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I'm very scared. I know I have anxiety and sometimes I honestly feel like I have it under control and some days I cry all day because of how I feel. But I feel my heart skip a beat and I get very scared. I know this is normal for anxiety, but I can't get the scared feeling,out of my system.

Just now I was googling atrial fibrillation and I'm thinking to myself what it I have that! Then a heart attack or a stroke is a risk with this. I see a cardiologist next week but I'm scared of the results. I'm only 19 and I feel like I can't have fun anymore. I miss being a kid because I didn't worry bout all of this. Now that my dad had his stroke all I think about is the worse possible situation.

Yesterday I picked my mom up from work and when we came home I went straight to my room to check my blood pressure because I didn't check it all day. It was 122/78 heart rate at 74 but the little indicator showed that my heartbeat was irregular. It was a little hot when we came home and I was sitting in the Sun for her to get out. Anyways I saw this and immediately started to panic, I wasnt feeling fatigued or pain, or tired or dizzy, no shortness of breath, no weakness (usually symptoms of a fib) I waited a few minutes maybe 5 and did it again and it was in the 110s/60s I think heart rate still in the 70s but no irregular heart beat indication.

Then this morning I woke up fine and I watched tv in the living room waited for my mom and dad to get dressed for therapy, and sitting still and then I felt my heart skip a beat or something. Again I had no symptoms but I'm still afraid because in was reading about a fib. I'm afraid to workout because of this. I have a heart rate monitor thingy on my phone where you put your finger over the lens and the pulses look fine, but there's a heart thingy on it that shows the "heart beat" nd sometimes it skips a beat. Btw the app is called Instant Heart Rate by Azumio and idk if its accurate or not so idk if the results are correct

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    My BP 2 weeks ago was 152/80.

    Normally around 180/90.

    Personally give up taking your own readings it gives you ( white coat sindrome ). Palp`s can appear if you are thinking about something intensifly, I have just discovered an MP3 player at the age of 62, never listened to music before. Think of taking/trying something new, ie meditation/voga/new hobby.

    ANYTHING that you have never tried before.



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    The skipped beats are usually thought to be benign. I would speak to the doctor. Anxiety can caus emany unpleasant symptoms, but in my opinion, this diagnosis is widely overused. Read about pac/pvc skipped beats and ectopics, they are different names of what you are experiencing. Maybe you can elimante smoking cofee or alcohol, that works for some. You can also try electrolyte drinks, or magnesium. I would however recomend that you get a doctors apointment if you are afraid of excercising. And when you do speak to him, try to suggest other causes but anxiety. How many ectopics do you have, I have 10 a day, and I dont like them, but thats because Im worried about worse things. I used to be able to ignore them, but always be aware of changes.

    I dont think you have a-fib, that would give other symptoms.

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      I have it like 2-3 times a day. I don't smoke or drink, and caffeine is limited (sometimes drink tea). Most of the time I drink water and my diet is all over the place (some days very healthy, some days not, some days I eat little to nothing and some days I eat a lot). I see a cardiologist tomorrow to rule out anything heart related.

      My doctor did say there was a thyroid hormone that was slightly above normal, but that it was nothing to worry about, just to check it every year.

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      Okay. One excercise that you can do is walking. Thats very unlikely to give you palpitations. And walking can be a decent workout. Theres two kinds of skipped beats atrial and ventricual. If you catch one of them one an ECG, you can ask what it is. Atrial skipped beats are considered very harmless, even in great numbers. Thats what I have, and it could be the same for you.
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      Thank you. I'll try to get moving as i know it'll be beneficial. I feel like the staff of my doctors office are ignoring me, so I'll try explaining it to my psychologist to see if she can communicate with my doc so I don't have to deal with the staff barrier (she's working with my doctor).
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    Hi, try propananol . it worked for me. take advice from GP first
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    Seriously it's not AF af is where the heart beats a lot lot slower my mother has it. Your heart rate can be between 60-110bpm so yours is perfectly normal. I have this all the time missed beats pains in my chest. I've had 24 hour monitor and 7 day one with an echocardiogram done
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    Hi, I'm 21 so not far from your age at all. I was having heart palpitations a few weeks ago where I would feel my heart skip a beat. It's very scary! I went to the er and they hooked me to a monitor for the night. Everything came back normal. The next day I seen a cardiologist and he said palpitations ate normal so not to worry. And also since I am so young there's a 1 in a million chance of it being related to my heart. Take it easy, try not to worry too much because that can make it worse
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      Hello I know this post is old but I am also 19 years old and experiencing the same thing 😕 I get strong palpitations that scare the hell out of me. I get them a lot also wen I excersie feels like I can’t breath 😔 I was doing a lil workout this morning just squats and I was getting them I got so scared tat I stopped and now I’m paranoid 😢

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      I know this is old and don’t know if u still have this problem but if u do for the record I’m only 17 and iv been dealing with this for 2 years I would highly recommend trying to just not care about it because a lot of the time it is actually nothing I still get palpitations all the time iv even hit up to 180 - 185 twice in my worst situations but only because of how long iv worried about it I still have it now and it really knocks me down physical exercise can help u face your fear but u have to stay consistent otherwise you will end up in the same cycle and it’s no life to live when your young hope this helps u out

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