Getting rid of Granuloma Annulare

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Hello! I've just joined so that I can pass on some information that may help. It may be a long one but bare with, I've waited 30 years to get rid of my granuloma annulare or at least try and control it and now I've managed to achieve clear elbows for the first time since I was 13! (all the rest is fading fast)

In my experience, none of the treatments work, in fact, the only steriod I ever tried managed to thin the skin on my foot so badly that I will need a skin graft if I make it to old age! The dermatologists I've met seem either not to care or at a loss as to what causes it. I made a slightly off the wall decision to visit a well reputed allergy tester. I was very sceptical as I was/am fit and healthy and live an active life on a farm. The machine used to flag up intolerences showed that sugar, yeast and in fact most moulds were not tolerated by me - causing inflammation. At this point I started to listen more intently. Firstly because I know I'm allergic to penecillin and the white and brown moulds in my straw at the farm. Secondly because when I was diagnosed in the 1980's the hospital told me not to eat sugar. In those days they thought there was a link between Type 1 diabetes and granuloma annulare. That is no longer the case. However, there must be a link somewhere whether it's related to insulin or hormones. I have adopted a life changing diet that has completely removed processed food and sugar and on that journey I have learned a great deal about the body and how it functions. I believe that this skin condition is your body telling you something, whether that is an imbalance of insulin, hormones, poor gut or whatever a good diet definitely helps. My diet before was not bad at all but now it is near on perfect. However, I should point out that it took 6 months before I started to see them fade. I cut out alcohol for the first 3 months and reintroduced red wine only at weekends after that time. I also cut out bread and replaced it with good quality crackers for a while. I have reintroduced good breads (no sugar) but with yeast and there has been no adverse effect. I've switched dairy and meat to all organic to avoid the added hormones and as many veg as I can to organic to avoid the toxins in chemicals. As I write this I realise it all sounds a bit excessive but it is a journey of discovery which starts with sugar. It has only been in the last 30-40 years that we produce and process food the way we do - largely because it is cheap. Granuloma Annulare may be benign but I suspect cases are growing because our bodies are sensitive to the environments we live in. If you have seen it then you may be interested to learn more about John Yudkin - definitely worth a Google. Good luck to all of you trying to deal with this condition.

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    I have been on a whole clean diet for 3 months with no results at all. In fact my rash is still spreading. The last 2 weeks I have also eliminated foods that are high in histamine. I feel like I can't eat anything anymore. Very frustrated.

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      Hi Marsha - sorry for delay, just working out how this site works! Mine too got worse before it got better. I was really concerned in the beginning because there seemed to be an explosion of lots of little new ones. All I can say is keep going. The body takes time and I can say that mine did not make any difference for 6 months. I know it feels too long and easy to give up but i can highly recommend that you keep on it. I'll be wearing short sleeves this summer for the first time in nearly 30 years! Good Luck :-)

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      And another thought...I'm not an expert but when I tried to reduce all sorts of other carbs like rice, pasta and anything that could inflame it made me feel awful too. If you can stick to sugar free for now rather than giving the body too much to take on then you'll have a better chance of settling things down. Sugar is the only thing you can remove from the diet with no bad side effect. All other food stuffs (except anything that we're officially allergic to) give us some form of nutrition. Good luck again.

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      i have ga for 9 months. i have never had food allergies , dermatologist keep asking if i have diabetes- which i don't.after reading posts here i started a gluten free diet although i am sceptic. will try to do it for months. i usually don't eat sugary foods but i love fruit. did you eliminate all carbs and fruit from your diet? thank you for your guidance

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      Hello, I have had GA for 12 years and have. A large spot on both of my hands and had my first breakout when I went off my strict diet. I would open your mind to learning about healthy eating over all while focusing on being gluten free. There are many books on healing your body with food example The Paleo Approach. It takes time to heal the body from the inside out but you have to make a switch to understand what you body needs to heal. I do not know if my diet has prevented my GA from expanding but I do all I can to keep it at bay. Good luck
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      i have been sugar-free for about 6 years now but my GA has only appeared in the last 12-15 months. It has continued to get worse and has spread from the back of my hands to my arms, shoulders, upper back & thighs! Although I do not eat white, refined sugar, I do eat fruit which has a lot of natural sugar. I use stevia & splenda (when other sweeteners are not available) & local honey. I wonder if your sugar-free lifestyle is devoid of any sweetener or just refined sugar. Thanks!

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    Hi everyone, I also absolutely believe that it is coming from the inside. I did an allergy test aswell and the outcome was that I respond badly to cowmilk. Thats why I am dairy free now for 4 months. Before that I've tried a histamine free diet.  So far no luck. I also tried taking anti-histamine tablets twice a day for a while, but it didn't do anything. Wich makes me believe that I am not allergic for something.

    I am very interested in the the no-hormones. I like this view on the matter and haven't read into it yet. I've read on some forums that the spots dissapear when women are pregnant. Wich makes it a hormonal thing... It would make total sense!!! I will read into that. Thanks for sharinging your thoughts.

    Sonja (Netherlands)

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    This is good to hear because I have had GA for over 10 years, all due to a mosquito bite! Two different dermatologists didn't know what it was; my brother-in-law, a transplant surgeon, diagnosed it as soon as he saw it! He is the only doctor who has contiunued to help me try and alleviate it, but even he is frustrated with the lack of research. After 10 surgeries in 8 years, including neck plates and 2 hip replacements, my GA is worse than ever. It literally exploded 24 hours after my last hip replacement. Due to all of the metal in my body, Metallosis is adding to the GA problem. I have tried elimination diets, removing medications, alcohol, caffiene, etc but nothing seems to help. Several of the doctors I have seen said there is nothing I or they can do. I believe that is an immune system disorder and the metal in my body doesn't help. However, I am not giving up! This forum has given me the courage to safely eliminate things from my diet, since I can't get rid of the metal. I will beat this or play for to for with my many patches...have to keep a sense of humor!

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      you have to keep a sense of humour! mine are spreading with each year.... so far easy to hide but my body looks like a patchwork under by bathers! lol.... its so great to know that other people have the same challenges... 
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    hi mine just started to explode to i have had it 13 years all over my neck i am going to try gluten free diet for a couple of months i have drunk apple cidar vinegar for a coupe of months but it keeps on spreading
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    Hello, Everyone! I have never joined an online discussion before, but after reading all of the futile efforts and years of suffering with GA, I feel that I must share with you how I got rid of mine. Background - I was diagnosed with GA through a biopsy 5 years ago and made appproximately 2 trips per year to the dermatologist to have the bumps burned off my knuckles. I have no idea what caused them or why they seemed to pop up in the fall. Sure enough this past fall, two popped up on my one knuckle. I’ve learned to be pro-active and seek treatment before they get too large or spread. But, this time I decided to see if any essential oils would help. I learned that rubbing them with fractionated coconut oil was effective. I was very skeptical, but started rubbing them with the oil two times a day. At first, I thought that nothing was happening and almost gave up, but then I noticed the the bumps were less raised and becoming softer. Over time, they simply went away. These were very small bumps so I do not know what would happen with a large scale outbreak. I have no medical background. If you decide to try this be sure to use “fractionated” coconut oil (not cooking coconut oil.)
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    Thanks Samantha... I think you are spot on.... like you my diet isn't really too bad, however making the switch to no sugar is soooooo hard! there seems to be processed sugar in just about everything! ok.... so i have already cut alcohol, you have given me inspiration to keep going.... thank you. 


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