How I cured my Oesophagitis, GERD, Heartburn issues

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I was diagnosed with Esophagitis Stage 2, along with GERD, Heartburn, flatulence, chest pain.....etc. I could not eat many of the foods i like including spicy stuff, desserts, chips, chocolates....etc. I began envying others who could eat anything and everything. If I ate anything other than easily digestible stuff, I got extreme pain in the chest and burning sensation through the throat to the stomach. It was horrible and I was past simple Antacids and Proton pump Inhibitors available in the market.

Proton Pump Inhibitors such as Omeprazole, pantoprazole, lansoprazole all of them work on the same principle of reducing acid production so each of these need to be eaten before food. Ranitidine is a not a PPI and is an older generation antacid that works for simple gas, flatulence. When it becomes chronic, PPIs are usually prescribed.

Few Alternatives that worked for me and should work for you as well.

- Every morning after brushing, drink a glass of fresh and pure unadulterated ALOE VERA juice.  Remember the Aloe vera juice packaged in HEB/Kroger/Walmart sometimes contains other fruit juices mixed and also a lot of preservatives. The purer the Aloe juice the better it is for GERD/Hearburn patients.

Tip: I usually add to 1/2 glass of water, 1/4 glass Aloe vera juice and 1/4 glass of AMLA juice(Indian gooseberry juice) for maximized effect.

Take 1 glass Aloe Vera juice whenever heartburn, gerd, flatulence, esophagitis symptoms increase. When you drink it ensure that you dont let air pass through, so you have to drink it in one gulp. This ensures that the Aloe vera juice coats your food pipe fully touching the Esophagus and stomach lining. When you give a gap, air also goes in and it is not so effective. 

- Try to avoid processed foods, desserts, baked goods, oily stuff, fast foods, meats for a while till the issue is resolved. Also avoid Alcohol and smoking at all costs. No carbonated drinks as well.

- Drink lots of Watermelon juice, Buttermilk. Cut down on milk and curd. Anything that requires a lot of acid to digest is bad for you. Take the very easily digestible foods and drinks. Eat salads for few days.

- Drink warm water with half a lemon juice mixed with 1 capsule turmeric. Avoid cold water if possible along with cold beverages, coffee, sodas. Only drink luke warm water when possible during the day. See my explanation above on why you need to drink in one single gulp without air entering.

- Do deep breathing such that your lungs are full and you cannot take any more air and then exhale. Do this for 1 minute daily.  Avoid anxiety, depression and tension and anger as much as possible as it precipates heartburn.

- Dont skip meals, and eat on time daily. If you skip breakfast or lunch and eat more of dinner the situation will become worse; Also I noticed that if I skip eating a meal, I tend to binge eat foods i like in the next meal to make up. This aggravates the issue, as more acid is produced by the stomach to now digest all the food.

 Now after taking this for a month, I dont have the heartburn symptoms anymore and am off Antacids and PPI's. I am able to now eat few of the foods I love but I still regulate my food as if I binge the symptoms return and then I have to diet to control it.

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    Another thing that should not be done(My learnings)

    - Sleep on time. If  awake due to binge watching tv till late, I noticed that heartburn increased, so I have to drink water to cool down the food pipe and any excess acid. Also if you usually get up at 7:00 AM for example and I got up early at 4:00am than heartburn increased. In this case, we need to keep the food pipe watered, so drink water so it does not cause issues.

    - Dont take stress and tension at any cost. If you do get stressed, atleast breathe properly, so it does not affect the heartburn. I noticed acid production increases during stress. Drink water or do deep breathing.

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    I forgot to mention in my earlier thread that I had this problem for many years around 10+ and I think I neglected it till it became acute.

    I initially tried Antacids TUMS, digene...and other OTC versions.

    Then I graduated to H2 Blockers such as ranitidine, famotidine, cimetidine..

    When it became acute, I started taking Omeprazole initially, then gratually was prescribed lansoprazole and pantoprazole.

    I am glad that I got the correct advice at a correct time or it would have graduated to a stomach/peptic ulcer, and then to some kind of cancer. I am only telling this as I think my experience will help others who are facing this.

    The combination of Aloe Vera juice and Amla juice is very powerful and any and all inflammations enroute will be taken care in the gastric food pipe from the throat to Oesophagus to the stomach. You will feel a cooling sensation in the stomach.

    I have seen people with heartburn graduate to Esophaghal and stomach cancer. Do not ignore the heartburn as a simple issue that can be solved by simply taking an Antacid like TUMS or Digene. Please share and I will be happy if this helps at least one person. 

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      Thank you so much for your information all this points are very helpful.
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    Thank you very much for sharing this post with all of us. Mines been good for about 12 weeks but ate quite a lot of white bread yesterday as it was my sons birthday and as really flared it up to the point as I've been having spasms in my stomach. My fault cause white bread is really bad for me. So thanks again for this post x

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      Hi Karen, yes that has been my experience as well. All breads, cakes, pastries, puffs, biscuits, pizza, doughnuts, sweets, desserts....etc aggravate the issue.

      Stomach produces more acid to digest these foods, and when acid becomes over produced, it pushes upwards to the esophagus and it starts eating/burning into the stomach lining/esophagus which is just above stomach as well as GI tract above the esophagus. That's the reason we feel the extreme burn and pain. It initially starts with gas/flatulence/loud burping and graduates to gerd/heartburn/chest pain/esophagitis -grade I/II/III/IV/V....and so on till cancer of esophagus/stomach.

      Please try the Aloe Vera and Amla juice combination in water. Both cool the stomach acid naturally, and heal the burns/ulcers near the esophagus and help regenerate stomach lining.

      Also try extremely diluted buttermilk(1 part greek yogurt -0% fat + 10 parts water + pinch of salt) and add some grinded corriander/mint leaves. This also was very beneficial and cooling.


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      Thank you very much for this advice and I will certainly try all these things out. I had bloods work done a few weeks ago to run out anything serious x
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      Hello Karen - do you get the spasms  with other gluten containing foods as well? If so get tested fort Coeliac Disease - but you need to be eating at least 4 slices of bread daily before the endoscopy. This is an insidious disease and has a wide range of symptoms.
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    I had previously started this therapy using Aloe vera juice occassionally once or twice a week but that did not prove useful. Also, I tried multiple brands of Aloe Vera juice at HEB, before settling on one that actually worked. How do you know the Aloe Vera juice is pure? As soon as you drink it, the heartburn subsides in the next 2 minutes.

    1) The important thing here is to take the Aloe Vera Juice + Amla Concentrate and water continuously for a month everyday morning. The importance of combining both these ingredients cannot be stressed enough here. It is similar feeling like somebody applied a cooling gel on burnt skin.

    2) Also drinking luke warm water multiple times per day, ensuring that it is not sipped but gulped down at once without air entering the GI tract. 

    3) Also strict diet control, complete alcohol/smoking ban. Avoid taking too many tablets(Multivitamins, pain killers...etc) at once, as GERD symptoms increase. 

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      Hi ,

      Thank you so much for the advice that you have been sharing. I have been taking the aloe vera juice for a month now, and now feel a lot better. However, i still have a feeling of a lump in my throat. Is this because of the GERD and heartburn ? Also, is it absolutely necessary to mix AMLA and Aloe vera juice. I have not used the AMLA as of now, I could only get hold of the Aloe Vera juice you suggested.

      Please let me know , how can I get rid of the lump sensation of the throat

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    Hi navi05395

    thank you for sharing your experience and tips. I have esophagitis not sure what stage..i have throat pain and trouble swallowing hard or crispy foods(including veggies). i am eating only rice and oats cooked into smooth paste.

    i cannot take strong PPI's as i get diarrea. I am taking omeprazole 20 in morning and zantac 300 at night. it doesn't seem to help a lot.

    How long did you use PPI and how long did it take to heal this.

    Thank you so much! 


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      Hello how are you now? I'm also experiencing your problem now. May know how long did the dysphagia last? And were you able to back to normal?

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    Is there any alternate medicine for Omeprazole.. i am very scared its been 4 weeks since had endoscopy and diagnosed with esophagitis and my doctor asked to use Zantac and said its not effective so give some time. 

    What do i do ... i have side effects with panthoprazole 40 and Omeprazole 40.. just using 20mg Omeprazole seems to be tolerable. 

    i lost more than 15 pounds in about few weeks.

    Please give your advice..please reply

    Thank you

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      did you get your oesophagitis under control?


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    hello. im jack and i went to china 2 years when i got GERD. did your belching and bloated feeling are also gone ?????

    please reply

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    Hello,  read your post makes more since than most Dr.s  I want tell you my story and see if you agree.  Thanks for you time by the way.  2 years back I had an oral surgery that caused my anxiety to go crazy which resulted in acid reflux that messed me throat up.  After awhile it corrected.  It took like 6 months its seems.  Last superbowl I went way overboard.  Hot wings/poppers/beer basically made a bomb in my stomach. Didnt feel anything that Monday. By Tuesday i was coughing, I thought it was by being by the bon fire and also my son had the Flu.  Next thing I knew I had chest pains like a heart attack.  Started left side below my nipple to the far left rib, then my upper chest. I got a ekg and did not pass it.  Nothing major but my gp set me an appointment with a cardiologist.  I believe I had oesophagitis.  Inflammation got in my left lung from the coughing and acid.  It makes my heart beat faster all the time.  Is this what you experienced.  I have a apportionment with a GI dr.  but im concerned with Barretts and Cancer.  Please help.

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