Fluoxetine & sudden extreme tiredness

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Hi All, Have been on 20mg fluoxetine since beginning of December. I found it worked almost straightaway mentally and felt brilliant. I did suffer a lot of nausea and was shaky and struggled to sleep but I could handle it because I felt so much better mentally. Then everything balanced out, my appetite came back and I thought I'd cracked it.

However, since approx April, I have felt so tired and lethargic almost as if I have been drugged. I am gutted as I was doing so well. I also have underactive thyroid so thought it was this but I had a blood test and everything OK that side. I started to take Flu every other day and I think this has helped slightly with the tiredness but I can feel the depression hanging on the sidelines again so I am in total catch 22. I don't want to stop taking them but I am struggling to function some days. Any other people feel like this or have been through this? I would appreciate your views.

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    hi ju 1010

    i have an underactive thyroid as well and im have only been taking flu for 14 days some days i feel more tired than others i just try to do what i can , i take my thyroxine at 6.00 and my flu at 7.00 that way it is giving the thyroxine time to work

    take care


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    hiya Ju :cheerup:

    i dont think the feelings of overwhelming fatigue are due to the meds Ju :huh: but down to the depression believe it or not :shock: :? it's a big big symptom with me, in december/january i could sleep for queen and country, up to 16 hrs a day EVERY day :shock: even with that much sleep i felt permanantely drained :cry: also my limbs literally ached and when i tried to move about, i felt i was walking through treacle with lead divers boots on :shock: :?

    unless your doc has told you to cut down the meds, don't ok :ok: even tho you don't have the black mental thoughts of doom and despair doesn't mean you are fully recovered Ju :? 'listen' to what your body is telling you and DON'T try to over do it, avoid stress like the plague :wink: :mrgreen:


    Ken~~~~~~~~~ :cheers: :rainbow: :whistle:

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    Hey if this totally debilitating tiredness is down to this bloody illness then it isn't fair!!! We have enough to deal with just (lol) feeling depressed without feeling like there is an elephant sitting on you.

    Lelly xx

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    Hello there. An under-active thyroid plays havoc with your whole body. I have an under-active thyroid that's fluctuating most of the time and sends me right out of balance. I had to take anti-depressants to try and keep things at bay but I still don't feel right and have accepted that this is the way it's gonna be.

    I've tried everything to help me from private doctors to herbalists and the list goes on. Recently, my levels came back as normal with my TSH being 2.0 and T4 at 14 but I feel so horrible. I think we have to learn ways to help ourselves. I found a good book that I bought from Amazon called 'The Thyroid Solution' by Ridha Arem. I found this book helped me to understand depression and the thyroid - it was all about me! It talks about anti-depressants and how they can help. It also talks about the role of T3 - I've tried T3 but it didn't work for me.

    I also have Fibromyalgia - a lot of muscle pain. It's very difficult and I'm only 38. I try different supplements and vitamins as I'm low in vitamin D and iron. Have a couple of brazil nuts a day for selenium which is essential for conversion of the T4 to the active T3.

    You're not alone. Many people with depression have thyroid problems. I was put on anti depressants before they knew I had a thyroid problem.

    Best wishes smile

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    I have been taking Flu for about 2 months and like you I felt great after the first 2 -3 weeks. I then had a fall and incurred a mega bang on the back of by head which resulted in concussion and whiplash. Its now 3 weeks since that incident and the fog from the concussion has gone but I am finding I am waking up so tired I can't get out of bed, I think am sleeping ok but my husband says I am terribly restless in my sleep, tossing and turning. I feel low constantly and can get little passion up for anything. Now I don't know if its the depression, the flu or the bang on the head. I think my job is at risk as I am in quite a senior position, but I don't care I just want to turn my back and run from it. I just want to hang around at home and do nothing. I don't know where to turn or what to do. Please somebody tell me this is just a phase that will pass and will pass quickly.
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    hiya loobloo :cheerup:

    i'm afraid the symptoms you describe can all be put down to classic signs of depression :? they will improve, but it takes time, it's impossible to tell how long it will take tho :huh: as we are all different :wink:

    do they know you are poorly at work :huh: if not i think it's time you 'bit the bullet' and told them, you may find they are very sympathetic, if not, so what, you need to be concentrating on getting well, be selfish, think about number 1 :ok: :mrgreen:

    as regards, running away from it all, i'm afraid you have to take your head with you lol, so there's no point in doing that is there :huh: on the contrary, to an extent you have to go with the illness and not try and fight it too much, fighting it will only prolong it :shock: 'listen' to your body, let it heal itself, avoid stress like the plague, no ammount of huffing and puffing is gonna alter the fact you have a serious PHYSICAL illness loobloo :roll: :whistle:

    anyhoooos keep posting, try and relax, find out as much as you can about this illness, as knowledge is power :ok:


    ken ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ :cheers: :rainbow: :rose:

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      I am trying to find further the theory that if I follow the exception that Flu cause s drowsiness for me that I might also not get the dreaded side effect of jumpiness. I will research as well as check with this Forum. how do I present a new question here ir does anyone have an answer or input. thanks.
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    Thanks everyone for your comments. Ken, I think you might be right. I cut down on the tabs because of the tiredness but this might mean I am returning to my depression which is making me tired!! God its a hard life. The reason I'm so gutted is that I felt so good for about 2 months. I haven't felt so well in years. Never mind, I will go back to taking it every day and might experiment with the timing again.

    I just can't keep drinking the amount of caffeine I am at the moment just to keep awake!

    :shock: Julia

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    [quote:af0637e348=\"midnightowl \"] I found a good book that I bought from Amazon called 'The Thyroid Solution' by Ridha Arem. I found this book helped me to understand depression and the thyroid - it was all about me! It talks about anti-depressants and how they can help. It also talks about the role of T3 - I've tried T3 but it didn't work for me.[/quote:af0637e348]

    Thanks for this - I will have a look at it. I will try and learn a bit more about the thyroid side of things - it might just help.

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    I am about to have thyroid tests for the self same reason.

    The doc did say, however, that the extreme tiredness could also be a) my depression or b) my gallstones. So basically, if it is the thyroid, great. I can take thyroxine. If not, tough! It is hard to explain to people on the outside just what the tiredness is like.

    It is a bit like being post workout, just post flu, and jetlag all rolled into one. Headaches, heavy eyes, brain in a fog, limbs ache. Muscles weak. etc etc. Fab eh?

    From what I have learned it is quite like ME in symptoms but not severity.

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    Just came across this site and this particular thread really sums things up for me.

    Been taking 20mg of flu for a while, was on it for a year previously and managed to come off it, but lo and behold Im back on it.

    Tried knocking it down to every other day because of the tiredness but felt rubbish so went back on to one a day.

    However, since then Ive felt so bad the worst Ive felt for a long time. Dont know whats going on !!!

    Just good to know other people are feeling the same x x x

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    Hi It was good to come across this forum. I have been on 40mg Flu daily since January after being diagnosed with depression. I was off work for about 4 months but have been back full time since May and am functioning ok. This medication has been a godsend as it has enabled me to function again. It has really helped me cope with my very stressful job, and i no longer get stressed or panicky about deadlines etc. The big downside has been extreme tiredness. I take the tabs in the morning and am fine until around mid afternoon. I have flexi time so i can often come home early from work and need to due to feeling so tired. I nearly always need to have a nap of around 1-2 hours when i get home, and i always sleep at night too. (when i was depressed i didn't sleep at all so i do think it is the Flu rather than the illness that are causing this, but who knows?)

    I always spend one day of the weekend hanging around the house and sleeping lots to recharge for the week ahead. I have put this down to the drug therapy and decided that it is still better than the awful depression i had. It is a bummer thought, as it would be nice to have a better quality of life at weekends.

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    I have been taking 20mg Flu per day for PMT. I don't suffer from depression but am very impatient, prickly and irritable beyond belief. (a week prior)

    But otherwise I'm fine....

    I had heard that an ssri might help.

    It worked really quickly with great results...... BUT I am SO tired... I used to get up in the morning and run 4 miles 3 times a week, now I can barley make it out of the house....

    I have an appointment with the doc this week to change to something else.... If anyone is interested I am happy to share my findings.


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      I would like to know what the Dr. Said about your tiredness. I am so so soooooo sleepy I can barely stay awake. 
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      Just wondered if you found a better drug than Prozac. I was feeling better initially but the dreaded tiredness has crept in and it's too much. Realise this was an old post but would love to hear your progress. 



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