HELP! I can't feel my body!

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This is the most bizarre symptom yet. I can not feel my body. Like my insides are numb. I can't feel my heart beat, my arms and legs feel like they aren't there but they are. When I touch my body I can feel it, but when I am not touching or pinching myself it's like my body is numb. I feel spaced out as well, like something isn't right. Last night I think I had a panic attack, I has a few palpitations, but I didn't feel like I was in control of my breathing or anything, I just laid there scared and numb. I know I've been stressed for a long time and been very inactive but this seems so odd and can't believe this is all just anxiety.

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    I also feel like I am not in control of my mind and body. Especially during a panic attack. Is this normal?
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    Have you tried going to the doctor for this issue?  If it is not just anxiety then it will help to figure that out.  But if it is, then hopefully you can work to lessen your anxiety, thus making that symptom go away.
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      I've talked to my doctor about it but he doesn't seem concerned. He sort of brushed me off and just told me to eat more. I've had blood work done last month as well as chest xray and ekg. All was normal. But this symptom is new and has appeared after a series of panic attacks. Idk if it's anxiety because I can't find anyone who has shared the same symptoms.

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      You need to drill your doctor if he doesn't seem concerned.  Or maybe he knows its anxiety so he doesn't worry about you.  Do you see a therapist?  I feel like an therapist would know more about those symptoms if it really is anxiety.  

      If you are in doubt, I recommend to not give up on talking to your doctor because it is their job to help you out.

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      See a different doctor. If he didn't do a neurological exam -/ he's a bad doctor.. 

      I know. I've  been through this. I also know what the standard of care is and that wasn't it. 

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     Yes, follow up with your doctor however this sounds like classic depersonalization caused by intense anxiety.   Your brain tries to shut out any stress to protect you. That's why we get such crazy symptoms including the ones you are having. Your brain tries to numb you from the outside world. This won't last forever as it will wear off. This is why I am for size that people with anxiety should first start by relaxing their brain. Because this is where the anxiety begins as well as the symptoms.  This won't last forever as it will wear off. This is why I am for size that people with anxiety should first start by relaxing their brain. Because this is where the anxiety begins as well as the symptoms. 

     have you heard the expression "the straw that broke the camels back?". Our bodies especially our nervous system can only take so much stress before it has a breakdown. That is what I think is happening with you. I had that happen in my 20s. 

     your body is telling you it is on overload with stress so now you need to take charge. 

     if you can, speak with a counselor who has expertise in this area of anxiety. This is hard to overcome alone.  If you are constantly focusing on your anxiety then your symptoms will get worse. Get some support for this 

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      There are a million physical things it could be too. Never assume psych first. Always rule out other causes. 
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      Like what because I cant seem to find it being anythi g else than anxiety?
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    Can you ring 111 and speak to a paramedic or a dr about this.

    It sounds scary but possibly due to anxiety but needs checking out asap. Paramedics can come and check you out if you ring 111 or 999.

    Take care

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      I'm in the US and I've called 911 more than 10 times and been to the emergency room over 15+ since May. I know they are really tired of me and think I am mad. I called them Sunday and went to the ER because I was having a panic attack I couldn't calm down from. I also had this same feeling then, however they said it was anxiety because I have a long history of anxiety with this hospital so all they did was run an ekg and blood pressure which showed sinus tachy and elevated bp because of the panic. This is a living hell for me because no one is taking me seriously. I am stressed about being stressed and anxious about all of these symptoms that I can't control.

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    Hi. Please try to hang on. Anxiety and panic cause so many weird symptoms. I once had this psssh feeling of tingling in my back near my shoulder blade. It would come all day long like a butst of sensation. It is very unsettling what anxiety can do. If you don’t have any anxiety medicine, you may want to see your doctor and try to get something. It might help. There are other natural options you can try too. Check the web and see what you think will work for you. Posting here is a good start. You are not alone (although I know it feels like you are). I am struggling with anxiety, depression, and more. It helps to keep in touch with others who “get” a and won’t just tell you it’s in your head and write you off. Whatever you are feeling is real to you no matter what the cause. Please feel free to message me privately if you want to talk. I am wishing you healing and peace. 

    Deb nyc 

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    I have the same problem, i got heavy depression since a child, i went to doctor to check up everything but nothing seems wrong. I dont know what to do !!!
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    Omg did u find out what this is . i get exact thing its worse in the mornings and late at night. I can't sleep my body feels like it disappears other times just my limbs like they numb but i can feel every sansation they not numb help me help

    I wake up at night with lightness in my body funny burning/tingling in my scalp i feel like im dying please some one wbat is this

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      I know. I got it last night it’s so weird. It’s like I’m moving but then I go numb and this vibrating feeling washes over my body and then I move again and then I’m numb and that sensation comes over me.  How long you been having this? 
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      Im so sorry yes its from a state of mind fatigue menatal and physical

      Its harmless you are stressed

      Anxiety its harmless u need to rest well and eat well and it will go after two weeks of that smile

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