Hepatocellular Disease

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So I just got my ultrasound results back. Bit of back story, 25 years old, not overweight, non-drinker or smoker. I began having a slight ache on my upper right side of my abdomen and decided to check it out. Doc said it was IBS but I insisted on getting an ultrasound, he budged and I had an abdominal ultrasound done. Just got the results back is what it said regarding my liver, “The liver is normal in contour and exhibits nonspecific, inhomogeneous echotexture which can be seen in hepatocellular disease measuring 15.2 cm in length. There are no hepatic masses. The biliary tree and portal venous system are normal.” Now I’m freaking out because I have no idea what it could be and the pain is still there, any idea what it could be?

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    Also my liver function tests came out in normal ranges: AST 18 IU/L ; ALT 28 IU/L ; Alkaline Phosphate 84 IU/L. My Triglicerydes did jump to 230 mg/dL up from 80 mg/dL just last month.
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    You need to have a discussion with your GP to find out more. I would be booking an appoitment for tomorrow if it were me.
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    Quick update:

    Went to get a CT scan yesterday and it basically said "gallbladder, pancreas, liver, kidneys appear unremarkable. No fluids present." So I wanted to see how come the ultrasound said one thing but the CT scan said another, and which one should i trust more.

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      Ultrasound for me every time. I have/have had, cirrhosis and a brain haemorrhage/bleed on the brain.

      It has been CT scan for the brain and ultrasound for the liver and other internal organs. A CT scan cannot observe the internal organs in the same way that a trained experienced radiologist can.

      You will note that use of the language, they do not say, everything is okay. They use the cop out, everything is unremarkable. Which means they didn't see anything, but that doesn't rule it out.

      If you want to check for yourself, put 'ultrasound vs ct scan for liver' and read the top reply.

      In the UK, I never hear of anyone having a CT scan for the liver and internal organs, but it does seem a popular option in the US. Maybe it is down to money.

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      Sorry to disagree with you but I have had a CT scan for liver and colon in June.

      As it happens it showed a swollen liver but not e nough detail so had to also have MRI

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      I think different scans are better then others for picking up different things. I have had a ct scan, an MRI and 2 ultrasounds. All of the scans agreed my liver is enlarged but only the ultrasounds saw I had fatty liver, unfortunately ultrasounds aren't always able to tell the difference between fatty liver and fibrosis. All these tests have their limits.. I am now waiting for an appt for a fibroscan. Biopsy really is the only sure way to know how much liver damage there is but fibroscan is 2nd best for determining fatty liver, fibrosis or cirhossis as it measures liver stiffness.

      There are different kinds of liver disease and different tests are better at evaluating different forms.

      I hope your feeling somewhat better Gill ?

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      I totally agree with you that  different scans are better than others at picking up different things. All I was referring to was the fact that RHGB had stated that he had never heard of anyone in the UK having a scan on the colon and internal organs whereas I live in the UK and have had 2 CT scans of the liver.

      I am at the moment waiting for a major operation to remove two segments of my liver which have been badly damaged by stones caused apparently by a malformed bile duct as a result of a rare genetic defect discovered by having CT scan followed by MRI scan 

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      Oh boy, sorry to hear you need more surgery sad but happy they know what's wrong and what needs to be done to help you get better.

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      The good news is the liver is an awesome organ and can regenerate ♡♡
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      I have never mentioned the colon, this is the 'liver' forum and all the topics are about the liver and connected organs, so any mention of the internal organs are those that an abdominal ultrasound covers:

      "Abdominal ultrasound is a type of imaging test. It is used to look at organs in the abdomen, including the liver, gallbladder, spleen, pancreas, and kidneys."

      Of course as an abdominal ultrasound does not cover the colon, then your GP/consultant would have organised a scan that did cover this.

      For your colon, this is what is used:


      But as I know virtually nothing about colons, other than roughly what they do, I do not get involved in that part of the forum.

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      I know this is the liver forum and I have got liver disease (Caroli's disease) which is why I come on it. What you actually said is and I quote "I have never heard of anyone in the UK having a CT scan of the liver" and I was just pointing out that I have had a scan of the liver, so now you know people do in the UK have scans of the liver. My first CT was scan of liver and colon followed by MRI scan.  I was given a written report which confirmed that both were included. Since then I have had a further CT scan of the liver in St. James Leeds which is a regional centre of excellence for liver disease.

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    Hi Peter,

    Have you seen hepatologist? Any firther update on the case? I have been experiencing the same symptom (upper right abdominal pain ) and going to get my ultrasound done in two days. have you checked out if you have Gilbert's syndrome? 

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    My cat scan w/o contrast said my liver was fine other then being enlarged at 20cm. I pushed for an ultrasound because I have every single skin symptom of liver disease. I am 35 female and just had it done on Tuesday. I got a call this morning from Drs office and they told me I had fatty liver and if I was still having abdominal pain they would refer me to a gastro. I accepted and got an appt unfortunately they can't see me until end of August..

    I had to drive past my Dr office around 430 today so I popped in to grab the report for my records.

    It says.... Diffuse increased echogenicity of the liver suggesting hepatocelluar disease likely caused by fatty liver...

    Now I'm freaking out cause to me it looks like the radiologist is saying I have some kind of liver disease likely CAUSED by fatty liver and all I was told was that I had fatty liver...

    I am trying to figure out what to do and how can I make my liver better.

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      Lol confused about my results... I was waiting for you to reply to my post on the thread smile I saw your post yesterday said you would respond to me today lol
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      I meant to say my thread

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