Help to get to bottom of possible IBS?

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I've been suffering for 2 years now with loose bowel movements and really bad nausea. I use to go to the toilet once every 1 or 2 days and my movements would be formed and now I go everyday and very loose, like sludge almost on bad days. On the days I feel really sick, I can go up to 4 times a day. It normally starts with feeling really sick then I'll need to keep going to the toilet. This can last several days, some times up to a week before I start to feel better.

I have been in hospital twice in the past two years with this and had numerous tests that have failed to show anything. Bowel samples have been tested too. The only thing I've never had done is a colonoscopy. I was also tried on buscopan which made no difference whatsoever.

I have kept food diaries but can't work out what is causing me to feel so sick and my bowels to be this way. I can eat the same thing one week and be fine and the next week not! Is there any easy way to work out which food or foods could be causing this? It's extremely frustrating and I hate feeling so sick all the time!

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    Sounds like Functional Diarrhoea to me.

    How old are you?

    Have you had any weight loss? Ever any blood in stool? Any FH of Bowel Ca?

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      Hi Ben,

      I have just turned 27. I have lost weight due to struggling to eat when I'm suffering from the nausea. I have never had blood in my stool and no samples that were sent to be tested ever came back with having blood in them. Also no history of bowel cancer within the family. I will have a look into the functional diarrhea. Thsnks for your reply.

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    I sometimes get bad nausea with mine but I found its mostly what food I eat. Have you tried the fodmap diet? I followed this for a bit and eventually improved but also figured out it was certain vegetables and fruit which can be hard to digest and cause gas which caused my upset tummy and nausea. I found if I eat broccoli, baked beans, tomatoes, cabbage, onions, tough skins or fruits such as apples an upset gut can last 3 to 4 days even if I avoided these foods again. It can take a couple of days for it to all settle back down.

    Good news is beer, bread, meats etc are all fine so just certain vegetables/fruits kick it all off.

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      Hi Rob, Thank you for your reply. I have tried the fodmap diet in the past and didn't feel it made much difference although it may be worth a try again! I do eat a lot of fruit and veg so will need to keep a closer eye this time on them possibly being the issue. Thanks,

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    Slightly personal question but when you go to the toilet, is there like an afterburn around your anus? If so, try celery juice. It's really good for settling the acid in the stomach and re-aligning your bowel movements. You should take it every day, around 1/2pt.

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      Hi, Thanks for your reply. I can't say I've experienced that after going to the toilet however the celery juice sounds good and something I need to try. I'll have a look in the shops for this and give it a go. Thank you!

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      I've struggled to find anywhere that sells just celery juice. Most juices also contain other green veg in the bottles. Where might I get this? I am keen to try it as I've just been struggling still with keeping a food diary and getting nowhere with working out what's causing this!


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      If you have a mixer you could buy celery and blend it yourself.  I have a juicer for fruit and a mixer that handles vegetables and fruit.  In that way you can be sure of getting pure celery juice.
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    It does sound like IBS if everything is coming back clear.  I was diagnosed with IBS without a colonoscopy. Doctors would only order a colonoscopy if you had a very high fecal calprotectin test or you had red flag symptoms like blood or unexplained rapid weight loss.  The best way of identifying problem foods is a food and symptom diary.  It may be a good idea to continue with your diary to identify a pattern. Foods being fine one week but the same foods causing trouble the next week, is common with IBS. 
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      Thanks for your reply. I'm still keeping my food diary to try and work it out. It's really hard though! Is there any IBS medication that helps treat nausea and loose bowels? All medication I can see seems to be for cramps and pains etc which I don't get.


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      Imodium or codeine are good for loose bowels.  For nausea I try small sips of milk which helps to settle the stomach.  You could ask your doctor about the anti nausea med Zofran.  I haven't tried it myself because I try to take natural remedies whenever possible.  There may be others as well.

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      Thank you! I have got zofran. I take every now and then as the tablets cause constipation which then makes me feel worse but really does help ease the nausea for me. I will ask about Imodium however and codeine.

      I do try and get by without too as I don't want to keep taking tablets but I do feel I need something to help settle my gut/bowel. Thanks again!

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      If you get constipated, take lots of fruit and try a short term laxative.
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    Hi Elle,

    I suffer in the same way you do for over ten years, with it steadily getting worse. I've had a colonscopy and a gastroscopy. Neither showed up anything. It often feels like I'm loosing the battle, but we must perservere. I take an anti-emetic for the nausea and it has changed my life. I have tried several but dompierdome is the one.

    My nausea is hugely affected by tiredness, anxiety and yeah food - but I've basically given up on that one because unless it's lettuce it affects me in all symptoms of IBS. However I definitely do not eat legumes - that's disaster.

    Try to make sure you get enough rest, try to take away any unnecessary stress or anxiety - I find yoga/exercise helps with this. Unfortunately the stress/anxiety factor is an ever decreasing circle.

    It's really rubbish but I try to stay positive. I know my symptoms and tend to have a pill for every occasion. If you do start to get a flare up, take some time out. Unfortunately it is like living with a disability and you must make positive life changes to allow for it.

    I have a consultant who is pulling at straws to try and figure out a better way for me to manage it. Have you been referred? Last year I lost a stone after a 10 week flare up in which I couldn't keep anything down. Having been told time and time again "it's just IBS, live with it" they finally listened and I was referred to an incredible gastroenterologist. Obviously I'm glad it's not cancer, or colitis but also there seems to never be any end or solution. It really sucks. But knowing we're not alone in this fight does make it easier. And there is a lot of medicine out there to make our lives more manageable.

    Stay strong!


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      Hi Vicky,

      Sounds like you have a terrible time with your flare ups. Far worse than me. It is good to know you're not alone with all these symptoms but I know it still doesn't make it any easier at times. I hope your new gastro consultant can work out something to help you! Always try to stay positive that you'll soon get it figured out. I was referred a few times to gastroenterologist but I found them to be unhelpful and just gave me another anti sickness tablet to try. I ended up admitted to hospital twice then with it and extreme weight loss too.

      I have anti sickness tablet now that one gastroenterologist gave me who was a little better than the others - ondansetron tablets work the best for me. I try to take only when a full blown flare up happens now. Does it happen to you with almost any food you eat? I have noticed tomatoes look like an issue for me. Still trying to work it all out but! I eat a lot of tomato based things so unsure if its a build up or certain types.

      Hope you figure it all out soon as well!! Take care.

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