How soon after surgery can I go in the pool

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Hi Everyone, i am having LTHR Aug 9, do you think I wil be ready to go back in the pool anytime in Aug or Oct?  You may be thinking, " girl, pool will be the last thing on your mind" you can tell me that!  lol 

thanks Annette

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    hi Annette,

    usually around 6-8 weeks when you have less movement restrictions, off pain meds can drive and dress and undress, walk with no help. The main issue is the incision must be heeled. Not getting it wet for several weeks. After ur dr approves the incision has heeling and you can bathe and swim ask for water therapy exercises to stregthen your new hip.

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    Let me inform you that this type of surgery isn't a joke and it depend totally in your healing process. But dont think you going to be swimming laps. Maybe just chilling as long as your wound is healed

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      I feel kind of ebarrassed, I really should of said " how soon after surgery can I go in the pool"  I meant lay on a float.  I won't go nerar the pool till next spring.  smile 

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      cheesygrincheesygrincheesygrin .... do you mean laying on a floating device , air mattrass, in the pool???

      well, that brings up other challenges .. you have to get on the thing, position yourself , float and get off without breaking 90 degree rule or any other rule ...

      I apologize for being so ignorant 

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      Yes I did mean that and told my husband I thought it was a bad idea ( of course I would have asked the therapist or Dr) I kind of figured for posture alone it wouldn't work)

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      LOL, Annette.  That is my kind of 'swimming,' too!  I love to laze in the water.  I'd maybe be in the water and not just on a float, but I love stretching out and relaxing.  Actual swimming -- not so much!

      You do have to make sure the incision is completely healed.  Plus I think the rest of falling around a slippery pool deck is a factor.  Be very careful with that.


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      Very true, Renee.  I forgot all about the logistics of getting on a flotation device....and getting off!
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      Hi Annette ,I think a big challenge is the drag on your body when you are getting in and out of the pool.A friend of mine that teaches water aerobics said to pay attention to the extra drag put on your body.Some gyms that have pools are supposed to have a device for helping you in and out of the pool.Im 8 weeks out,starting back to work tomorrow but am nervous due to exercise limitations imposed by the fracture.I think just getting in a pool with a floatations device sounds good and same to for a whirlpool.Always feel free to ask questions here. Cant always word everything elegantly,but the question is what's important.

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      I love the water too!!!!  I so miss swimming laps...... 60 yr old fm hippie that use to swim 6 days a week until I got too broken and could not get "in and out of the pool"......

      you can go and walk in the pool and float as soon as the incision is healed and the doctor says it is okay..... 

      Have you ever had "Watsu"......a form of massage done in the water??.... check in your area under hydrotherapy / Watsu in your area...... OMG.....I miss that too!!..... 

      Sounds like you are ready to be healed..... lol....slow down and take your time...... do they let you take tubs yet??..... get some bath bombs for relaxation and relax....... hopefully you will be go go going real soon and giving us updates......

      Take care......hugs on the wind

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    Would you mind telling what had happened that you had to go for LTHR. Why I am asking is because I am going to have LTHR in couple of days and I am only 34 years. 
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      Hi Harry,

      You are young for a THR but I see others in this forum even younger.  For me the cause is arthritis.  Have you been very active? I knew a guy 30 years ago going in at 30 years old due to a lifetime of skiing.  Keep us posted you will find great information here look for Rocketmans  guide it give a ton of helpful needed information. Good luck and stay in touch.


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      Harry l am a normal 43 year old and at 42 complete shock l got told l needed both hip replaced. I thought l had pulled a muscle in my groin and after months and months and the pain getting worse l 32 sent for xtays and a week later l was told l had bad OA. I jave had both hips replaced now and they are great but now l have to get knees replaced too. All this at 43. I wish l could give you reason why l have had all this so young.......and l sm not the youngest on this forum. But l can't. I am not overweight it does not run in my family so god knows sometimes it just happens. I get my 1sr knee done 16th august. I am gonna have legs like the terminator ha ha. I have been tested to see if it is a bone disorder and its not so at 34 you are not that young.

      There is also sarah and megan one who id 18 and the other 21 who are both going through it. Life sucks sometimes but you het there

      Laura ??

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      I just had a RTHR 12-days ago.  The Dr. used the Aterior approach (standard).  I was out of surgery by 10:00a and out of the hospital by 7:00p.  I do much better in my home environment than at the hospital.

      Everyone is different, trust your body.  My Dr. said that outside of some weird "yoga moves" I didn't need to worry about dislocation and that I was 100% weight-bearing immediately after surgery.

      I'm not going to tell you that there's not a fair amount of pain.  I was surprised at the soreness, tenderness, and lack of strength all the way to my knee.  In my case, I never used a walker and was up and around using the cane for 5-days following surgery.  

      I have received in-house threapy 4-times dung my first week and 6-days after surgey gave up the cane and I am focused on walking without a limp.  I did about a mile walking yesterday.  My Dr. cleared me to golf on Father's day (2-weeks away) provided I could handle the pain, if any.

      This will be the BEST thing you can do to improve your quality of life.

      Good luck and God Bless.

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      Hi Harry,

      I'm 31 and just had my second major hip surgery. The first was a reconstruction of my left hip due to congenital dysplasia and resulting oa that made walking and eventually even sitting still excruciating. That was at 17 years old. Now at 31, my hip had developed multiple bone spurs and walking was again very painful, which led to my thr 19 days ago. While we are young for this surgery, I can tell you I've had a much easier and faster recovery than most and I attribute that mostly to my youth. I've been walking with just a cane for about a week and am quite mobile.

      How did your surgery go? How long before you were able to walk without assistance and without pain?

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    Hi Annette,

    i love swimming too! My consultant told me not to go in a normal swimming pool until 6 weeks minimum (I went at 7 weeks) due to risk of infection, even if you think the wound looks healed. 

    You our can use a hydro pool in a hospital though iafter 5 days as these are monitored specially for patients post surgery so research if/where you have one of those locally to you. You won't be able to drive for at least 6 weeks and even getting in and out of the car as a passenger is tricky for the first 3-4 weeks so bear that in mind.

    At 3 months I was back to swimming a few laps, but had to build up slowly and did my hydro therapy exercises in the pool most days. When I did too many I was very sore the next day. Am 4 months now and swim a mile 2 or 3 times a week like before my op. 

    My advice is to try to find hydrotherapy sessions in a hospital near your home until 6-8 weeks as this was fantastic for me and then go slowly when you go to your normal pool after that.

    As the other reply says, this surgery is really major and you will need to spend the first 6 weeks resting and healing, or you could risk your recovery. At 6 weeks you can start on the exercises etc but take it slow.

    Good luck!


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