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if i sound mardy-sorry,but i am mardy!i had a hip replacement  9 weeks ago,and was told by 12 weeks i should be able to do anything i could before the op-that is very unlikely,as to where i am today!I live alone though my daughter popped in and out for the first 2 or 3 weeks,andive had help walking my 3 dogs,for which im very grateful.ive managed fine with housework,since,and for the last 4 weeks have managed 3 walks a day with my dogs,so i can manage my life(im 68 and dont work)sounds like im not doing too bad,i know-but i still get quite bad pain,in the hip,and also in my lower back,on the bad hip still using one crutch,i limp badly without it.If i try to increase my walk length,i get worse pain for a few days(-i usually walk round a medium sized field for each walk-)which is really depressing and dispiriting-i feel i ll never get back to normal!

ive seen my surgeon for my check up last week,he seems happy with me-but i seem to spend the best part of my day sitting about,and reluctant to move because it means pain!

ive had problems with painkillers,i cant take ibuprofen regularly,nor anything codeine based,so its paracetamol,which is frankly useless.i have my last physio appointment tomorrow,maybe i should ask advice?sorry to moan,but im feeling really depressed at the moment,id be grateful if anyone could give me some advice?thankyou for reading,pam.x

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    Dear Pam

    I've been saying the following on this forum so frequently that I felt sure that most people would be fed up with my saying this but I will risk saying it again!

    Please use both crutches regardless of what your physio says. The reasons are nit rocket science. Firstly it means that your recovering muscles are assisted whilst they are slowly recovering their strength. It also means that you are preventing your back from being harmed by walking and holding yourself in an unbalanced way.

    If you walk using a pair of elbow crutches you will life quickly teach your body what is a correct walking gait and there will automatically come a point day or weeks down the line where you suddenly realize that you no longer need them to walk strongly and with a good gait. Never be afraid to return to them for a short time if needed.

    You have very likely out your back out so I would suggest that you should make an appointment to see a good chiropractor but preferably not a McTimoey one.

    No I'm nit a doctor just a normal guy of 76 who has had one hip replacement twenty one years ago and had it revised last year and the same with an ankle

    Joint replacement. I've also have had many chiropractor appointments due to having a very physically demanding job and rarely have back pain these days but if I do I know what to do if I do!

    Good luck.


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      thanks richard-i do feel better using two crutches,but i was told to drop down to one inside, at my first physio appointment,then one outside as well a couple of weeks later-trouble is,i cant manage the dogs and two crutches.and as money is tight,i cant see a chiropractor either-but i appreciate what youre saying,and at least i know what to do.thanks for your help pam x
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    Mardy, now that is a good midlands expression! 

    You seem to be doing very well, I got similarly frustrated and asked for and got hydrotherapy for 6 weeks. Found it a great help with the added bonus that having been taught the exercises I can use the hospital spinal hydrotherapy pool on the open sessions when and if I feel the need.

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      thanks maggie-my family think im doing well too,i can walk faster than some! I dont think im doing too bad,its just the pain is so frustrating-ive been told to push myself,to strengthen the new hip,but it feels like one step forward and two back,all the time,and i get pretty down about it.will i ever walk those hills and woods again,sigh! thanks for replying pam,x
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    My lower back pain from tension/muscle spasms was making progress difficult.  I went swimming, mostly kicks with a board, and had noticeable improvement the next day.  It works the muscles differently and helped with back issues.  Worth a try.
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      I feel sure that you are likely to benefit from a visit to a good chiropractor or perhaps you have already tried this course of action. Cheers Richard
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      thankyou eggtimer,im sure thats what this is,tension from walking about a bit lob sided.i hope its not something out,as richard suggested,must use crutches more!pam x
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    many of us go through this angst following Surgery...... Pain is your body's way of telling you that you are doing to much.....are you???....... house work is a LOT of work.... especially when you have 3 dogs...... and walking 3 dogs. 3 times a day??.....I think you may be pushing yourself too hard and expecting too much from yourself...... take a deep breath..... Watch something funny on TV..... laughter while it sometimes hurts does help....... If you can get Hydro Therapy you should go....... Time in warm water is the best thing you can do for yourself....... In water we are weightless...... ask your doctor if such therapy is available in your area.

    Don't worry about moaning....... all your "Pain Pals" here know all about moaning..... soak in the tub if you can get in and out safely....... make a body soak using Epsom Salts, Lavender, Ginger and Cummin........ for some reason it is amazing....... you can also get "Body Bombs" herbal all kinds of  mixtures from many places like CVS, Amazon....... Body shops........ Hope to hear a better update soon!surprised

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      thanks,chicken!i have done a lot of moaning and griping lately! a lot of it is worry-i was sent home after 2 and a half days with just a phone number to call if there were any problems-it wouldve been lovely to have seen a district nurse to answer any worries and for reassurance,i was constantly scared id dislocated it,after all the warnings you get!

      sometimes it does feel im doing too much,i admit,but i do rest a lot-frustratingly,i have to,i must be a dreadful patient!

      and i am definately going to try the bath soak-thanks for the tip!,pam x

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    Hey Pam! I know exactly how you feel! I was so excited to get my hip replaced because there was so much I couldn't do anymore. Plus, I had no balance, so I fell quite a bit. I was told after 12 weeks I would be as good as new. Well, it has been over 12 weeks & I still have a severe limp, even though I am still doing outpatient physical therapy twice a week & daily exercises at home. My surgical leg is 1 inch longer than my good leg, so that has made things worse. I don't have any hip pain, but my knees and back hurt when I try to get through a normal day. My doctor was happy after my 6 week checkup, but at 12 weeks, I am still walking with a cane. I am a teacher at an elementary school. The last time my students saw me I was walking slowly, but when I go back this week I will still be walking slowly, but now I have a very noticeable limp, which I didn't have before. I have an appointment Tuesday with my doctor - I want the leg length discrepancy documented. I don't think there's anything that can be done at this point, but I will need my left hip replaced in the near future, so maybe it can be fixed then. I want to scream when other people tell me how wonderful their hip replacement experience was and how much more they can do now. My experience has not been that way. Keep me posted on how you are doing. We are in the same boat.

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      oh dear,that does not sound like fun!yes-i was determined id be one of the lucky ones-and they all said"thats the attitude you need to recover well"_i was desperate to get back out with the dogs asap,and especially not to put on my busy family any more than necessary,but it didnt happen how i planned-hah! i sincerely hope you can get your legs sorted at your next op,im not surprised you have back and knee pain,but knowing the reason doesnt help when youre hurting,does it.-seriously,best wishes!x

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    Are you working with a physical therapist? If so, I would continue, 3 days a week until you have no pain.sorry you are depressed. I understand!
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      hi,Susan,the only physio i do is 3 fortnightly sessions,the last one is tommorow,i suppose i could try and find out if theres any on offer at my doctors.ive basically been told to do the exercises(from the physio sessions) and keep up with the walking,no problem with that,the dogs see to that! x


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    Hi Pam

    Are you walking your dogs on the lead? If so, they may well be putting additional strain on your hip and back. Three walks a day sounds to me as if it may be too much for you at present. I understand you want to give then enough exercise but could you get someone to help you and cut down what you do a little?

    Can you not get some additional physio? It sounds as if you are not yet at the point you’d like to be and some muscles still need to be strengthened. You can also ask your GP about the referral scheme to a gym. You can get something like 16 sessions for just £3 each, with a personal exercise routine worked out for you. I’d also suggest swimming or aquarobics to strengthen your legs and back without weight bearing.

    it must be disappointing not to be feeling the benefits of your new hip yet but people recover at different rates. I suspect you are overdoing it a little and need to ease up on the dog walks but at the same time keep working on specific exercises you need.

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      yes,guilty as charged,but only down the street-field is at the bottom and i can let them loose then-but yes,i dare say there is a bit of strain,there!thanks for the info,i was just thinking about asking at my doctors about extra physio.thanks for your reply,Melody-lovely name-there was a girl in my class at school called Melody!x

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