Feeling awful 10 days after Iron Infusion. Is it normal?

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Hi I really need some help.

I had an iron infusion on the 22nd of March and since Thursday im feeling so bad: full of nausea, dizziness, headache and almost fainting.

Is it normal?

i think i have to go to hospital..

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    How did you get on at the hospital. Hope ur okay.
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      They gave me something for the nausea and told me was probably from migraines cry...So Im taking the medication for the nausea and feel better but im afraid once it finishes it will come again.

      They only gave me for 2 days.

      So I dont know. I have to wait and pray, i guess.



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      Fear of the unknown is always a worry. My iron infusion caused some symptoms for a few days, but the my anemia symptoms started getting better. I am actually hoping for a second infusion because I can't take oral iron anymore. Good luck. Many people have your back

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    Hello.just wondering how are u feeling now? I had my iron infusion exactly 3weeks ago...and still feel awful. 3 days later after infusion my blood pressure and temp gone up,felt so much discomfort around heart area that had to do COG and chest xray in A&E.All this settled now but feel nauseous and dizzy.apparently my sodium level is down now.Its crazy....but dr is not giving me any answer.

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      Sorry to hear you'r not feeling well.

      Im better now but took me almost a month to start feeling normal again.

      Now im good but i had a bad time after the infusion.

      The doctor also didnt give me any answers.

      I had to rest and take care of myself with medication for nausea and headaches.

      Hope you 'll feel better soon.

      Maybe will be faster for you.


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      Hi.Really appreciate your reply.And good to hear you are well now.At least i know all this dizziness and nausea will settle with the time. Worst thing you can not get any answers from Dr's.So frustrating.But glad i found your post as not much info available on side effects after infusion.

      Many thanks again.

      Keep healthy and happy


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      Hi Luba, 

      How did you end up recovering? I had my first infusion of Ferrinject 3 days ago and still feeling nausea, weak and dizzy. How’s long did it take you to feel normal with more energy? 


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      Hi, I’m in the same boat with my Dr not really giving me answers about how long it will be until I feel normal again. I had my first Ferrinject infusion 3 days ago and still feeling quite nauseous, dizzy and weak. The headaches I had the first day and half afterwards seem to have disappeared though.   I’m taking Maxolon for nausea, and just wondering how long your nausea lasted? I’ve had a horrible time after the infusion and feeling like I will never recover. Thanks for your response, it’s been hard to get answers. 
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    It takes me about 3 weeks to be back to normal, but I don't get the symptoms you describe - you should definitely tell your GP.

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    Hi everyone

    I had an infusion a week ago. I had all the symptoms being described here and now just contact nausea. 

    This discussion is the only one of its kind I can find! everyone i’ve spoken to has said they’ve only been unwell for a day or 2 afterwards. Even the nurses said it’s strange for me to still feel unwell. Did you say it took you all about 3 weeks to recover ? I don’t think I ever want to have this done again !!! 

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      It sounds as though we are all different. I’m so sorry it was such a dreadful experience. Maybe they can try a different form of iron. I have ferinject which so far has been fine.
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      i’ve heard the first time is the worst and you’re usually ok if you need to go back. I was told by the nurse that the hematologist will be prescribing me medication before i get it done if i need to have it again 
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      Hi everyone,

      ?Yes I agree this is the only discussion I could find in regards to iron infusion. I had my first one last week and before procedure it was explained to me what side effects may occur, some did happen but they were short lived by the time the infusion had finished. Halfway through the infusion I got chest pain, I told the nurse and was asked to take my angina spray, that eased the chest pain, then it reappeared 15 minutes later, GTN took care of it again, now I'm getting chest pain 3-4 times a day  since the infusion I still felt sick after and I was informed that it all will be short lived, I'm still feeling sick and the chest pains, I have sore /achy knee joints, feels exactly the same as the side effects from Statins, I'm also experiencing the sweats at random times, sometimes profusely and for no reason, Indigestion and intermittent pains in the back, I have spent the last 5 days in bed, no energy and feeling weak, opiate based pain relief is the only thing that relieves the knee and chest pain. one doctor explained to me that the side effects should of gone and the iron should be starting to making me feel better not worse by now and should get to our emergency room. Another doctor told me that everyone is different in how long side effects remain with some patients, he said to try and hang out for a couple of more days. 

      ?I called the manufacturer / supplier of the iron used for infusions, their medical rep explained to me that the symptoms I described can be side effects from their product although very uncommon something like < 1 /1000 patients and the symptoms you and some others are experiencing are common side effects but should be gone with in a couple of days < 1/10 patients. Because I'm experiencing chest pain he had to fill out an uncommon side effect form and report it to both his company and a copy to my cardiologist, no identifying information was needed just a post code , state and an address to where they can send the copy to treating cardiologist.

      ?I can't put up with this anymore and can understand everyone's frustrations in here. I can't get into my GP so I think a trip to hospital is warranted today.

      ?That's my experiences with an iron infusion, I have another one next week, if I'm still feeling like this I don't think I will agree to have it, I can't put my body through this again.

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      This sounds awful. I’ve not had any of the pain you describe. They say the reactions are rare but perhaps you are one of them. I went into anaphylactic shock when I was given Monofer in an infusion. Apparently that was about 1 in 10000. Yes if you are that one, that’s no consolation! I had been given the iron infusion in the brand Ferinject without complications or side effects. I was given Ferinject again and have had Ferinject about every 3 - 4 months without side effects and great effectiveness. 

      What I’m saying is, perhaps they could try a different brand of iron infusion. Good luck. I certainly would be wary if another dose of the same after your experience and I don’t understand why they’re not really taking it on board. I’d go back to the person responsible for that infusion and ask to meet with them. There’s usually a phone number for the consultant (if you’re in the UK) on the appointment letter. 

      Let us know how you get on.

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      ?Ferinject was the brand name used in my infusion sad I'm still suffering, was in emergency til well after 2.30am this morning, nothing they could do other than recommend continuing on with my pain relief. CK blood test came back normal, Troponins for once normal again.

      ?I contacted the company about these side effects and they said was I was experiencing was a side effect(s) but uncommon so because of the chest pain he had to fill out a side effect/ adverse reaction form, patients name is with held so no personal information is required and your doctor, in my case my cardiologist  won't know that it was you, for privacy reasons, but I wasn't concerned about that because I have to let him know any way that I had the "uncommon" side effects just as I had to tell my GP.

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      Both GP and Cardiologist have told me not to go ahead with my second iron infusion, no reasons given as yet, perhaps severe side effects, chest pain has settled down, still very tired and been in bed 5 days straight, still feel extremely tired, I force myself to do something and I'm absolutely buggered after finishing whatever I was doing and have to lie down, Knee joints are still as sore as anything and walking around like an old man, has moved up into the hip joints but that was short lived, *touch wood* . Into day 10 in all of this , who would of thought a necessary / essential  vitamin or whatever it's called would cause so much grief, even if it may be a kind of fake / synthetic material going into our blood stream. Absolutely horrible.

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      Hi there, I’ve had my first Ferrinject infusion 3 days ago and still feeling weak, dizzy and nauseous. How long before you recovered? Did you regain your energy post your first infusion? 

      Youre right about this being the only forum...my GP hasn’t much experience in infusions and the nurses expected me to feel better straight away....my specialist said at least 1 week but reading through these forums, some people took months to feel better. sad 

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      ?Here's what was explained to me by Nursing staff and my Doctors, Side effects are minimal, they were wrong on that one for me, well perhaps not wrong, it just took a lot longer for the serious side effects to disappear with me, the nausea, metal taste in mouth and sweating disappeared within 15 minutes of starting infusion, within 10 minutes of starting infusion I got chest pain, as I suffer angina any way my spray under the tongue helped control that.

      ?Everyone says you should feel the full benefits of the iron infusion with in 10-14 days, I didn't get that energy, in fact I was bed ridden for a week, continued chest pains, severe muscle aches and joint aches known as arthralgia, something along that name, quite common in Statins as well.

      ?Due to my severe reaction to the iron infusion my GP told me to stop and seek the advice of my cardiologist, his answer was the same, do not go ahead with any more iron infusions. The only thing the infusion did was bring my iron levels to only just in range.


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      I have had 2 iron infusions. Last Thursday and this Thursday. Both times felt very sick 24-30 hours later. Severe chest pain and indigestion. Achy, and very unwell feeling. Sounds like your symptoms as well. I’m sure it only lasted 2 days or so. 
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      although this discussion took place some time ago, I still would like to share. My first infusions were great, second day I alway felt "like the new". However, I asked nurses to make it slower speed... i believe the "normal" infusion time for Ferinject is 15 minutes, but they let me to sit there once for an hour. And it helped a lot! When having it faster (i.e. within the range of those 15 minutes), my heart went crasy....

      How are you today?

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      Hi, I had an iron infusion 18 days & have bed ridden since due to very unpleasant symptoms, all other symptoms are starting to slow fade away expect for nausea, seems like you hard a horrific time like myself & was wondering how long the nausea took to subside with you ?

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      hi i was wondering if you feel better i had mine 14 days ago and still have nausea and am basically bed bed bound

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      I had intense nausea for about 2 months after the infusion. lasted for about 4 months total. it was truly one of the worst times ive had in my life . im about a year out now, and i think its finally gone.

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      Hi! I hope you are feeling better. my infusion was awful, complete with swollen wrists, feet, hives and rash, followed by extreme anxiety and nausea. I ended to having to take nexium and anti nausea meds to get it under control and that really helped. The nausea went on for about a month before i went in and started the anti nausea meds and PPI. After taking those, it was about another month before i felt good enough to start working out again. Honestly, it's been 7 months since my infusions, and there are still days where my stomach feels off. But I've gotten back into withing it and even completed a half marathon last month. take care of yourself, advocate for yourself. hope you feel better.

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      my story is so long im still unwell is it possible to actually talk im so desperate

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      sure. do you want to email me directly?

      Moderator comment: I have removed the email address as we do not publish these in the forums. If users wish to exchange contact details please use the Private Message service.

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      Hi Elizabeth I had my first infusion yesterday via intravenous drip, how long did it take for you to get back to normal?as in having more energy instead of being constantly knackered, cheers john

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