How long did your first outbreak last for?

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How long did your first outbreak last for, and can you take two doses of the 5 day tablets as I still have painful ulsurs near my bottom.

Thank you

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    Hi. Personally, I took a tab in a.m and p.m for 3-5 days and then 1 a day from then on. It should clear up quickly. Try taking an Epsom salt bath. I also use Summers Eve feminine powder during outbreaks. I just put a little in my underwear and it cools the sensation. I'm sure once you get through this and are on suppression therapy you'll almost forget you even have it. I've had it 10 years and barely an outbreak after my initial one. Good Luck. smile
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      Thank you for the reply!

      I haven't been wearing any underwear and I clean the sores with cold cotton pads three times daily and take a warm bath either in the morning or night (normally when it's super painful)

      The pain has defiantly got better.

      I was just wondering, they are almost like a ring around my bottom and they're bright red, they're not really risen, quite flat tbh, some with the White/yellow scabs I think? Does this mean they're nearly gone?

      I have vaginismus so I haven't been able to open the hole, but it's actually opening now and the discharge has stopped which is brilliant. I think I had thrush at the same time, so I think the cream helped.

      I don't want to use anything other than water and tablets, but thank you for your suggestions.

      That's brilliant that you have never had any re-occurrences. Did you start the tablets straight after your first outbreak had ended?

      Sorry did you say how long your first outbreak started?

      One more question, what do you do in terms of your sexual health now? Do you have regular sex? Are men understanding when you tell them?

      I don't have a boyfriend and I would like regular sex, but I can't see a guy wanting to be infected, just for no strings attached sex, so I'm just wondering what it is I should do?

      Thank you

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      I think that's good not wearing underwear, especially at night. Good idea wink

      I began Valtrex (same as acyclovir btw) right away after diagnosis. I've had less than 7 outbreaks EVER in 10 years. Once I started the meds I was on it once a day for a long time, then I had switched doctors and that doctor told me I only needed it when an outbreak occurs. The instructions for that was 2 a day for 5 days. I've never had an issue with it clearing up with that therapy. Extreme stress caused an outbreak one time for me.

      As for sex, I am always honest about my condition. I was betrayed by the jerk who did this to me but that's not the type of person I am. I've had 1 person not want to "deal" with it and decided not to go out with me but that's ok, not sweat off my brow lol. Other than that I've been very successful. It won't matter to the right guy. Be honest when you feel it's right and you'll be fine. It's a common issue so it's not really a big deal. Especially yo someone worth your while. wink

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      Okay, so you have tablets as soon as you get the sores again?

      How long does it take it clear?

      I would like to have no symptoms whatsoever after this time, as it's been pure hell!

      I have had this outbreak for a week now, how long do you think I have left?

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      Yes. I have life long refills on my script lol. It SERIOUSLY says 999 refills lmao! Of course you want to be symptom free and you WILL get there smile Keep taking your meds twice a day. If you've been on them a week I think it will subside in the next 2-3 days. Have you seen an improvement? It's kinda coming back to me from those 10 years ago that my first therapy may have actually been a 10 day. You can take up to 3 a day from what my aunt (also a victim) told me. So you could do a morning, noon, and evening. You should be fine in a day or two I'm 99% sure of that. smile I promise the hell will go away. Chin up.
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      Ummmm hell no. I'd rather supress than wait. Also, insurance covers it 100% They don't just heal that fast. Why in the world would I put myself through that? And Uuuhhh 10 years here on meds no breakout.
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      Thanks -- that actually helped me too. I just have been kind of down about it but I've done TONS of research. I'm 5 days in on my primary outbreak and I can already see some of them have gotten better. It looks like I might have more coming, but I've been using alcohol and suppressive meds (valtrex). I plan on being as smart and happy as you! You're my role model. I'm going to make something of myself and take suppressive meds. I'm also going to take L Lycine (w/ immune booster) every day after this.

      Thanks for your support and letting me share.

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    Im soooo damn in pain now. Almost 1 week my private area is still swelling, sore and aching. Im crying everytym I am in a toilet for pee. God! even the medicine that the Ob and Derma Doctors prescribed to me is Not helping the hell im experiencing me now. Please help me to through it. Im working and need to stand and walk. I wanna die!
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      It will was! I promise. And your body will get more use to this stupid skin rash we have as time goes on.  Take ibuprofen and try taking salt baths. You're through the toughest part, I promise. 

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