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Hi everyone!

For about 6 weeks now, off and on, I've had this weird tingling all over my body.

At times it'll be concentrated in one place (like pins and needles) in both my feet or a hand or a shin. And then other times like tonight, it'll be like little sudden twitches of tingling...almost like a little buzzy, tingling insect. So tonight, buzz on my top lip and then my scalp and then my big toe and then my thumb and then my cheek. I go to scratch myself to make it stop (though it's definitely on the inside....not like a skin condition).

I went to the doctors about 4 weeks ago and he was very dismissive. Said it wouldn't be anything serious as neurological stuff would involve chronic persistent pins/needles in one specific area. I was texted for thyroid and glandular fever (as I mentioned I'd had a really bad cold and sore throat and that's when it seemed to have started). Both tests came back normal.

It's very annoying. I do have sciatica and wonder if that's causing it? The little tingles all over are keeping me awake right now!

Perhaps I should go back to the docs? To be honest, he made me feeling like a raving hypochondriac last time (despite the fact he could see from my records is not been to the doctors in over 10 years, apart from an A&E visit for a broken foot!).

Any ideas?

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    Doctors are so dismissive when it comes to "the tingles."I have gone through the same thing & never had a history of going to dr except for sinus infection...had lots of roving pins & needles @ 1st then turned into lots of numbness over past month- turns out I have disc bulge in my neck! But it has taken forever to diagnose because they don't take us seriously.

    Have they checked your vitamin d or b12 levels? It's probably something minor but I would definitely ask for more blood work to be done if it continues or gets worse.... Then doc can do MRI of brain, c-spine, etc... To rule out anything serious...oh & did he ask you if you're anxious? That's usually what they chalk it up to at 1st....hope it goes away & keep us posted!

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      Yes, that was the first thing he said, 'Are you stressed?' I said yes, because I have a very stressful job but on the whole, it's enjoyable so I don't feel like it's a bad stress. But I am aware there's a lot of pressure in my life.

      But I'm basically one of life's troopers and I don't let stuff get to me! The tingles is very real and it's not a stress symptom.

      Yes, B12 has kept coming up in my google searches. Since this all kicked off, I've been dosing myself up with a load of vits, but I think it's probably time to go back. One thing I notice is that ibuprofen seems to calm everything down a bit too!

      I will ask to see a different doctor this time!

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      I am the same as you! Never complain... Just deal with things & keep on moving...if ibuprofen is working it must be some kind of inflammation... Definitely see a different doctor... The more you complain & if symptoms continue they do start to take you seriously....we know when there's something not right in our bodies & you definitely have to be your own advocate! Take caresmile
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      Oh that's interesting about the ibuprofen! It doesn't take it away completely but it seems to take the edge off it. I do have sciatica...I've never been to the doctors about that either (ha!!) but after a bout where I could barely walk, I finally went to the osteopath and she told me. Anyway, will see how I get on today and may make a dr's appointment later.
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    Have you been referred to a neurologist. There are nerve endings all over your body. Something related to your neck could easily be tingling in your toe. There are ( medical jargon sympathetic and parasympathetic) I too have a neirological disorder which was left undiagnosed. Due to what I went through I would insist you see a neurologist. 
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    Hi yes I have been very unwell with tingly headaches then about an hour after getting up its turned into a raging pain , I have been to AE twice now as it was that bad and the last visit they gave me a ct scan which showed up a cyst ,the cyst she told me are very common and not to worry about it ,l  am now waiting to see a neorologist ,,the doc has given me Antitriptaline & Cocodrydamol for the Awfull headaches and now they are not so severe , get back to me and let me know how u get on , 

    my best teresa

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      Hello, I could not believe it when I saw your post. I too have tingling everywhere and have been having headaches pain in my neck and upper shoulders then I had two MRIs and said I had a cyst on my spine to saying that it's common . That they don't want to treat me with pain medicine because they see nothing wrong . The headaches can be unbearable sometimes and so can in the pain in my neck, I am waiting for the neurologist . I can see this post is over a year ago, but did you find the answers and do you have pain still

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      What did you find out eventually? My wife recently has the same problem, tingling needle, shocking pain but have recovered from it. Give Oriental Medicine a try and look for a good acupuncturist, who can heal your nerves system.
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    Well, think I will head back to the doctors next week.  To be honest, I feel embarassed to go back because of how dismissive he was last time.  He didn't do any checks at all...once I told him that it had started (seemingly!) after a bad cold, he checked my glands, looked down my throat and then asked if I was stressed out.  Even when I told him that my feet felt like blocks of ice most of the time (even when I have shoes on or am tucked under a blanket), he said, 'well, it has been cold recently'.  Sheesh!

    Anyway, the tingling continues.  It's funny because it's in weird patches but doesn't seem to last long.  So, this morning, I woke up with my big toe (right foot) tingling.  I got up, moved around and got on with my day, but now I have a slight tingle in the back of my thigh and also in my bottom lip.   Last night it was in my left hand and then a funny patch on my left shin.  I've even felt it (sorry for TMI!) on my bum and in that area.   It lasts for say, 30 minutes and then seems to resurface in a different area.

    Sometimes it stops if I shift position or move around.  Yesterday I even tried anti-hists to see if that stopped it and it seemed to work.  It's just annoying really.

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      see a neurologist. get a knee reflex test (hammer at patella, etc). if no reflex, then ask for a nerve volocity conduction tests. if you have  persistent weakness in any muscle or muscle groups ask for a spinal tap to detemine if you have CIDP.  if CIDP, a MRI will show inflammation at the spinal root...

      The complex story is here:

      i drove many internists crazy with many of the same symptoms you mention.

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      Coincidence you should mention you had glandular fever. I have had it reoccurring several times during my life and I now have peripheral neuropathy. It started slowly many years ago with a similar pattern to what you have mentioned. Although mine is allegedly idiopathic, I have read that it can come about due to Ebstein Barr, which as far as I know is glandular fever. I would ask for nerve conduction tests. If it is peripheral neuropathy it needs treating immediately. Hopefully it isn't. Good luck.

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    Yes strange that u got tingly all over mine is just the head , sounds like back problems as my partner had a pinched nerve a few yrs ago and he still gets that in his left toes maybe u need a MRI scan that will pick anything to do with ur nerve endings  push ur doctor and say you want one to rule anything out , well they are there to help us after all , if he says no ! Get ur self another who will understand 

    let me know how u get on 

    my best teres X

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    Well, I'm making another doctor's appointment tomorrow! Been fine most of the day and then tonight, the tingling kicked off. I notice that I get it in my left hand when I'm driving and it stops when I get out of the car.

    Tonight, I was lying down reading and my whole left side went tingly...literally from my cheek bone down to my shin! As soon as I moved on to my back or got up and walked around, it stopped. I've also had this horrible spaced-out sort of feeling. All in all, it's been quite uncomfortable all day.

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    Hi that sounds absolutely Awfull , let me know how you get on ,that spaced out feeling makes me a bit tence as u don't know what's going on , once u know it will be easier , now I know I got a peniel cys & im going to see a neorologist I will feel a lot better ,I am a bit anchious but I will be glad X good luck grace 
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    Got an emergency appointment this morning and feel considerably better. He was lovely, really listened and checked all my reflexes (which were fine). He's sending me for a full blood work up tomorrow - B12, liver, kidneys, sugars, cholesterol - the whole shebang. Felt very much that all my reflexes were normal which rules out something scary. But it'll be good to get bloods back!

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