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Hi, I'm 22 yr old, 5' 10  and 130 pounds. I started symptoms around a year ago or maybe even longer. I get chills in my upper body (chest and upper abdomen) and bloating, pain in the chest and abdomen (and formerly my back as well). I constantly feel bloated but hungry at the same time. Since the beginning of the year, I have lost about 15 pounds.

I was tested positive for H pylori and treated twice. The first time with the triple therapy and most recently, with the quad therapy. Neither have made any noticeable difference to my symptoms and I will have my second Urea Breath Test next monday.

I'm taking a semester off school now (thankfully I managed to finish my bachelors at least) but I'm lonely as hell since I moved back to my home town. I still have very good friends here but it's hard to go out when you feel like crap. I'm home by myself all day until my parents and brother come home.

I've done a Upper GI series including the barium swallor X ray and an abdominal ultrasound. The results of both which came back normal today. My doc (my second doctor since my primary seems really clueless) says that it's likely the strain of H pylori I have is antibiotic resistant. If the second UBT comes back positive, I will have to try a sequential treatment of antibiotics (YAY for killing all the bacteria in you!) If it comes back negative, he said it could be that the ulcers need time to heal (he asked me to take PPIs for 3 months if the test comes back negative).

I was so excited to know my results today but since they came back all normal, it means I'm back to feeling confused and playing the waiting game. 

Basically, the only thing I have confirmed is H pylori infection, and I've read in loads of places that it's beneficial to us so I don't know how it's causing my symptoms. I'm a pretty scientific guy so I've read a lot of articles on it and it just leaves me sooooo bloody confused even though I was considering going to medicine at one point.

I used to think this was all just anxiety, but nope, looks like I subjected myself to feeling bad about anxiety for nothing. 

I'm open to suggestions and hearing everyone's experiences.

I haven't tried going on a special diet yet, brain fog kind of takes over me but I am so frustrated at this point, I'm gonna give this everything I've got left in me.

If you have cured yourself, Please, please tell me what you did. I don't care if I have to read through 10 pages. I ordered some mastic gum, manuka honey, digestive enzymes, pepzin GI, and HCl off amazon two days ago but haven't received them yet, what else should I try? 

Dietary and medical recommendations are much appreciated. I have time on my hands and a pretty decent budget. 


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    Well sure hope the ubt comes back "NEGATIVE"....We had several conditions, mostly from HPylori...Gastritis, atrophic gastritis, gall stones big time etc. We tried the Mastic Gum and Manuka Honey...didn't help..the first tripple thearpy failed, the 2nd with our modification of the thearpy "worked"...(visit the helicobactor foundation web site...on the bottom of the page..TREATMENTS...click Marshall's treatment...here is a list of "most"  all world  therapies plus efficacy.)

    What worked for us post UBT negative results..... was DGL, Slippery Elm,Bismuth and Milk thistle..we weened the PPI replacing  it with Bismuth tabs 262 mg's pre bed time.

    Diet was the big player...most youths allow their stomach to control their good intellect...healing takes plenty of time...most are too impatient and get into deep kimchee.YOu don't want this to continue..it can cause you more havoc.

    My association with a 95 year old Chinese Traditional Medicine Dr told me he refused to further treat any of his patients that didn't follow his treatments. He "claimed great success in treating stomach and digestive issues..his treatment besides a few chinese herbal coctails was diet...very very similar to the GAP diet, which really isn't a diet but a "Process"....

    If you've been "lonely" and feel depressed because of isolation, then you need to overcome it first by healing your stomach? This is your goal...STOP THE PROGRESS OF THIS DISORDER...then a plan to heal, and follow it...


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      Thanks for your reply Claudio, what kind of diet worked for you?


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      we didn't use rice for the first 2 weeks..then a tad of medium grain (like for sushi...gradually added more based on stomach condition vs Hunger Pangs...we later used a small amount of brown rice but had a feeling of "heaviness"..so terminated it as a stand alone...later mixed a small amount with the white medium grain..no issues.

      Diet was a trial an error.so the above is what worked....I need to check my diary for the first 3 or 4 months to validate info....I know the GAP process but not necessarily all the ingredients...Hope this helps..Dr. Ja Kaufman, the ENT that is referenced in hundreds of scientific abstracts has a Reflux diet...but I caution it somewhat...the "induction" diet would need to be continued for some time...


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      I don't think I'm having any reflux. I will try the low carbs and no glutens diet first. Is there any meat I should avoid? Processed foods and sugars are a no  no I'm guessing. I'm gonna go out and get some broccoli sprouts, chicken breast, sauerkraut and probiotic yogurt soon. Anything else I should consider? Do you know any good fruits? I've read citrus fruits are not good because of their acid content. 
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      Our diet was definite "LOW FAT.

      We avoided all grains and milk products, plus we don't eat processed foods nor meals outside of home while we had any stomach issues. We took  essetial types of digestive enzymes...protease. amylase..lipase...and a pepidase DPP IV.

      There are several formulas  of wide spectrum digestive enzymes...find the best "combo" targeted to your specific deficiency/s...the dairy enzyme lactase will process lactose..won't do anything for fruits vegetables meats etc...enzymes work either in the stomach or in the small intestine..they are selfish ..probaly over 10,000 all having but one specific job.The difficulty is getting the right ones, getting those that need to get to the small intestine isn't destroyed by the HCL...The only fruit raw is papaya...while kiwi  and pear would be post 2 weeks.....all others ought to be cooked. So your correct...most all fruits are acidic...While we did yogurt...was a very very small amount..same with cottage cheese...but we buffered with flax seed...we ground seed with a coffee grinder...really important to grind completely.

      While you think you may not have reflux, there is a chance that you "might"..so be protective...I'm appalled by the number of HP infected youngsters here in the US...it was once middle age 50 plus...what's the diff? in the 50's we didn't frequent  fast foods...take outs...college youths studied vs weekend alcohol fests...hitting the sack with full stomachs etc.

      We had processed foods but they didn't contain so many preservaties like gluten...and the acid ph was well above 4.0...not so sice 1973 

      Of course there are other factors...these just come to mind while writings...Meats are super difficult to digest...I'd not add any other than ones suggested until your in safe recovery feelings..and then..only a tad initially..see how it goes...what kind doesn't really matter...fresh...lowest possible fat...you ought to be OK unless you sense a problem...and that may not be immediate..could be a few days later..keep notice of your BM's post other meat intake.

      Again, hope this helps...get back to me for stuff I've promised...am fighting garden pests galore...from above...blue jays...had 200 Fuji apples..now maybe 30...deer...found a way in...took all of the new leaves from young fruit trees...raccoons...gophers...and ear wigs now into my artichokes...plus a wife who "knows everything about everything, just like a pathologist".......no peace for sinners guess. Claudio


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      Hello I know how you feel I had Helicobactor pylori infection for years I have finally got rid of it with a triple therapy, I am sure the infection is associated with eating chicken meat I was alright until I started eating chicken in Greece on holiday after being a vegetarian for twelve years I found out that there chickens have the Helicobactor virus and this is also the same for alot of European countries and I'm not to where all of

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    Hi tofutiger, look up a guy called Dave Hompes, he's an H.Pylori expert, he recomends Matula Herbal Formula, these are herbs in a teabag form but are expensive. He also recomends a gluten free diet.
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      Thanks Maggie for your reply, what's an effective gluten free diet? Is it cutting out wheat? What about rice?
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    wow, got back late...reread your initial post and realized I missed "ulcers"?..per your doc?/ sorry...since your up to research...try "curcuma"...in one major trial efficacy was 87%..doesn't show diets...this is quite frustrating with trials...much like that when the results show 90% efficacy on meds...40% on plecebo?...Why such a strong showing for plecebo? maybe the Steven Shakel's mind theory? (one of the few yet alive and physically active (unlike Steven Hawkings) who was diagnosed with ALS in 1994..and is yet around..no dummy..Mensa qualified...a smart Brit living down under (Au).oh and you got the rubber stamp response re "probably a difficult HP strain"? Well, they did do an endoscopy...either they did or did not do a biopsy? cudda...shudda....could "id" the strain and therefore target with the appropriate antibiotics eh? Maybe $$ or

    lazy? maybe "policy" ? just don't know.

    And when your not researching, check out Steven Shakel's web page..a hellofa writer..his concept of "healing" is the very best.(Steven Shackel's ALS/MND) I know well ALS..younger brother died of ALS last year. He too was MENSA qualified and had a strong bias towards Western only med/s..and he was assurred dr's were treating...but they were "accommodating" he realized this all to late....Claudio

    OH, two more for your research:

    1. Rikkunshi-to,(Rikkunshito)

    2. daikenchuto

    but my take?  supplements are just that..boosters..not remedies...to get to your goal..its "what you eat..how much you eat, and when you eat....my best..Claudio

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     hi tofutiger

     keep of any fatty foods eat small amounts but often y of food thats not spicey digestive or arrowroot biscuits any plain biscuits semi skimmed milk in food there are many dairy products that should be kept away from your own body will tell you what not to eat chicken without skin is best over the lenght of time you have had it will let you know what not to eat so keep away from them that as irritated it kale is a really good veg when i ate broccli that used to nearly kill me to be honest its all trail and error

    hope this helps you

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    Hey how did it go? Are you H. Pylori free now? Most likely you are. I am going through something similar and would like to know how did it go for you.
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      Hi hauckj14, sorry I've been busy and didn't go on this site for a while. Turns out it wasn't a stomach problem at all. I have a chest deformity called Pectus Excavatum which hurts my ribs where my stomach would be. It also pushes my stomach down and makes my abdomen appear distended. I think it was stress that made me more aware of my symptoms but the deformity was confirmed. I hope you are doing well. I'm open if you want to talk.

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      Hi hauckj14

      Are you H. Pylori free now? I am going through this one now. The H. Pylori test was positive and would like to know how did it get rid of it?

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    I just ordered the honey drink too. I have been having some strange symptoms for a little over a week now.acute bouts of Nauseous, dizzy, flushes of heat then chills and sweats and then weird numbness in my arms and hands. I chalked it up to anxiety bc I have been dealing with a general anxiety disorder and panic attacks for most my life but this felt different so I went to ER. Doc said might be acid reflux and possibly ulcer or H pylori. He put me on 20 mg of Prilosec and sent me on my way. It worked great for a few days and now I feel my symptoms coming back. Pretty much only at night btw. During the day I pretty much just have burps and some slight discomfort in my mid section. I'm hoping this honey crap works as good as people say.

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      I couldn't take the manuka honey, it was extremely sweet. And beside people say to stay away from sweets., because the H.Pylori.

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