it hurt at all like a burning feeling????
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      Taking the vitamin c tablet orally seemed to work better for me...when i inserted it inside it was only a temporary fix. Scent went away but the discharge was still there and then slowly but surely the scent came back again after a day and 1/2
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      it will sting if it comes down. so put it at night time. it will stay high up and you will be asleep if it does sting you wont feel it. in th morning it will all be clear

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    I'm not sure if the forum will allow - but this is an excellent review of several studies on alternative therapies inclusive of Vitamin C and yogurt (Institute of Midwifery - will be happy to message the link if it doesn't appear):  

    I have continued to use vitamin C inserted - it seems to have some positive effect - I think the last step I need is to cut out caffiene in the morning (very hard to do - I love my coffee most). 

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      Thanks Jess. I was looking for articles about Vitamin C and BV but couldn't find it. I remember looking at one before but couldn't find it again. Thanks for showing me. smile

      I'm just dumbfounded that this article could be around for over 10 years, yet hardly any doctor recommends the Vitamin C insertion treatment.... I think because the drug companies would lose out on so much profit (even though it doesn't seem to work long term because judging by a lot of forums I've been to, A LOT of women have trouble with this.)

      I also think it could be a case of doctors and even gyneacologsists not educating themselves enough. It's their job, they get paid 100s of thousands PER YEAR to specialise in this field, yet I feel that I, and many other women with this condition, are more educated than they are about BV and the advances and different treatments available. I feel like i get 100x more information online.

      Send me hope. neutral sad

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      I know I know! My GP/ Ob GYN (I'm in Canada) has point blank told me that I know more about nutrition than she does, as she only took about 6 hours of it in her studies. I feel that at least here in North America we have a pharmaceutical model. There is a bit of a war on natural supplimentation at a regulatory level here as well (not to say we don't have access to great products, they jump through hoops to get on the shelves).

      Its going to be the homeopaths/naturopaths/holistic nutritionists that provide this info. I'm grateful for my GP and the hospital for emergency care....but beyond that - not much else.

      Some excellent reading if you've not already (oldie/goodies):

      Dr Christine Northorp - Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom

      and the classic 

      Perscription for Nutritional Healing

      Niether said anything about vitamin C - but I found that has worked for me in combination with the green tea (and a BIG limit to coffee sad ) and sitz bath in epson salt and apple cider vinegar - of course - no sugar, cows dairy, wheat and alcohol while healing. 

      Good luck! It won't last forever. Listen to your body.

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    What kind ov vit. C tablets do u get or what are they called, like the brand
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      Hi Alicia. I use Vitamin C-500mg.

      The ingredients are: Ascorbic Acid, Vegetable Cellulose. Contains less than 2% of: Silica, Vegetable Magnesium, Vegetable Stearic Acid.

      It has no sweeteners, artificial colour, no sugar, no gluten, no wheat, no fish.

      It's hard to find plain Vitamin C. I hope my Vitamin C is ok. I had to but it online because all of the off the shelf vitamins in my country have sweeteners and other stuff in them.

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      so its a basic vitamin -c you would buy / take like multi- vitamins ??
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      Yes, it's mostly just an ascorbic acid tablet, which is another name for Vitamin C. Get one without any sugar or sweeteners or colouring. NOT chewable. Again, you may have to order it online if your pharmacy only have chewable tablets.


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    For this very reason I take the vitamin C pills by mouth. It might work well inserting it too, but because it really needs to reach the problem area WAY in the are not really getting that far back. However, if it is still working for you; that's good. I would recommend also taking one by mouth daily just to make sure. the bacteria is being cleaned from your system. I have been taking the Vitamin C by mouth along with a women's multi-vitamin, folic acid, vitamin d3, and femdophilus (1 capsule twice per day) and it has been working out well.

    When I tried only inserting the Vitamin C it worked for a couple of days but then it came back back. Anyways, please try taking it by mouth. Just a suggestion. I hope whatever you do you find a cure! x

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      how long do it take for everything to go away when take these vitamin C pills orally? do it make you discharge?


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