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Does anybody else get pain when they take fybogel it is happening all the time now I only take one sachet a day.

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    I take fybergel on a morning I never thought my pain could be caused by it.  I think it might be more about diet. I get pain if I eat certain things.  But I am going to keep an eye on it 
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      I will let you know how I get on Susan it may be I need more water with it. I take mine after food now so took mine after my lunch.  I used to take it at bed time but read that you shouldn't do that I used to notice that I got a bit of pain at night when I took it at bedtime so thinking it is connected.

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    Hi Chris. If you feel its not helping maybe go to your docs and ask for some tablet form ? Hope that helps. Take care

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      Thanks Carpy I will do it certainly helps with softening my stools and I will try drinking more water.  The  gp did prescribe cosmocol which I found ok but fybogel is a natural fibre so thought I would try it
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    I havent had fybogel but I take cosmocol , prescribed by the doctor. It does work and I don't have pain from that , well I don't think so anyway.

    I have pain most days but I think it's because I may not be eating enough as I scared 😬.

    Another person told me to take a suppository to have a good clear out , sorry to be so graphic . I'm going to give that a go incase the pain is due to something being stuck ...let's see😣😱

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      That's the problem Dawnie its not knowing how things are going inside our colon. I will drink more water so the fybogel is more concentrated and see how I get on I personally wouldn't try suppositories but everyone is different. It would be nice to be able to take the preparation medication that is given before a colonoscopy say every 6 months as that does clear you out.

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      Yes Christine ! That stuff they gave me was great . Too late for the suppository, I have done it already ...it shift something !

      I am seeing the consultant in December again . People on here talk about flare-ups , antibiotics ect . I haven't been on anti biotics ,not sure I have a flare up , it's every day with the pain . I take Buscopan and paracetomol. I suppose one day I will get the hang of all this x

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    I have had really hard deep cramp pain in lower stomach below navel with mucous and blood for the last several days  . My last infection with DD was Jan 2017 . Has anyone had another infection like 10 months later! Did you have blood and mucous with it and hard pain off and on all day and night ? I just started Bactri m antibiotic this morning . Please reply ASAP if you will I feel afraid and pain cramp is hard to take , git very little sleep 😴  please let me know with the  flares do you get the bloody mucous and bright red blood on toliet paper ?  Please share with me I’m in bed in pain and the other symptoms I shared . 

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      I have read on here that people do get blood and mucus in there stool I personally haven't but I had a flare in January and then another one about 2 months later I have IBS so I have a lot of pain when I eat the wrong food   I hope you feel better soon 

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      Susan was your diverticulitis confirmed in Jan by a ct scan? What all symptoms do you get with your diverticulitis?
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      I didn’t mean it seeps out all the time , it’s there when I wipe  like 4 times today ,  not running non stop didn’t mean that . But when I wipe with out with out vowel movement some is on toilet paper . Can someone else that gets the bleeding and mucous explain  yours and how long ?
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      I get blood and mucus .  Lots of mucus . It's disgusting ! I hate it. I've had 7 infections since April.  Everything I eat seems to be a problem.  I take the 2 antibiotics prescribed . Follow the 'no food' rule for a week etc .  Feel better , then the infection comes back!  I know that there's a medical term for this but I can't remember what it is!  Recently GP prescribed Buscapan and Diazipan which helped avlot with the cramps.  You might want to try them? 

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      Are you in the U.K. I only ask because we treat DD a lot different to the US. I think you have to be really bad before the NHS will do surgery but they seam to do it a lot in the US. If you are getting so many infections I would ask your DR to get you an appointment with a consultant   Have you kept a food diary? I keep one so if I have a problem I can see what I have eaten that might have started me off   I hope you get sorted soon and your infections clear up 
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    I get pain in my back also I thought mine was front  bladder or kidney infection but they tell me no ...so I started on a sulfate antibiotics and I was with no pain there I ate nuts now I’m bad again 
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      Tammy, have they ran the proper test to see you  actually have  Diverticulitis ?  Does anyone else get naseated and get stomach cramps on and off while on antibiotics? Has anyone tried the Bone Chicken Broth?

      The ones that get the blood and mucous how many  days during a flare do you have it, and have you had it NOT during a flare?

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