Eyes stinging from acid reflux

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This is my first time on here, but have been reading and find this forum very helpful... I pretty much have acid reflux all day and night for almost 2 months, with some relief while sleeping, most mornings I wake up with out symptoms but I have to eat early, be upright for a while before bed and sleep on 2 pillows and move carefully or the symptoms start up again. During the day when I have flair ups, it's like this gas comes up (I don't feel any fluid coming up), it must be silent and when it happens my esophagus, throat (that's sore all the time now with hoarseness when I talk sometimes), lungs, nose and eyes feel like they are on fire!! Does anyone else have this? This all started with the pain in my gallbladder, docs say it bad, I have had 2 tests, an ultrasound (no gallstones) and hida scan, only 13% working, so very compromised. I have chronic cholecystitis for many years with pain BUT the acid reflux is the worst... my docs say this will clear up with my removal of my GB... really? I am wondering if this is true , I have read so many forums that once the gallbladder is out they still have the symptoms of acid reflux and I can't stand this... I certainly don't want a whole forming or cancer in my esophagus! I am on Omeprazole 20mg daily, it does not seem to do much. I am so confused what to do and especially should I have my gallbladder removed? Thanks I appreciate that I can post this and I feel like I am not alone. Laura

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    Hi Laura - if it helps I had my gallbladder removed in 1990- after having bad pains all indications of gall stones and the scan confirmed it.

    i have been good until 8 years ago when the heart burn IBS and accompanying other symptoms started flaring up- after the endescope and the cameras in just about very orrifice showed barrats esophogus for which I was treated with ranatadine 1 @ night this was ok until 2012 

    i then had a bacterial lung infection which lead to complications of a miss  diagnosed blood clot in my leg for 9 weeks which lead to a lung clot then a secondary clot in the other leg - all because a doctor put negative report in my file - when actually the scan showed clots  and no one checked his work - from then on my health and digestive system has deteriorated- the hospital diagnosed me with asthma which I struggled with for -18 months on inhalers which activated my breathing and breathlessnes

    in the end I elected to go thro the private sector 

    IT now shows my barrats had declined to borderline symptoms - however I have developed reflux

    i saw a respiratory consultant because of relentless coughing and mucus production,after ct scans and all manner of tests- including seeing a private ENT consultant and Opthlamic consultant as I developed extremely dry eyes and have had the ducts plugged

    Putting all these things together the consultant in the private setter had a discussion, which revealed 

    I do not have asthma or any ENT problems - what I do have is GERD reflux.at the moment I have extremely burning tongue and mouth syndrome which is all part of it.so it's difficult at the moment - but the NHS had admitted liability for miss diagnoses I am now waiting to hear their outcome of liability.

    So Laura- I think what I am saying don't be despondent there a quite a few of us out there suffering Nd trying to help each other- I have just joined this forum and in 24 hours I have had some useful tips and don't feel so alone -I thought I had some life threatening horrible disease - I have recently been put on NEXIUM by my consultant

    he advised my my GP may not like it as it is the most exspensive of all the medications for reflux but it has the least side effects - it's early days so it wait and see now 

    Please don't be afraid go talk to your GO  go see an enterologist and ask questions if your not happy ask again and again- it's what I have done and the truth has outed 

    I feel if I hadn't taken all the rotten inhalers and steroids my condition wouldn't have altered to where it is now as I knew how to manage it easily on ranatadine and natural diet.

    i hope this can fill you with confidence to seek answers and help along the way


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      Thanks Wilfie... wow, you have been through a lot... what I am afraid of is when the gallbladder is out I will still be left with this acid reflux... this is worse than my pain in my GB!  Thanks for you post, I appreciate it and I hope you are on the mend!  I am trying to stay positive through all this, it does kind of take over our lives.
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    Sorry Laura - I tried the omeprazel - it disagreed with me 
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      I have no side effect to the "O"... other than it does not seem to work well... and I don't like taking medicines but I have too!  Thank Wilfie!


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    Hi Laura,

    i have silent reflux too. When I saw the ENT consultant he said that for silent reflux you have to double the dose of your ppi for two months. I started on Lansoprazole 30mg x2 per day, but now I'm on Esomeprazole (Nexium) 20mg x2 per day which has had the best result for me. I also take Gaviscon Advance after every meal. There are lots of lifestyle changes you can make. The most important for me wS raising the heD of the bed with bricks under the legs. I raised it by about 8 inches. This helped even before the tablets. Pillows alone don't help. Also take A dessert spoon if Gaviscon Advance right before bed. 

    I have times where I feel despondent but my throat is definitely better. Not coughing up blood anymore.

    Go to your GP and ask for a meds change, you can get the Gaviscon on prescription too ( in the UK anyway ). I've got another Endoscopy on a Friday so I'm hoping that my oesophagus has healed. I too have Barretts so it will be interesting to see if the tablets have helped that, too. 

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      Thanks Stella, I have read about raising my bed and will do this.  I am making many lifestyle changes now, mainly with food. I sure hope your esophagus has healed, thanks for your information.
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    You have my sympathies. Your surgeon will only remove the gallbladder if it is a neccessity. I had mine removed last year and my reflux is still with me. Eating the right food helps a lot. Last week I lived on alkaline fruit and veg smoothies only (a little experiment) and I felt a lot better in general. Have had visitors for a couple of days and relapsed into 'normal food' and am really suffering today
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      Thanks Moonbuggy, I have a feeling the the reflux will stay with me... the doc says it won't but I don't believe her. Thanks for the tip on the fruit and veg smoothies... I am drastically changing how I eat.  Hard to make the change and can see it would be easy to go back. 
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    Hi Laura

    Having the GB out is a doddle. I was in/out within 12 hours. The worst side affect was constipation for a week biggrin. No problems with eating the same food as before.

    Sad to say my reflux got worse but I wasn't eating the right food (like chocolate/coffee too much)

    I'm afraid this is a life changing condition that only we can control. Eating the right food is so important to heal. I have also bought an alkaline water jug which help a lot. i too get burning nose/blocked ears. I breathe in the steam and wash my sinuses out with it

    You soon get used to eating differently. I make my fruit and veg smoothies as they are easy to digest. You don't want to put too much pressure on your stomach as this weakens the valve and then the reflux gets worse

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    Hi Laura,

    I am a 27 year old male daignosed with GERD a couple of months back.

    I have similar issues like you. Sour taste in mouth all the time, eyes and nose feel like they are on fire, nasuea. I have changed three consultants but it seems none of them could make me fit again. sad

    At this moment I am on Rabeprazole 40 and Itopride 50 twice a day. Along with that, I have made several lifestyle changes but nothing seems working for me.

    Its so depressive and I got hypertension in complimentary.

    Did you found some correct treatment to reduce all these bloody depressive symptoms???

    Waitng for your valuable comments........

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    G,Day laura52300 i tryed to find the foods that gave me reflux and then stopped eating them i found since having my Gall Bladder out if i drink Beer with out Nibbles chips a Peanuts i got reflux so now i eat when having a few cold one,s before if a Drank 6 Stubbes i would get reflux since eating while have a few beers its stopped better not to take tablets if you dont really need them ,Try and changing you foods around and see if you get reflux Cheers
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    Hello Laura,

    did you ever find a cure for your problems? I have the same symptoms for 2 years now. I've been having problems with reflux for some years now. No medications seem to help and lately my eyes turn red whenever I lay down and they often burn. I have been to many eye doctors but they have no clue what's causing this. Life has really been miserable the last 2 years and no one seems to know what's going on. When I mention that I think my reflux is causing this, they look at me like I'm crazy. No anti-reflux medications seem to help though.

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      Hi blazer61609,

      I had the same issues as yours. I have GERD since last year.

      No doubt, the root cause for eys burning, red eyes is the acid. When there is excess acid in the body, it absorbs the vitamin B. The reddishness and burning of eyes is caused by vitamin B deficiency (atleast it was in my case). My doctor tested my vitamin B level and it was on the border line. Then he put me on vitamin B suppliments (intially injections and later folic acid capsules). Trust me, it really worked.

      Now a days, once in a while whwnever I feel same issues, I take those folic acid capsules for few days and I am all fine again.

      I would suggest you to go for that test.

      Good Luck !!

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    Thanks for your input Shyam. I'll ask my doctor to test my Vitamine D levels.

    What kind of symptoms did you have? My eyes litteraly turn red within a minute if I lay down flat. My eyes are also painful every morning and they get better after a few hours of standing. No doctor seems to have a clue what's going on with me. Were your symproms comparable and are they all over now after taking those capsules? Can you tell me more about those acid capsules? It's the first time I hear of those.

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      Hi again,

      Please correct, its vitamin B and not D.

      My symptoms were - red and burning eyes along with drowsyness in the morning while waking up. I use to feel nauseous and very tired as well. During the day, the burning sensations used to shift from eyes to the nose. I could feel my nose on fire while breathing.

      Regarding those capsules, my doctor gave me cynocal m forte (its an indian brand as I am an Indian). But you can find more details at - http://drugbook.in/cynocal-m-forte.html

      But before opting for these capsules, get your vitamin b level test done and share with your doctor.

      One more thing, my doctor told me strictly not to lay down atleast for 90 minutes after any meal and to have low fat/sugar diet.

      I hope it works for you..

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      Hi Shyam, I too am an Indian 27 year old male diagnosed with GERD. I'm taking 20 mg Rabeprazole everyday and only get this irritating sinus pain/itch and sometimes it goes to my eyes and make my eyes red. I went to the ENT doctor and he said it's allergies. Could the symtoms be because of acid reflux?

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