Have sex during BV?

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First of all, of course I know it's not an STI and men can't get it. 

I've been diagnosed with it the day before yesterday and given antibiotics to drink(a week's course). But I was told I can postpone the course if I'm planning to be drinking soon, because you can't mix the two. So i decided to start the course in a week. Usually the first 5 hours or something after I had a shower I feel clean and comfortable, but I notice the smell when it's been longer than that. 

I met this attractive guy recently and I'm leaving soon(I was planning to start the antibiotics while I'm away). Do you think it's a good idea to have sex when I have it? In particular: 

a)Will he notice the smell? I'm planning to have a shower right before it but I heard the smell gets worse after sex. And of course explaining him I have BV would be my worst nightmare... 

b)Is it ok for a man 'to go down' on me when I have it? 

c)Has anyone had any experience in having sex with BV? Can you tell me how it went? 

d)I've also heard you are at a greater risk of getting HIV when you have BV. I don't think he has it(hopefully) and we are going to use a condom, but it still worries me. 

Any input will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance! 

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    Hello Kate. Firstly it is total rubbish the HIV risk when you have BV so don't worry about that. I presume you've been prescribed Metronidazole which is lethal if you drink when taking it. It contains something that they prescribe to alcoholics when they are detoxing.

    I've had sex with BV and did not have any problems at all. Like you intend to do, I shower beforehand and it's not a problem although I know everyone is different. My husband said he didn't notice the smell but that could have been because he went to sleep afterwards! I'm not sure about a 'man coming down' on you though.

    Just don't worry and everything will be fine.

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      Hello Matron. Yes, Metronidazole is what I've been prescribed. They told me all it can do if you mix it with alcohol is make vomit a lot and heavily(yuck), but that apparently only happens to 1 in 10 people. I haven't heard about it being lethal but that sounds scary rolleyes I don't want to mix it with alcohol anyway, as that just seems like common sense with any antibiotics...

      Was it painful for you to have sex? I'm just thinking now that I probably already had sex with BV, as I had sex 6 days ago and it was quite painful to an extent that I even pushed the guy away a couple of times... I don't know when I got BV but thinking about it I might have already had it at that point. Now I guess all I have to do is weigh up pros and cons rolleyes Such a difficult decision and such bad timing for BV to happen...

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      Hello again Kate. Sex was a bit uncomfortable and my husband was obviously aware of this and compensated for it. I suppose it's being honest with your partner and making him aware although he doesn't need to know all the details!
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    I ran into the same issues with my BV.  After tons of research and trial and error this is what I found.

    **The healthy vagina has a specific PH which helps preserve the healthy probiotic flora lactobacilus Rhamnosus and lactobacilus Gasseri.  

    **These lactobacilus prevent the growth of bad bacteria.

    **Most prescription antibiotics kill both the good flora and the bad bacteria, so replacing good flora right away after treatment is important.

    **BV is likely to come back after antibiotics if you don't insert the lactobacilus probiotic.

    This has worked really well for me.  I order PURFEM from Amazon, but you can go to a health food store too.

    I've read that the lactobacilus bacillus produces Hydrogen Peroxide which kills bacteria.  That's a strong chemical so to douche one would need to dilute it way down.  I also read that lactobacillus acidophilus can kill the bacteria and pave the way for its cousins to thrive.  I insert a vaginal probiotic once a week.  If I was still menstruating I'd insert one after my period.


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    I want to have sec with my boyfriend but I can't seem to get over this infevtion! The smell is just horrible! I don't know what to do anymore):
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    I was given clindamycin cream (antibiotic cream) to insert into te vagina at night for 7days. altho not vry nice durin te dy as it all comes out (wear a panty liner) but touch wood all seems fine maybe nt 100% but 98% which is agreat relief. dnt have sex until course is finished tho. i was also tking cetirizine at night too n am continuing to do so as its an antihistamine maybe worth a try? x
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    I went to the err on last Sunday and I had a bacterial vaginios and he gave me a vaginal treatment for 5 days and I was done on Wednesday and I wanna know when can I start having sex
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    1. You have stated that you are uncomfortable explaining to this individual that you have BV , then you are clearly not in a position to be having intercourse with this individual.

    2. Many of the people in this conversation have spoken on having sex while having BV even though one of the things that can make the symptoms worse is sex.

    3. You have stated that you waited to take your medicine , which will help to make your lady parts healthy again and stop whatever smell or other issue that is going on down there, in order to drink. It seems that your priorities are out of focus and you do not realize that having BV and not taking it seriously can lead to other diseases that are actually serious. I hope that you learn to deal with an issue such as this one so that a more serious one does not happen .

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      I was diagnosed with BV & my gynae prescribed methronidazole for 5days but I have sex with my boyfriend while am still taking the medication & I noticed that the fish-like smell is gone, but I still completed the drug dosage.
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      What happened?  Did your infection go away?  Did you continue to have sex while taking the cream?  I'm sort of in the same situation and needed to hear from someone other than a doctor.  


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      Yea my bf didn’t care when I told we had sex before I went to get the 5 day geo prescription and during me taking it . I would take it right after night sex. He’s fine 

      I’m fine! 

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    Hi Kate!

    I currently have BV. My GYN prescribed me a 7 day course of mentronidazole. Like others have previously stated, sex does increase the smell. I would advise to start your course of antibiotics ASAP to clear the infection before intercourse. It may be tempting to postpone for the guy you met, but I would honestly wait until your infection clears up. By doing that you won't fell so self-conscious about him noticing the smell, and you'll feel better overall. If BV is left untreated, it could lead to more severe health risks that should all together be avoided if possible. Hope this helps. Good luck!

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